LIESTRONG, Lance Armstrong takes the V out of LIVESTRONG

LIESTRONG Lance Armstrong takes the V out of LIVESTRONG.


As avid cyclist for three decades, I am angry, very angry – he has tarnished MY favorite sport. I hope the Lance Armstrong spends the rest of his miserable life either in jail or in the courtroom having his pants sued off. What’s next, America’s Cup race boats being used to smuggle cocaine?

Lance Armstrong’s long awaited, big apology:

I’m really sorry that I lost my 75 Million dollar Nike sponsorship and that I’m not allowed to compete in any sanctioned sporting events.

Wow Lance, that brings tears to my eyes! You have two hours with Oprah to come clean and THAT is your apology?

Perhaps a better apology would have covered these points:

  • An entire generation of Tour de France cyclists who never had a chance. Their professional cycling careers completely ruined. Without the big sponsorships that wins bring in, these world class cyclists are working for minimum wage in bike shops changing tires.
  • All the lives who Lance completely ruined. With his ill gained fortunes Lance gets the best attorneys that money can buy and proceeds to ruin innocent lives with lawsuits. Their only crime? Daring to expose Armstrong’s drug scandal. With Lances army of high priced lawyers, he beats the entire media into quiet submission.
  • What about Lance’s teammates who were bullied into his doping program? How many of them will have health problems?
  • Singlehandedly destroying the prestigious reputation of cycling for decades to come.   There is even talk of removing cycling from the olympics. Rather than bicycling coming to mind when someone says “Cycling”, what comes to mind is steroid-cycling.  Gee, thanks Lance!
  • For manipulating the American public into feeling sorry for him and his testicular cancer when its very likely that his doping program was part of the problem. For using the LIVESTRONG foundation as a public relations tool to foster his bullying campaign.
  • For trying to bribe the USADA

Want to try another apology Lance?  I think Piers Morgan summed up Lance Armstrong perfectly in his tweet –

“A sniveling, lying, cheating little wretch”

Lance Armstrong is the most brazen unrepentant cheater the sporting world has ever known. Rules did not apply to Armstrong and it appears that he still doesn’t think they do.

Lance, we spit upon your Nike™ shoes. 

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  1. *sigh* it seems a lot of people are missing the point of Scooby’s rant here. He’s not talking about who else is on drugs, or telling you all to stop cycling. You’re all reading what isn’t there. He’s angry because a major name in his FAVOURITE SPORT, no matter what they have done for a living, has been found out to be a CHEATER and a LIAR. If you can safely say that if you found out your hero has been a lying cheat, or that a big name in your favourite sport/hobby/game/whatever was cheating to win you wouldn’t be bothered by this, you must be high or doped up yourself. Just because you can carry on cycling not caring what’s going on elsewhere in the world of bicycling doesn’t mean everyone feels the same way!

  2. I think they should allow the use of performance enhancing drugs in all pro-level sports. After that, Olympics would not only be about who has the best athletes, but also about who has the best pharmacists. The athletes would be able to push beyond limits and do the maximally best they can and maybe some stuff could progress modern medicine.

  3. The official title of “The Biggest Con Artist on this EARTH” goes to…who else…Lance Armstrong.We have acknowledge his conning skills with which he was able to con 7 billion people on Earth for nearly 15 years. Congratulations !!

  4. Riders doped before Lance, during his career (not just because of him!), and will in the future. He just happened to be the best doped cyclist among other doped cyclists. It doesn’t make up for the fact that he overshadowed other people’s careers but if it wasn’t him, it would have been someone else. They were all going after the same bone, and he was the best at it! And the way I see it, no one owns the sport, I will always love cycling, and not let the dopers ruin my favorite form of exercise!

  5. I don’t agree…
    Of course Lance shouldn’t have used any kind of “support” but everyone knows that he’s not the only one using those kind of helps…

    If they take the medals from Lance and give those medals to the rider that stayed in the second place in each tour, how can they know that those riders weren’t using drugs??

    Ciclism is not anymore a sport…it’s just a competition, were they try to find the best way to cheat at the dopping control…
    It’s sad, but it’s true…

  6. Scooby, I like your videos and it has infact inspired me to visit gym everyday. You have iterated on your website that, the goal should not be related to a person, (for example: I want to look good because my girlfriend want me to be ). Therefore, I would not like to make this kind of association. So, I believe you feel angry because, you have associated your passion for this sports to a person. Doesn’t that contradict your views on goals ? Anyway, my point is that, though I know that Arnold did do drugs at some point in his career, it does not stop me from going to gym and enjoying the process or sports because its not Arnold its about me. So, Lance Armstrong is not a sport, he is just one of the million cyclist. Shouldn’t change your view of sports.

    There is a reason why Livestrong disassociated themselves from Lance, therefore we should never try to tarnish its image. Perhaps, may be, Livestrong was Lance way of saying sorry !!

  7. One more philosopical point about what Lance did. Some here suggest he made it fair and not right. In otherwords, because everyone else was doing it Lance just made it fair. The problem in sports is that people record results and then results are compared across generations. Cycling is not the best example because of how equipment has changed but in general ways Lance was not competing just against the riders of his Tour, but against the riders of past and future tours. I think the best case study is baseball. When Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth’s single season record there was an asterics because Maris had a 162 game season to work with compared to Ruth’s 154 game season. Then, when McGwire obliterated the Maris season we had the spectre of steroid’s clouding the relevancy of comparison.
    When you race, run, pitch, hit, shoot, dribble or serve against history, there is always a fairness issue when steroids abound. Babe Ruth had 154 games to hit 60. Maris had 162 games to hit 61. McGwire had steroids to blast 70. Bonds had steroids to blast 73. Bonds is better than McGwire, that is a fact. Are they better than a doped up Maris would have been? Who knows.

  8. My take on this is a little different. I understand the cheating part and I am not a Lance fan. But the bigger picture is worth considering. Doping helped these guys overcome Mountains faster than without doping. Doping helped Barry Bonds stay healthier through his late 30’s. I believe the amazing thing that helped Bonds the most was his good health and recovery during that time. Steroids did not boost his hand eye coordination.
    The point I think we all are missing is that maybe steroids could point to a healthier society. Wouldn’t we all like to feel better, be stronger and recover faster? We should not lose site of the possible health benefits of steroids while we get angry about LieStrong.
    I understand why steroids in sports is a problem, competition….. but in real life steroids might really be a blessing . I hope someone is doing a study on how steroids can be made safer for everyone. I would sign up and take the stuff if there was a confidence in the long term health.
    I am not a scientist and I slept in my own home last night. I am not sure steroids are ever safe, but I hope someone is studying that . I would hate to find out in 30 years, as I am old and decrepit, that once the steroid indignation calmed down, someone discovered a way to incorporate steroids into everyday living and now people could live into their 90’s with good health.

  9. Yes. Armstrong is a disgrace. He is still a cancer survivor, a champion athlete and a philanthropist. I am no avid cyclist, but as a man who left a path of destruction of my own in live, I hope he can somehow make amends and one day become a man worthy of respect again.

  10. Saying the man who claims possible gaining muscle while losing fat drug free. Even Tom VENUTO in his book says it is not possible.
    Page 12 of his book Tom VENUTO says : “It is physiologically impossible to lose fat and gain muscle at
    the same precise moment in time.”
    And you say in the review you made that If you would have written a book, It would have been the same. LMFAO,
    I admit your website is good for people trying to lose fat. But when It comes to gain muscle, It’s just a waste of time…

  11. Lance is just the tip of the ice berg , he confessed , think about how many more “athletes” are juices outta their minds. Him taking the fall means nothing if everyone is still doing it. Not like its a huge secret that most pro cyclists are on “the juice” , and it ain’t fair that Lance is taking the hit for it , not that I’m defending him or justifying his deeds. Kicking Lance while he’s down doesn’t help , if cycling is going to be legit sport , testing is going to be needed on a way larger scale

  12. He has not destroyed cycling, only his own reputation, and his possibly false achievements, as for all we know he may not have been taking performance enhancers all the time throughout his career, the sport cannot condone the actions of a handful of individuals, yes hes a cheating twat, hes obviously still an amazing cyclist/cheater and has done some good things, maybe the drug testers could learn somethings from him for the future :)

    its like saying if 1 human does something wrong hes tarnished the reputation of the human race, just no, it doesn’t work like that one mans actions never mind how bad are his actions, not the sports or group or country ect, people just have to remember that.

  13. Hi Scooby, I am as disappointed as you are . I guess there are two streams of thoughts. Professional and some fans would reason that it does not matter if the champion takes doping because “it is well known” that in his/her discipline everybosy does it and so to be a champion you still have to show that you have the edge. I despise this mentality. The stream to which I adhere is that you ahve to come clean and if you did doping then it means that you have cheated the sport, yourself and the public.

  14. “Singlehandedly destroying the prestigious reputation of cycling for decades to come.”

    Scooby, this is one I’m going to disagree with you about. I don’t condone anything Armstrong did but I can’t accept this as true. Professional cycling is rancid.

  15. I find it quite strange that after all the other doping scandals that took place during the recent history of the Tour de France, nobody figuered that Lance Armstrong was doping as well.
    DId people really think he managed to win the Tour de France 7 times in a row clean, while they continiously caught “worse” cyclists doping?
    I simply don´t get it how it came as such a huge shock to so many fans.
    I totaly understand Scooby being mad. but i can´t see how no one saw it coming…

  16. It’s easy to point the blame at a public figure like Lance over the whole doping fiasco. Yes, he was a bully; yes, he lied for years; yes, he gained when others suffered due to his use of performance-enhancing drugs. But, bear in mind, he was not the first to win the Tour de France whilst doping, and he certainly isn’t the last. The doping culture in cycling goes WAY back. I thoroughly recommend British cyclist David Millar’s autobiography “Through the Dark.” He was banned for 2 years in 2003 for taking EPO and is very honest in his recollection. When even team managers suggest a young cyclist should go to an Italian doctor to “prepare” before a race, it’s difficult to stay clean, ESPECIALLY when you know the others around you are benefitting from doing so. So yes, Lance is guilty of cheating and yes, he should be punished. But, in 50 years time, cycling will look back on him and say “He made cycling clean,” because there is no bigger incentive than international, public humiliation.

  17. Wow! I am slightly disappointed about this post. I usually respect what Scooby says but this just seems like a post fueled by emotion. I agree with the others in saying that this is a naive post. Where there is money to be had there are cheaters. If anyone believes that cycling, football, hockey, Tennis, crossfit, ect… are clean sports today are just naive.


    He was the big man in riding, if he was worth anything as a human being he should of used that great oppertunity to come forward and clean the sport up, tell everyone the truth and what was happening

  19. Yes this is all very true :( But the other side of the medal is the fact that “Livestrong” foundation helped people with cancer and that is always for respect if you ask me. Yes he cheated. But he has my respect for helping people with cancer.

  20. People lack a sense of honor in this day and age. Telling the truth and being trustworthy should not just be factors for people to consider when they have something to gain or lose. They should be the cornerstones of people’s lives and personalities. It’s disgraceful for people to cheat so many others out of their fair share, but a lot of people would if given a shot at a $75M Nike deal. Heck, some people would sell their own mother for that. LOL :)

  21. Scooby, for mine, you’ve nailed it with the word’s ‘ill gained fortune’. I admire Lance Armstrong and I can only begin to imagine how much physical pain he’s put himself through but, at the end of the day, he’s amassed his fortune fraudulently. He probably doesn’t necessarily needs to spend the rest of his life in jail but he probably needs to also be stripped of any financial gains directly attributable to his feats.

  22. I don’t see how people are justifying this. There’s really no excuse for it. Even if there are many, even a majority, of other people cheating, that doesn’t make it okay. If they tighten up their drug testing, eliminate 80% of the cycling participants, that 20% will still lay the groundwork for a respectable sport in the future. Doping is a problem, and not catching them successfully is also a problem.

  23. I have gone back and forth and struggled over PED’s and sports. After watching the Justice Department spend millions of dollars prosecuting essentially entertainers for their use of PED’s while the organizations that reap large profits have allowed them to go on. Whether it is Barry Bond’s and his baseball legacy or Lance Armstrong. Bottom line, they used PED’s and some athlete who didn’t was denied the opportunity to compete at that level.
    Lance Armstrong is deplorable for his actions, his use of PED’s, his arrogance, his lies, his damage to other peoples lives. He is also responsible for some good stuff. He brought cycling as a sport to the attention of many people, he contributed to Live Strong a good organization. It just isn;t black and white. But once again Lance Armstrong has brought some more good. A healthy debate and discussion over PED’s that our society needs to resolve.
    Do we stop with professional athlete/entertainers? Or do we bring in Stallone and Hollywood actors who use PED’s to look good on screen?

    1. I’m not advocating this but one way for Tour de France and all other professional sports to go is just to give up, acknowledge that the cheaters are always one step ahead of the testing organizations, and level the playing field. Just make anything fair game as long as you dont get arrested. Works for IFBB and NFL football, could work for all other sports as well :)

      1. Most of the comments on this page are as appalling as Armstrong’s actions. Scooby, I hope you don’t lose hope in humanity after reading what some of these people with disturbingly low moral fortitude have to say.

  24. What I understand from most people here; I think I’m going to start taking steroids & pre-hormones for my preparation for my upcoming 1st amateur bodybuilding contest in 6 monts time, also I’m going to boink my 20-year-old neighbor because EVERYBODY IS DOING IT.

  25. While I’d argue this sucks for all clean athletes successful in any sport, not just cycling, this is not my main concern. What about the Livestrong Foundation which is fighting to beat cancer? Hell, what about the people diagnosed with cancer that had used this man as a source of inspiration? These are the people that deserve our time and attention.

    1. Whether steroid use caused his cancer is debatable, but the fact that he beat the cancer is none the less spectacular, as well as anyone else that has. His beating cancer, and what he did to do it is all together separate from his cycling exploits. Personally, I think if the cycling organization that has been after him for so long put the same effort into the second and third place winners they’d find similar results. Maybe Scooby is right. Acknowledge it and let the best doper win. The argument that they are dangerous is equally debatable. Lance is not on his death bed after using them.

      1. We’ll have to agree to disagree. I truly am a believer that a person is innocent unless stated otherwise. the second/third place person could have been clean. This is something we will never know and will have to form our own opinions on.

        The point I was making was, even though the Livestrong foundation has wisely distanced itself from Lance Armstrong, it is now without a very critical donation generator that helped pay for research to find a cure for cancer. I hope this foundation will continue to succeed.

  26. Such vitriol. Was you this mad when you found out Santa Claus wasn’t real? You preach if its too good to be true then it probably is. His story was a fairy tale. I guess if you believe in fairy tales then you should be upset. Professional athletes cheat and most of them lie. Humans in general cheat and lie. Nothing new since the beginning of time.

    1. LOL! Agree with you partly. Nobody in their right mind thinks that 350 pound linebackers are natty, everybody just pretends. The difference is Lance’s aggressive bullying and lawsuits to keep anyone in line who tried to blow the whistle on him.

  27. Please stay fair. Lance exerts his sport for money. No success, no sponsor, no money. Unfortunately, it is the “money-system” that forces all athletes for doping.

  28. As a young cyclist I used to look up to Lance Armstrong, these reports have completely shaken my faith in my favourite sport, I completely and wholly disagree with anyone here who claims that ‘all riders were doing EPO so its not a big deal’. IT IS A BIG DEAL, it ruins the sport for everyone else, It takes all the fun out of the sport and discredits people’s genuine hard work.

    1. 1. These reports have shaken your faith in your favorite sport? Perhaps that is a good thing. Lance Armstrong became famous, very famous, for riding a bike and winning a race , hardly the stuff of heroes Get over it, he was no hero in the first place, even if you chose to make him one and place him upon some pedestal.
      2. I ride a bike on a daily basis, maybe not as far as Scooby, but at least 100 miles a week. The suggestion that Lance Armstrong’s cheating has somehow lessened my appreciation of the sport, and ruined it for me is simply absurd.
      3. If your enjoyment of cycling was predicated upon Cycling being a drug free sport, and Lance Armstrong being innocent of cheating, then your fun was based upon a very shaky foundation in the first place.
      4. How does Lance Armstrong’s cheating discredit other people’s genuine hard work? There are those of us in the cycling community, and in cycling Clubs, of which I am a Member who are in no way affected by Lance Armstrong’s cheating. We ride each week for our own pleasure, and not in the shadow, of any Cyclist or any Tour de France winner The hard work my cycling buddies do has not been discredited in any way, in fact, it has been elevated due to the fact they have accomplished what they have without the need to cheat.

  29. I agree with Scooby’s condemnation of Armstrong. I read about how Armstrong viciously tried to destroy the lives of his accusers, even though he knew they were telling the truth. He owes these people, and the sport, a lot more than apologies at this point.

    I will add though a comment on cheating in general. While Armstrong’s is a high-profile case, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that most people have probably cheated in at least one important way, such as cheating on taxes, cheating on spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend, cheating on tests, puffing up resumes, lying about our past in a way that makes us look good but others look bad, breaking any of numerous rules in sports, and so on. Some cheat more than others, of course, but I think the more important lessons from the Armstrong affair have to do with the importance of honesty and fairness in our own lives and the lives of those close to us. Cheating, which involves deception, is fundamentally a general human, psychological, and moral issue; it is by no means an issue confined to cycling or sports in general.

  30. I normally agree with Scooby but not as much on this one, He has made some good points that I can see and I have skimmed through the comments and others make good points that are in my way of thinking.

    If Lance didn’t use PED’s its likely someone else with PED’s would have won anyway. I am not an Armstrong fan but it was obvious he has been lying and its good he came clean whatever his motives are (most likely because he wants to compete still). I think in most sports competed at the highest level many athletetes are going to do whatever they can to gain the competitive advantage, some legal some illegal.

    In MMA people are being busted with steroids, higher levels of testosterone, people using TRT which in some cases I can see if there levels are legitimately lower because of cutting weight for years wrestling or perhaps previous steroid use to bring their levels up to normal to compete. Some people just have lower levels others likely cheat manipulating their levels to use TRT.

    In a sport like MMA where someones personal well being could be effected I don’t think steroids should have any place in it and everyone should be on an equal playing field.

    An argument might be made that no one is getting hurt with cycling in comparison although it seems that a clean athlete would not have a chance to win with likely a majority of people using PED’s and thats really not fair. I am sure a clean athlete would love to know where they would rank in a race if no one was doping.

  31. Comments here are hilarious. Why is everyone after Scooby for disagreeing with Lance and his steroid cheating ways? Lance cheated his way to win the races and then bullied and sued anyone who tried to expose him. If he had stopped at cheating and not bullied and destroy the careers of others he could have been forgiven but he didn’t. He used his money and power to keep everyone quiet either through bribing or bullying.

  32. I have to disagree with this page in general. To suggest that a non-doping cyclist would have won had Lance not been around might as well be suggesting that a natural bodybuilder can compete in the Mr. Olympia competition. It’s simply not true.
    As well as such, you are willing to overlook his charitable contributions as well as his cancer foundation solely because of his personal problems? That is not only strange, but also extraordinarily inconsiderate given how much money he has invested in cancer research to help victims.
    You also suggest that we shouldn’t feel bad for Lance’s cancer problem because he doped? Cancer is usually the result of overexposure to carcinogens. For example, we (by this logic) shouldn’t feel bad for breast cancer victims in America because it’s their food, cleaning products, cigarrettes and whatever else which probably results in the development of cancer.

    By the way, to suggest that Lance has better lawyers than the news companies is truly naive. Not only do newspapers usually have more lawyers, but better ones as well in order to deal with all of the legal issues that come about every single time a newspaper tries to publish anything.

    1. From what I have read, the stuff he was taking could have sped up the cancer growth making it so it had spread much more aggressively before it was caught. We will never know for sure, its not the kind of test that people want to volunteer for – trial drugs that speed cancer’s growth.

      1. “For manipulating the American public into feeling sorry for him and his testicular cancer when its very likely that his doping program was part of the problem”.

        Let’s set the record straight, he did not need to manipulate people to feel sorry for him when he had cancer. Some people, including me, know how cancer ravishes the body, and so, feeling sorry and empathizing with him is a natural human condition. Hopefully you are not suggesting his testicular cancer was a complete fabrication? Take a trip to the cancer ward in your local hospital and you may begin to understand the insidiousness of this debilitating disease, and be slower to make accusations of this nature.

        You say it is “very likely his doping was part of the problem, then you you say we will never know for sure. So where are your FACTS to make the accusation in the first place?

        Where are your scientific, peer reviewed, (you always like to quote how important it is to have the facts and have them tested and acknowledged by peers) research documents to make such a statement?

        In your own Blurb “Mark Rippetoe Inducted Into Fitness Hall of Shame
        Written by Scooby on December 3, 2012, you demanded a 6 point detailed report from Mark Rippetoe to support his claims. If that is to be what is required by you to accept Rippetoe’s claims, I wonder if you demanded the same detailed, scientifically based research and documentation in the things you have read to make the statements you have in this Blurb and the comments section, or is it a simple convenience to simply quote them as they already agree with your preconceived notions.

        Maybe the burden of proof does not apply to you in the same way you expect and demand from others?

        If, God forbid, you were to be struck down by cancer, are we to assume that you have been a doper all along…or can we just understand that cancer has the habit of attacking human cells in children and adults alike and those who are inflicted with this insidious disease are not be be blamed for their condition without absolute and irrefutable proof.

        Surely you owe that much to the families and friends who have unsuccessfully battled with cancer and lost the fight to live.

        PS. In no way do I support Lance Armstrong and his cheating. Quite rightly so, he should be stripped of all his accolades, dealt with according to the Law for his perjury, and somehow make restitution to those he threatened and intimidated.

  33. It’s not the sterioids. It’s the cover up that I object too. Yeah Liestrong cheated and all the apoglist take you in with the “he still beat everyone else” argument. So what. That’s sports. He was great cyclist. Feel better? He was also a world class, , life destroyer and that fact speaks to the deceit not the act of using ‘roids.

  34. I agree with some points, but Lance was merely a user in a sport that has already been long suspected of being very dirty. As with all sports, we would like to believe that the athletes are normal human beings with a genetic advantage and a deep passion for success, but does anyone really believe this to be true? Whether it’s steroids, blood doping, HGH or one of many other ways to gain an advantage this has become the norm in sports, especially as the stakes get higher and higher.

    Personally I believe the only sport in which PED’s should not just be banned, but also criminal, are combat sports, but other than that perhaps the only true level playing field would be if they did allow substances? Perhaps true research into these enhancers should be done so that we can find out what they actually do and the risks involved. Too much speculation is involved in the dangers and most of it is purely anecdotal, even in this article you insinuate that his cancer may have been brought on by use of PED’s, but there has been nothing substantive to support this.

    I’m strongly against Lance Armstrong, but not for doping, lying about doping, or the success he achieved due to doping, even though I may not agree with it or want to do it myself I can definitely understand why someone would do it. I’m against Lance Armstrong for the lives he ruined with his army of lawyers and all the lawsuits he filed trying to sue anyone that spoke out against him.

    1. Where there is money, there is corruption … and there is LOTS of money in professional sports. The winners have SO much capital behind them that those policing the drug use are always one step behind.

  35. Never really liked him, not because of doping, but because of not being charismatic.

    Before Lance there Was Rominger, Indurain, Chiappucci, Cipollini, Pantani, Jalabert, Fondriest, Virenque, Hinault, Merckx, Coppi and this list can go on and on, these men were heroes and icons of the sport and some – if not all – did drugs.

    Go on and bash Armstrong, if you like, but now, it’s really a bit late for that. One had to investigate his success better back then, but I bet, there was some kind of quiet agreement.

    Once the US postal express came to the Tour de France, if got boring. Meh, for loosing my favorite sport event about almost two decades ago.

    You still can have fun cycling, tho.

  36. What a roller-coaster ride of comment opinions from your audience here Scooby. That makes the whole article more interesting. I like seeing a variety of feedback. I agree with what you said but not that it fits into a category of “Random Blurbs.” Your feedback on the news is very timely. You should offer this for broader publication somewhere and maybe attract more followers, except the last part. Valuing Piers Morgan’s opinion and dissing a big money advertiser might get it rejected. A better burn would be a quote from L.A. from some many years gone by which turns his own words on himself today.

  37. This has to be the most ignorant thing ive read in ages. The man is a hero for crying out loud. His resting heart rate is like 30 and i think we can all agree on what Arnold said, take the drugs away from all the athletes at the same time and the champion remains the champion. He didnt beat people because he was the only one cheating, he simply just was the best “cheater” of all of them.

    And livestrong isnt even his thing anymore.

    I think armstrong should use this “scandal” to expose how corrupt every major sport is now instead of being accused of the only one doing such things.

    Also you are not even drug free scooby, why do you bash him so much?

    inb4 no im all natty im just an old guy that does a bunch of endurance stuff yet i carry more mass than every natural bodybuilder does.

      1. My hero is Superman, but I think he can be considered a cheater, the Sun is a PED for him….Spiderman had a radioactive spider, the Hulk had Gamma Rays….

        We all choose our idols for different reasons, but once you have an idol it doesn’t mean you are condoning or justifying everything they have or will ever do. To me a hero is just someone that you see qualities in them you want to emulate.

        Scooby, who are you heroes?


        I feel very strongly on this as Lance was a hero of mine for years. I remember visiting Australia over the course of the 2005 tour and setting my alarm in the middle of the night to watch him ride…my wife didn’t thank me for that…! I think it is true to say that by and large he was beating other cheats and to some extent you can suggest that he has a right to say he was the best, if everyone is cheating the best cheat is the champion.

        But that completely ignores every virtue that sport has. Somewhere (down the back of the peleton probably) were clean riders, men who had dedicated their lives to the sport that they loved. I don’t doubt that they were offered the chance to cheat, probably pressured to do so. They demonstrated the integrity that we expect from every person we meet; and in the face of extreme pressure and likely in the realisation that they would not achieve their dreams without doping, they decided that winning by cheating wasn’t winning at all.

        Those people are heroes, they are role models that we can all aspire to and they didn’t seem to feel as so many others do, that their status grants them immunity from the law. I feel horribly let down by Lance and his shameful display since the scandal broke destroyed any sympathy I might have reserved for him for old times sake.

        My job is quite special and I meet people who are facing life changing issues regularly. Something I have observed over this time is that when faced with extreme pressure and wicked temptation people show their worth. Some people lie and cheat, they blame others for their faults and try to hide their shortcomings. Other people stand up to be counted. They face their challenges head on and when they screw up they are equally willing to face the music.

        The unfair thing is that the world doesn’t appear to notice who falls into the first category and who falls into the second. The liars and the cheats get away with it more often than they don’t and the good guys tend to catch more trouble than they deserve. But that is exactly what makes them heroes. They do the right thing knowing that others won’t. They accept that the road they have chosen is harder, and has a lower probability of success. But they know that they can look in the mirror and be satisfied with the person looking back.

        Maybe it is part of growing up, but now I find my heroes by and large are those who try, and sometimes fail, and keep coming back for more. Those who support their teams, their sports, their hobbies without any reward except for the satisfaction of giving something back. Scooby’s comments are strong and raw but I think they are justified.

        There appears to be a mystique that surrounds celebrity, the rich and the famous. Were a drug addict who stole from shops to fund themselves say to the court I’m sorry that I lost the money I stole and that I’m not allowed to go into shopping malls anymore they would get no sympathy whatsoever. “I’m really sorry that I lost my $75 million Nike sponsorship and that I’m not allowed to compete in any sanctioned sporting events” is shameful. It says I’m not sorry I did it, I’m sorry I was caught. I know who my heroes are…and now I chose them very carefully indeed.

    1. Hero? lol. This guys lied to his fans,friends and all cancer survivors. if you want to follow a human being that lied for 14 years, destroyed people’s lives with law suits and bullied so many of his teammates then go ahead. The point is he cheated and lied and If that’s the kind of “heroes” you look up to then you have a problem.

  38. Please don’t let your disgust with Armstrong affect support for Livestrong. This organization does outstanding work. My daughter benefited directly from Livestrong and we are so grateful. Although I am disappointed in Lance’s actions, I feel his work in creating the Livestrong Foundation outweighs the trivial career of athletics.

  39. He used the infantile “Everyone was doing it” excuse to justify everything. What makes everything infinitely worse is that Armstrong repeatedly lied about everything. If there’s anything more tarnished than his athletic achievements, it’s his integrity.

  40. wow sorry scooby but this is a joke. get over yourself. doping doesn’t make you lance armstrong. you are completely oblivious as to what doping does. people think steroids make people into barry bonds. you are as big of a fear monger as the annoying media.

  41. i don’t condone drug use in sport but i don’t understand why everyone is
    jumping on the bash Armstrong band wagon. Its been well known for years
    that most of the riders in the tour have been using drugs and other
    methods. lance was just one of them! Yes he lied for years but its not
    like everyone else has come clean. lance was just the highest profile of
    them due to this cancer and livestrong charity. Riders who refused to
    use drugs to keep up may have had their chances ruined but they where
    ruined by everyone using drugs not just lance.

    1. The “everyone else is doing it” excuse doesnt work for me. Lance and his aggressive doping program is probably a big part of the reason that others had to dope too.

      1. It isnt a valid excuse i agree. but its not like lance invented it. people where doing it before him and they are probably doing it now to some degree. All i was saying is that everyone is bashing him so much at the moment i just dont see that as being fair when he was just one of so many people doing the same thing. It would be like if Ronnie Coleman went on record admitting he used steroids to win the Mr Olympia and then everyone focusing their hatred and disgust at him instead of accepting the obvious that its a much bigger problem than one man.

        1. If the public do not make an example out of Mr Armstrong then it will promote and condone the abuse of performance enhancing drugs! Am I right? Plus on another note if everyone was tested at the same time and all were found to be using Drugs then would they ban the whole sport?

    2. nope, but he LIED about how he achieved his wins, he duped people and played the victim “I’m just the littlest cancer patient poor me, give me more money”

  42. You cant destroy something that were already have to be
    naive if you dident know they all doped them self like a mad man to would as well if you had the opportunity to make history in the
    sport you love more than anything. (Yes, higher than life)

  43. Just an end to this witch-hunting… Just as Lance said, everyone has been doing in proficycling and I believe, most of them still do, though probably not as much like in the EPO times… I’m still wearing Lance’s yellow anti-cancer thing… Scooby, you really don’t think he was one of the few cyclists using EPO, do you? :)

    1. The “everyone else is doing it” excuse doesnt fly with me. Lance and his aggressive doping program is probably a big part of the reason that others had to dope too.

  44. I don’t understand how they use steroid for so long and still function?! I mean isn’t it really bad for your body?! It would be great if you’d cover this topic, Scooby!

  45. thats very naive scooby. lance didnt invent doping. he was just one of 90% of the tour’s riders to do it.
    also, its not like the other riders had “less efficient” doping programs. he still beat everyone else and they were on EPO as well.

    as a rider in the tour de france you have no choice but to use these substances if you want to succeed. and thats not armstrongs fault but the UCIs.

    if usain bolt is tested positive tomorrow, does that mean he’s no longer the greatest sprinter that’s ever lived?

    doping is being used in every sport there is. its a shame but its the world we live in. the best man still wins.

      1. Steve i disagree. Just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t make it right. I looked up to Lance as a cyclist and believed for a long time that he was infact clean. He just ruins that for everyone.

        1. Don’t get me wrong Andrew!
          Just because everyone is doing it CERTAINLY does not make it right!

          But it makes it FAIR. My point is, he competed against others who (at least the huge majortiy of them) were using the same substances, his achievements are still great and can be looked up to.

          EPO won’t win the race for you. But not taking it will certainly lose the race.

          The doping discussion in general should be held on a greater scale. Blaming it all on Lance will help nobody, as that is a very comfortable way for the UCI to get away without having to comment on how THEY failed to keep the sport clean.

          As I said before, doping existed before Lance and it will exist much longer if no actions are taken!

      2. Scooby you must be mentally retarded not to think every god damn elite cyclist is using every beneficial PED on the market to date. You cant even detect half the drugs they use.. Well then again you are not natural so why would your opinion count. Inb4 no it just takes hard work and diet lol

          1. What a coincidence….not so many years ago people were saying you would have to be mentally retarded to think Lance Armstrong is taking performance enhancing drugs.

            Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to accuse people….but then again, neither should we be so quick to defend people either.

            Just a thought.

    1. No but he did make a living out of making people believe he conquered cancer through sheer will power. And it renders all his wins moot, since anybody who cycles steroids woul dhave an unfair advantage vs peopel who don’t.
      So he didn’t have a strong will he just had a good cycle.

  46. Lance is certainly a terrible person for what he’s done. Better late than never to apologize, though, and I hope he will spend the rest of his life trying to become a better person and doing good deeds (not sure if that can be achieved).

    1. That would be a rash thing to do. Livestrong was there for my daughter when she need it. If lance never doped and was a true champion, Livestrong would still be his greatest accomplishment!

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