Video Skype with me on YouTube Live broadcast

Video Skype with me on YouTube Live broadcast

I’m turning this into a cool new talkshow format which as far as I know has not been done before.  Its a fitness, bodybuilding, and nutrition talk show with the twist that YOU appear on the video with me!  Dont do/say anything you wouldnt want your Grandmother to hear because it will be recorded for all eternity on YouTube. See broadcast start time in your timezone.

To be on my talkshow:

  1. test your webcam with a friend to make sure your microphone works
  2. tune in at the start of the broadcast to get my Skype address, I will not be repeating it so you need to watch from the beginning of the program.
  3. when the message on the screen “Skype lines now open” appears, call in. In skype, make sure to click on the movie camera icon and not the phone icon. I will not answer voice only calls.
  4. mute your YouTube video player!  If you dont do this we will get horrible audio feedback and I will drop your call unceremoniously to save my ears.
  5. After I answer your call, it will take about 20s for me to get you up on the video.  We will just do small talk in that time, I’ll let you know when I’m ready for your question.

Watch the broadcast here:

Fitness and bodybuilding video talk show

28 thoughts on “Video Skype with me on YouTube Live broadcast”

  1. scooby… i really really missed this session due to work… hope you do more skype sessions.. i cant wait to talk to you live… i have a lot of questions for you… im really exciting…

  2. scooby.. the attached youtube video link is not working on my browser… im getting the following error msg(This video has been removed by the user.).pls verify(i was able to access the video from youtube).

  3. A fairly easy way (ie not time consuming) is to have two screens
    connected to your computer, so you can drag windows between them.
    first you answear a persons call on the screen that you dont showing the
    audience, and when see that the person isnt doing anything wierd or
    illegal, just drag the window to the broadcast screen and get your talk

  4. One person ruined it for everyone with their obscene behavior in todays broadcast. In future broadcasts, I will be forced to pre-register people wanting to ask questions to get their IP address and an email so that I can report them to the authorities should they do something illegal. its really sad how one person can ruin it for everyone, I guess I’m too naive for my own good :( It never occurred to me that someone could even think of doing that in a show where I am trying to help people.

    1. No Scooby, that person did not ruin it for everybody. They simply showed what a jerk they were.

      Your broadcast was still excellent and helpful.

      It takes more than one person acting in an immature way to ruin my enjoyment.

      1. Yeah, I agree. It was too late for me to stay up and watch the whole thing, but I watched the first half hour or so and it was great – really helpful. I also really appreciated you taking the time to answer my question, so thanks again! Don’t let the trolls win!

    2. I watched the entire broadcast. Right when I heard you say his name I knew something was going to happen. But as the previous poster said, minus that idiot, it was actually a pretty good broadcast. Was interesting the previous caller said watch out for trolls… and I cringed when the callers after were 2 kids…. oh well.

      Guess in the future you could make sure to see the person’s face before putting their skype video and audio feed on the youtube feed (and grab a screen shot of it). But I was surprised how well most of the calls worked out anyway.

  5. Just in case you do read this Scooby, whilst I do disagree with some of your rants I do like the fact you have an opinion and are willing to risk criticism.

    I really appreciate your website, and your time, effort, and financial input to keep it running.

    There is no way we will always agree, but that itself is not so important, because we all have worldviews according to our own life experiences.

  6. Hello Scooby!

    Greetings from Brazil here !

    In case that you read the comments from here to give us some answers

    I have a question:

    I’m losing weight by doing just cardio (running) and adjusting my meals. Do you think that resistence training would help me accelerate that process ? Cause i’m feeling weak and that’s not good since i want to follow a militar carrer and i NEED endurance.

    And what would be good, like i felt really good doing like 15 reps with average weight. Please share with me your amazing wisdom mighty Scooby ! haha

    That’s it

    Thank you.
    (sorry for bad english)
    BTW: You are a really nice guy, you’ve helped me a lot!

  7. This came up to me randomly, but could you post usefull information more often in a small article you write with the *Lesson of the day* as title.
    Fore example “Lesson of the day = Good form bicep curls 2 sec up 2 sec down & squeeze the muscle at the top contraction”

  8. Hello Scooby, here are some questions for your live broadcast.

    Which is worse?

    A. Lance Armstrong cheating to win a bike race OR
    B. A husband who cheats on his wife?

    A. Lance Armstrong who lied about taking drugs
    B. A husband who lies to his wife?

    A. Lance Armstrong who deceived his many fans, whom he did not personally know.
    B. A man who deceives his family and friends whom he does know.

    Answer agree or disagree to the following statements.
    1. I have never lied to people I know or to strangers
    2. I have never cheated either at school or work or in any social/sporting setting.
    3 I have never stolen/shoplifted, or taken anything that does not belong to me
    4. I have never cheated or lied about my income to avoid paying any tax.
    5. I have never deliberately broken any law
    6. I have never deceived an employer by claiming a sick day, when, in fact, I was well.
    7. I have never cheated on a wife, girlfriend, or partner

    If anybody reading this, agreed to all seven statements, and has been cheated by, and/or lied to, and/or bullied by, and/or been sued sued by Lance Armstrong does that person have good cause to criticize him and condemn him?

    As for all the rest who criticize and condemn him so vehemently, are they simply being self-righteous hypocrites?

    1. Are you serious? He took substances that are banned in his sport, not
      only robbing others from the privilege to represent their country, but
      deceiving his own sponsors by receiving, literally, millions of dollars
      in prize money and endorsements. This fraudulent act in any other form
      of business would lead to a lengthy prison sentence. The mere fact he walks the streets as a free man is a disgrace to the U.S. judicial system.

      1. Hello Craig, I AGREE WITH YOU…YES…AGREE so need to debate Lance Armstrong any more.

        However, I also notice you avoided all reference to your own activity.

        I have no issue if Lance Armstrong is prosecuted according to any and all laws he has broken.

        Now, getting back to YOU, How many of the 7 things I listed are you guilty of?

        Let’s stick to the legal ones and leave the moral aside for the time being.

        #3. A criminal offence
        #4. A criminal offence
        #5. A criminal offence
        #6. Theft of a day’s wages. If not a criminal offense it should be.

        Time for you to apply the same moral high ground to yourself as you have to Lance Armstrong.

        So I await your response on ALL SEVEN points to find out just how righteous and pure you are, or if you too are a liar, thief or a cheat.

        1. I have never done any of those things. So what? Am I now worthy of judging everyone else? We are human and we make judgments of character all the time, it’s essential to our survival. We choose who we want as friends, who choose who to avoid, we choose who to shun for being a negative influence.
          Take for example a man who in his whole life only broke the law once to steal an apple from a store, you may call him a thief. Now take another man who stole millions of dollars from people in need, he is also a thief. Is the first man really a hypocrite for judging the guy who destroyed lives with his thievery? Of course not. You need to get some perspective.
          Your argument that no one but holy men can judge or shun a man for the kind of abhorrent behavior Lance had (namely legally prosecuting people who he knew were only telling the truth about him and causing them great financial and psychological distress) holds no water.

          1. dude if you are going to try and sound cleaver then do your research first. i didn’t see anything in the cancer dude’s post that said anything about not judging. what he did say from what i understand is judge if you must but go easy on the condemnation if you are guilty of the same attributes. i would love to see where you think he said, in his words, not in your flimsy interpretation of his words where he said you had to be a holy man. I also read his posts and see he posted this to scooby,
            Posted by cancervive: Just in case you do read this Scooby, whilst I do disagree with some of your rants I do like the fact you have an opinion and are willing to risk criticism.

            I really appreciate your website, and your time, effort, and financial input to keep it running.

            There is no way we will always agree, but that itself is not so important, because we all have worldviews according to our own life experiences.
            the cancer dude also posted this comment before you posted yours

            Posted by cancervive: You are absolutely correct…Scooby has every right. If you would let me know which part of my comment said Scooby was not allowed, then I will have it removed immediately.
            So Dubsman the cancer dude is a damn site more reasonable than you, is a damn site smarter than you, a damn site more understanding, and a damn site more logical in his comments saying that nobody has to agree and different opinions are ok. so get over yourself and your stupid irrelevant apple and millionaire arguments. What a moron

          2. You certainly made a good argument by insulting me. He said quite clearly that anyone who condemned Lance when having done one of those 7 things he listed were ” simply being self-righteous hypocrites”. By posing it as a question it doesn’t remove the implication.
            So I argued to that that one could have done one of those 7 things and still judge him without being a self-righteous hypocrite. I still hold on to my position and your anger and insults haven’t swayed me in the least.

    2. This sounds like the parable of adulterous woman in John 8:1-11. “let
      him who is without sin, cast the first stone”. How apt. But take note, a
      sin is still a sin, it doesn’t matter where the criticism comes from
      “self-righteous” individual or from a respectable judge. Everyone has
      sinned at some point in their life, that doesn’t give a reason to lower
      the moral standard. Does that means we accept the mistake listed on top
      (ie. it is ok to lie, cheat, steal, deceived etc) since everyone is
      doing it? Imagine, one day, the voice of criticism is silenced. No one
      is allow to judged or be judged. Then what will happen to the societal

      Back to the parable, verse 11. Jesus does not condemn the
      woman. but take note the latter part, He told the woman to “go now and
      leave your life of sin”. What does “life of sin” means? Jesus still view
      her past actions as a sin, even thought she is forgiven now. Forgiving
      doesn’t means accepting the wrong doing. rather, it is an act of love to
      her, not subjecting to lowering the moral standard and not executing
      the punishment. Ie. love the sinner, hate the sin.

      So in summary, we need to have compassion like Jesus, to forgive others eg.
      Lance Armstrong. But at the same time not lowering our societal
      value/standard, by saying it is ok to lie/cheat etc. Some form of
      criticism is good, but do it with a heart of goodwill not hatred.
      Finally, God sees all and in the end days, judgement is His.

      1. Hello Maverick. At last, a well thought out, reasoned response. I knew there had to be someone else out there who would not blindly follow Scooby’s line of argument, and would think it through for them self.

        As for “love the sinner, hate the sin” I could not have put it better myself.

        When it comes to home fitness and bodybuilding workouts Scooby is second to none, but he does have a habit of digressing and commenting on social issues, and at those times he allows his emotions to control him.

        I suppose, at those times, Scooby deserves the same compassion and understanding we would all wish for.

        What is that saying? Treat other’s how you yourself wish to be treated

        1. Scooby has every right to make posts when clouded with “emotions”. This is his website. This is his forum. Etc etc etc. This website is known for not allowing any BS to exist, and when I come on here, I expect that. The recent posts about Lance Armstrong, and even Rippetoe, are posts exhibiting no BS. Therefore, I applaud and thank Scooby for his posts, whether they hurt your feelings or not.

          1. You are absolutely correct…Scooby has every right. If you would let me know which part of my comment said Scooby was not allowed, then I will have it removed immediately.

            And by the way….I suppose your name is also a play on words like mine is….so congratulations to you too on surviving cancer.

            Too many of my friends died in the cancer ward so it is great that you are one who was able to live and be with your family.

            It would be great to hear how long you have been in remission. I have been cancer free for 18 months.

    3. Thanks for your comments, the world is now a dumber place for having read them. Please support Lance all you want but you are not going to convince anyone of your support. Forgive and forget, it’s so easy isn’t it? We all make mistakes 7 times, lie about them and sue and bully team mates and their families. Sounds legit. I judge no one, unless they prove otherwise and he certainly did. Let the PR spin begin, maybe they should give him a reality show, that will help the masses forget.

      1. Contrary to your stated view, hearing diverse comments and opinions does not make a person dumber, and most certainly does not make the world a dumber place. You are entitled to your opinion, however, it seems to be quite illogical, and in my opinion, irrational to believe, that exposure to others thoughts and ideas can, in any way, be intellectually debilitating.

        Furthermore, your need to prove another person wrong, in order for you to be right is an intellectually and emotionally immature response to what is currently a widespread debate. There is absolutely no need, and no desire on my part to convince anyone of anything. Each person will make up their own mind how they view and respond to Lance Armstrong’s transgressions.

        The purpose of discussion and debate is to offer the widest possible views on any given subject, and then let people make up their own mind.

        With almost seven billion people in the world do you really expect there to be universal agreement on everything? If you are a US citizen then perhaps you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the workings of the Supreme Court. On many occasions the Justices will not always agree, and instead of a unanimous decision they return a majority ruling. A majority decision does not indicate the minority Justices were incorrect.

        (If not a US citizen, your own country will, no doubt, have a Supreme Court or something similar)

        I have yet to hear the minority Justices lambast any decision as a gross distortion of the truth, and then verbally abuse those who held a diverse opinion to themselves.

        You would do well to learn from their example, unless of course you are one of those who believe yourself to be infallible.

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