Man Girdle

insta-slim man girdle

I have to commend these people on truthful advertising. This is a legitimate product and they dont pretend its something its not. They call it “Insta-Slim” rather than what it is which is a girdle for a man … but then who would buy it if it were called that :) Of course, the modern name for this type of product is “compression clothing” which sounds much higher tech and expensive but its the same thing – a traditional girdle which is now available for men!

If you have started your weight loss program and want to accelerate your progress by a month if you have a night on the town, nothing wrong with using something like this under your shirt. Remember though, compression clothing is not a replacement for lowering your bodyfat! To get the performance benefits and health benefits of lower bodyfat, you need to have lower bodyfat. Of course there is the beach too ..

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  1. Hey Scooby. I’m a highschool soccer player primarily, but I also enjoy lifting. Due to the soccer playing commitment (it may send me to college), it’s important to me to not gain much weight, so as to keep my acceleration and mobility up. I’m already near 6 foot, and at around the 165 mark. I’m looking for a protein supplement to help my muscles rebuild after lifting, and after practice, without gaining much weight. I’ve tried some common whey proteins and isolates, but always found it to easy to gain 5 or 10 pounds in a month, which makes it hard to keep my acceleration and even top speed as high as I want them. Thanks for all your great videos.

  2. Wow thats a long time. I actually thought it would not go away by itself. at least you can lose the weight and not worry about having surgury to remove the skin. If I was over wieght, that woud make me think twice about losing it. going from being fat , to being extra flabby is not that good of a trade off.

  3. when you are really fat and you lose the weight, you are left with alot of extra skin. does that eventually go away ? or do you need to have surgery to have it removed ? I honestly do not know the answer.

  4. Hi Scooby , your website is about fitness , so these should ideally not have any discussion at all…unless funny ofcourse , everyone needs a laugh … But for serious fitness …is a stay away!:) You are the boss and guru , so LOL !!, but thats it !1 :)

  5. I had one of these! Or something similar, made me feel a lot more comfortable wearing the clothes I wanted on a night out.
    I have a naturally big chest –some muscle, some fat– and it always made my tops flare out unless I tucked it in, this helped a great deal.
    They do make you sweat though :

    1. As I say in the post, you can make fun of it all you want but this product does have legitimate uses and they are very honest and straightforward with the marketing. No false promises.

  6. I have lost 45 lbs moving from a size 40 to a size 30 in the waist and have a similar product and it helps me feel more comfortable holding the loose skin in place from the large amount of weight loss great when jogging!

    1. Compression
      is really bad for circualtion though. Scooby why don’t you Make a new
      section for the website? Called whacky things and devices. Put these
      things into that section. Would be awesome. Would be so funny if you make videos trying these things out. Or even get the fans to send in some videos. ;)

    1. I did … for a second. Then it occurred to me that they were being very honest with their marketing and that there are people for whom this product would be a great confidence booster during their weight loss program.

      1. I appreciated this post – it goes to show that you just don’t mindlessly rip on products and you just call BS out as you see it. Kudos! I hope you do another live call session soon!

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