Save Money And Lose Weight!

Save Money And Lose Weight!

Starbucks TODAY’S FITNESS TIP: Instead of a $3 Starbucks sweet and creamy calorie-bomb, try plain unsweetened green tea!
Green Tea Healthy and Cheap

As many of you know, I always advise people trying to lose weight – dont drink your calories!  Hidden calories in coffee are the downfall of many people trying to lose weight and green tea costs as little as 14 cents per cup – far cheaper than #coffee.

Not only that, green tea has other health benefits as well according to WebMD. Green tea has LOTS of antioxidants to help with cancer prevention. Of even more interest to many people trying to get in shape and lose weight is the fact that green tea appears to help significantly with weight loss!. There are two aspects to the weight loss benefits of green tea. The freebie is that since green tea is not bitter, many people enjoy it without any cream or sugar – this is a huge calorie savings. The hidden calories in hot beverages are the downfall of many trying to lose weight! The second aspect of the weight loss with green tea has to do with the green tea itself. Green tea is rich in a type of polyphenol called catechins. Its these catechins that are responsible for the anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties, but recent research suggests that catechins may also affect body fat accumulation and cholesterol levels!

Is Green Tea the silver bullet of health?

Healthy substitutions is the EASY way to get lean!

I often promote the healthy substitutions method as the easiest way to lose weight and get your bodyfat down to the point where you have those ripped sixpack abs. This tea/coffee comparison is a great example of how the healhty substitutions method works. You know green tea is healhthier than coffee with cream and sugar, right? You want to lose weight, right? OK, just make that one simple substitution. Lets take an extreme example and see how effective this simple technique can be!

Beverage Name

Calories per cup

Calories per month

Cost per month

Pounds per month
Green tea

0 cal/cup

0 cals/mo


0 lbs/mo
Venti Caramel Macchiato

300 cal/cup

9000 cals/mo


2.5 lbs/mo

If you drink a Venti Carmel Macchiato every morning, just by switching to green tea you could lose 2.5 pounds a month! One tiny sacrifice and you get a HUGE return!!!

*Price does not include any tips

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  1. Scooby do you have a juicer? my family buys organic vegetables from trader joe’s (carrots, broccoli, spinach, beets, cucumber, ect. and use combinations of these vegetables and add an apple and a lemon and it tastes great! Not only are these drinks extremely healthy as they are full of antioxidants, they are also like natures energy drinks. I drink one everyday; before school or with dinner, and also before my basketball practices or games. About 15 minutes after drinking you begin to feel full of energy and wide awake. A good juicer itself is only about $250 but lasts for a long time and is a great investment. If you have never tried juicing you definitely should. By the way, I am 15 now and have been following your site since I was 13. Since then I have very gained visible abs and about 55 pounds (however some of that was from growing) I am currently 5’9 140lbs. Love your site is has helped me a ton!

  2. Get loose green tea or matcha. Many of the bagged green tea varieties can have a very high fluoride content, just to let you know if you worry about this.

    Also green tea can decrease the iron uptake from food, so consider this if this is an issue for you (vegetarians or anaemics especially).

    The catechins in green tea work best if you don’t have any dairy with it as it can effect them.

    I drink several cups of green tea a day (not when I have dairy or my iron food like kangaroo or beef) as green tea helps increasing the metabolism and makes the stored fat in fat cells more easily available to the body.

        1. You need to do some research. The caffeine in it in particular is problematic. It also stains your teeth and soils your breath.

          If you want a zero calorie drink, have water, fresh natural water.

          1. Actually coffee is a very good source for antioxidiants and has (proven) benefits for concentration, memory and the like. In itself it is quite a healthy beverage although it can have bad effects on your teeth.

          2. There is strong research showing it can be quite harmful as well. You are just listing research for the positives. If you do your homework you will realize there’s a lot of problems with it too, teeth being only a minor problem.

          3. “Moderate amounts of caffeine — about 300 milligrams per day, cause no harm in most healthy adults.” there isn’t 300 mgs of caffeine in two Red Bulls. that’s more than 3 cups of coffee per day in the “safe” range

            “Reviews of 13 studies involving 20,000 people revealed no relationship
            between cancer and caffeine. In fact, caffeine may even have a
            protective effect against certain cancers.”

            “several large studies do not link caffeine to higher cholesterol,
            irregular heartbeats, or an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.”

            all of those quotes come from the US National Library of Medicine website.

          4. You just did it again. lol

            There is research both ways, all you want to do is quote what is convenient rather than researching the full picture. That’s called subjectivity.

            I have read the good and the bad, and quite frankly, i have read enough to realize there’s safety in abstinence.. besides, there are much safer drinks out there that don’t have the controversial results that coffee does.

            I will stick with water, and err on the side of caution and fitness.

          5. i didnt do anything again, I’ll believe the sourced information found on the website of the association that every doctor in the United States of America belongs to, over some chooch on the internet.

          6. Ahhhhh… The ad hominem attack. The last argument of the desperate…. I recognize that tactic in a heartbeat.

  3. Exactly! If it has to be Starbucks, though: Coffee. Black. No cream, no toppings, no nothing. Just coffee. I’m not sure they remember what that is, but I know that it’s the cheapest thing on the menu – and you get even cheaper refills.

  4. mycookbook mycookbook

    hi scooby :) yesterday I think to ask you about the green tea and now I see the post.But I have a question , somewhere I had read that the green tea reduces the level of the testosteron.And now i’m wondering is it right . Can you tell me something about this problem :) thanks and regards from Bulgaria (

  5. Great article, I need to get in the habit of drinking more green tea. I do want to know were you found a Venti Starbucks drink for only $3? Most run closer to $5, before you even start adding extra “flavor” shots, of syrup.

  6. I’m glad you’ve started talking about things like this, but I could stand even more information on what your thoughts are about “Alternative” medicine. I have read almost every page of your website and I would like to see you venture out into more controversial health topics such as the benefits of acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, massages, honey, green tea, and apple cider vinegar.

    While I have read many articles about all of the above I still don’t see enough scientific research to back up many claims about some of the health properties these things bring. Many times claims are exaggerated or only proven true in extreme circumstances. For example, for green tea to be an effective antioxidant one must consume several (5-8) cups daily. Also, if taken with casein (i.e. milk) its beneficial antioxidant effects are cancelled out. Honey’s health properties are also negated when it is dissolved in water (such as mixing with green tea). Just some things to think about before doing or taking something that claims to be beneficial.

    1. The WebMD that is cited in Scooby’s article states some studies showed two cups of green tea to provide antioxidant benefits. Could you cite some sources supporting the info you provided? I’d be interested to read more.

  7. I do love green tea as well but I must say that I disagree with you when you say that it isn’t bitter. It’s not very noticeable but I still find it to be a little bitter

  8. I love Green Tea too, but lately I’ve read a few studies suggesting it inhibits testosterone production. Does anyone else know about this? It seems any choice is complicated!!

  9. Totally! I mix one little bag of green tea with one of menthae in my 300 ml cup, although I add one little spoon of honey to it, while it’s still hot. Every morning, at breakfast! get’s me up and going! My marathon training works excelent with this beverage! Keep up the gut arbeit, Scoob! :*

  10. While I love the point of the article, it’s kind of unfair that you’re putting all various types of coffee into the ‘hidden calorie bomb of Starbucks section’ and give it rest. I drink my coffee black or with some milk and it has it’s own benefits, especially right before a workout, something you yourself pointed out. You could’ve at least mentioned that only coffee with various additives like sugar and cream is bad for you calorie-wise, something newer guests might misunderstand :) Other than that, green tea would be a great substitute for those who love indulging themselves in alcohol or some other unhealthy drinks, I’ll try brainwashing my friends or family into doing so.

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