I cant afford healthy food

“I cant afford healthy food”

To those who say this, let me ask you a few questions:

  1. How much do you spend a week at Starbucks?
  2. How much do you spend on sodas a week?
  3. How much do you spend a week on alcohol?
  4. How much do you spend a week at fast food restaurants?
  5. How much do you spend a week at sit-down restaurants?
  6. How much do you spend a week on packaged convienience and snack foods?

Total that all up.  Still think that healthy food is expensive? Unhealthy food sure is! Lets look at how much healthy food costs.  The below prices were from my 1/20/2013 shopping trip to Costco:

organic food is not expensive


With just the things in this photo (plus frozen organic vegetables) you can make these really quick healthy meals that are cheap too!

Meal Cost Protein
Scash $2.00 28g
Sa-mush $3 34g
Beans & Salsa $1 16g

The above prices are probably comparable with what you would spend at a fast food restaurant and a LOT healthier. You can make any of the above organic, healthy, and inexpensive meals in less than FIVE minutes. Ever better is that all of the foods shown in the photo above keep for a long time (Salmon in freezer) so you dont have to do shopping every week. If none of the above recipeies tickles your fancy, consider getting the Anabolic Cookbook by Dave Ruel – he is a lot better at this cooking stuff than I am.

If you STILL say that you dont have time to make your meals, please read about time management for bodybuilders!

Lets talk briefly about cost. Eating healthy can be a LOT cheaper than eating unhealthy! Lets start with the morning beverage, the average American stops into Starbucks for a $3 coffee. Wanna save $2.75, have something healthier, and save 20 minutes per day? Drink green tea! Its 14 cents per cup! Then breakfast, a Denny’s breakfast is about $7 with tip, and is quite unhealthy. Instead make Scash for $2.00! Most people go out to lunch to fast food and the average meal is about $6 including beverage and has about 1200 calories. Instead have beans and salsa for $1, its cheaper and a LOT healthier. Eating healthy is NOT expensive, its cheap!!! Be creative and come up with your own recipes!

healthy fast food for bodybuilders

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  1. What some people don’t seem to understand, is that healthy food belongs at a higher priority then a lot of the junk people waste their money on.

    Good post, cut back on the unhealthy stuff and not only can you afford it, you could save more money than you were not stocking healthy food

  2. Why are my comments about organic food never moderator approved, Scooby? I always link to relevant scientific sources, maintain a polite tone and refrain from making claims that aren’t supported by facts. I get the uncomfortable feeling that you’re trying to keep unbiased information about organic food away from the discussion field. I hope I’m wrong though, you’ve really done a lot of great things for me and my friends.

  3. So what about those of us whom can honestly say none of those questions apply to? I refuse to eat or drink anywhere it’s prepared for me as it’s a ripoff and probably a lot worse for me than if I cooked the same thing at home. Don’t drink soda just carry a water bottle with me and fill it as I go. Anything besides water I drink is coffee/w skim milk, tea(green and other), skim milk, and an occasional juice. My convenience food is maybe a couple times a week I grab a protein bar from Walmart($1.18/e). I can’t afford to eat at all after bills, toilet paper, and being garnished. I work many hours but rely on stamps for food, therefor I can eat healthy, but not 6 meals a day, there is no way, and without the stamps, I would be forced to survive off ramen and cheerios. To say there is no reason someone can’t eat healthy is going to be true for 90% of people, but you can’t say everyone, you don’t know what there life is.

  4. I made Scash today and since I use ‘Great Value’ (Walmart brand) packs of veggies and egg whites, I’d have to say it’s about ~$0.75 – 0.90 per serving at most. Considering that the closest to that in the fast-food arena is the Dollar Menu, and seeing what’s on those menus, I’d have to say that Scash is a better alternative. Since it’s also about 10 F degrees out where I am, having it in my kitchen was much better than wasting gas and braving this ridiculously cold weather for some crappy burger.

  5. Good stuff. Salmon is generally good, but the nitrates and PAHs in smoked salmon deter me from having it except on occasion. I think the best salmon, in terms of getting a good health benefit at a low cost, with relatively low mercury and high omega-3s, is wild-caught pink salmon. Sardines are good for the same reasons.

  6. i agree with you scooby! it annoys me when people say it costs more to eat healthy and then load up their shopping trolleys with buy 2 get one free pizzas and such (and if you work it out those pizzas would cost more than an entire weeks worth of healthy veg) Also it is simpler to eat healthy, i can do a shop in about 10 mins, load up on frozen veg, black beans, eggs, tuna and so on, only having to go once every few weeks at the very most. Then if you make a big batch of food you can spread out the cooking time as well, i do a black bean chili which i divide into about 10-12 portions and costs about £2.50 to make and freeze it, takes about an hour to cook the batch but can warm up each portion in a couple of minutes whenever i want.

    I think the main problem (at least in england) is that supermarkets have worked out that people are more likely to buy the unhealthy stuff so put offers on it to make it even more appealing and get more people in the door, and people dont know how to cook so just lazily put a bunch of stuff in the oven and feed the whole family.

  7. Scoob,
    Thanks for the great tips.
    Smoked Salmon… Now you’re talking my language.
    Don’t forget organic dark chocolate with at least 86% cocoa.
    Now, that’s a balanced meal :>0

  8. 1/2 bag frozen soybeans (mukimame): $0.50
    1/2 bag frozen green peas: $0.50
    1/4 tbsp. olive oil: Negligible cost
    6 slices of whole grain bread: 6 x $0.25 = $1.50
    3 bananas: $0.60
    Total: $3.10 for 3 meals ($1.03 per meal)

    Prep work: Microwave soybeans and peas for 6 min. 30 sec.

    Nutrition per meal:
    453 calories
    23g protein
    70g carbs
    8g fat
    19g fiber

  9. I really like your at home exercises & your quick & easy meal ideas.

    By the way you have an awesome physique & the top hats are so cool!

    Recently I just got into using dried herbs which add a ton of flavor & health benefits whilst adding no extra calories.

    I needed to make something quick easy tonight so I just had some leafy greens mixed with tuna, sweet corn, kidney beans & carrot. Then I sprinkled some chilli flakes, mustard powder, garlic powder, sea salt & a squeeze of lemon juice over the top & viola!

    Easy, filling, tasty & healthy. I was sort of inspired by your meals :-)

  10. Another unseen and often unthought of benefit with eating healthier is that you actually get full. Your body doesn’t crave food the rest of the day. When you do get hungry, you know you are refueling your body. I think the best thing about watching what you eat is that you begin to think of food as fuel rather than entertainment. When you can think in terms of fuel, you can enjoy food that is not as entertaining. Beans and salsa and other foods Scooby suggests will satisfy your bodies need for fuel without creating a sugar crisis in a few hours. It really does work once your mindset changes from entertainment (party in your mouth) to fuel (power for my engine).

  11. Yep, pretty much spot on. Still saying that “I can’t afford…” can be an excuse, though – if you’re too poor to throw what you have into the money sinks you mentioned. That’s the other kind of “unhealthy eating”: There’s actually people who cannot afford, say, eggs. Case in point: I lived on rice and water for a few months, that was fun. Not.

    1. Hope your economic situation has improved! Many people get very irritated when I talk about eating healthy, they have a dozen “I cant eat healthy because ” lines waiting. 99% of the time the truth is that they CAN eat healthy but have chosen not to. They prefer the convenience and taste of junk food.

  12. organic ? man that stuff is a rip. You can still eat just fine and healthy with regular eggs and such. Many very fit athletes and others have done it for years before the whole organic craze hit. I only post this because you pay more for it, not that it;s not better in some ways,.

    1. of course an organic egg is substantially the same as an egg from caged hens.. but in my opinion its extremely selfish if you take care of your health and ignore the fact that these eggs from caged hens are not in line with time.. im not a hippie who says “oh my gaaawd think of the animals, think of plants and smoke all day” – no, but if you want to make the world a better place stop only thinking about yourself. there IS something called environment and FUTURE, and i dont want to live in a future where the only meat i get is from drugged animals who are not even able to move – and then think what kind of eggs you get from such an animal instead of a “happy” chicken that has enough space and time to grow naturally..

      basically the same goes for humans, think of a drug addict who only eats McD and fast food all day, and of a sporty, healthy eating girl… kid is kid, but what do you think whose kid is healthier?

      1. Organic egg does not mean free range or not caged. It just means the hens diet is organic. You want to buy free range organic eggs? Your going to step up even more money.
        We just started raising our own hens. Cost about the same as standard store bought eggs but the yolk is richer and chicken poop fertilizes my garden.

      2. Watch the documentary Food Inc. Definitely changed the way I see organic vs inorganic. It’s more than just the environment, it also has to do with the chemicals they pump the chickens full of, which then transfer to our bodies when we eat the egg. These chemicals have been proven to cause cancer, and other diseases. If spending more on organic eggs mean that I have a smaller chance of getting cancer, then heck, I’ll spend that extra $$.

    2. Man, you haven’t had eggs until you’ve had organic eggs. My friend has his own chickens, and, I’ll tell you what, I can’t eat store-bought eggs anymore.

    3. The issue in my book is one of pesticides. Many of our food sources in America are heavily tainted with pesticides, with organic you can bypass that for the most part. I say for the most part because you have to watch the country of origin. If you grow something without pesticides in China next to a heavy metal dump, you can still call that organic. Buying USA organic is a safer bet.

      1. Well maybe… but in reality there is no such thing as pesticide free farming. Organic just means that there where no synthetic pesticide used. The fact is that some Organic pesticides are much more harmful than the synthetics of today.

    1. If you check my website you see that I call myself a pseudo-vegetarian. Strictly speaking of course I am NOT a vegetarian because I eat some chicken/fish. Practically speaking though since chicken/fish is less than 5% of my calories, I am a vegetarian in every way except the political definition :)

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