some people will do anything to get out of arms workouts

I hate doimg arms workouts, always have. I only do them once or twice a month. Today I found a great way to avoid todays arms workout, a puncture wound. I was moving some stuff so I could work on the plane when I got a big spike of wood lodged in the hand. Just went to the ER and the Doctor got as much as she could out but because it is so deep and lodged in so tightly, I will probably have to go to the hand surgeon on Monday.

getting out of arms workout

getting out of arms workout

getting out of arms workout

That was my Saturday, how was yours?

EDIT:Sunday update

Not looking good, its clear from the redness pattern that there is another inch of wood in there and the hand is now really swollen. Looks like my priorities for next week have been re-arranged.



I REALLY hate medication but consented to some serious antibiotics at the ER today as the swelling had gotten even worse than the above pictures by the afternoon and the pain was getting quite bad. It was quite clear that my home remedies of cardio plus warm water soaks had failed in killing the infection. I REALLY hate antibiotics, they screw your whole digestive system up for months because they indiscriminately kill everything, friend or foe. Truly a last resort.

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  1. Oh my………..very very careless scooby.. i thought you would or could’ve worn work gloves when moving timber…….I always do….for some reason…..timber spikes or splinters cause pain and inflammation than enything else. Regardless of that accidents can happen I guess.
    I usually take Vit C, fish or krill oil, B12 to help with inflammation and fast healing. Best thing with inflammation is to leave the affected area immobile. Hard to do…specially when you are so physical, but that’s the way.

  2. I had to get antibiotics last summer for a bug bite and they caused serious side effects for me mentally. I got very depressed (very) and was having audible and visual hallucinations. As soon as the swelling and discolouration went away I stopped taking them even though the doc told me to finish all the pills in the bottle. If I ever get an infection again ill be sure to ask for a different treatment than that particular drug (cephalexin)

  3. This is very common for me…wooden spikes in the hands :D but Im very bullheaded and I put it out by myself everytime… I had some strong immunity…. I got looot’s of drills, spikes, cuts and other harm stuff trough my hands :D Luckily, I don’t know anything like infection , even I got some serious injuries …. but …wooden spikes jammed deeply…mmm.very uncomfortable thing :P I hope, Scoob, you will get fine very soon :P you will not escape from arm workout! :PP :DD ..I love arm wokouts … cheers from Slovakia, dear mate

  4. Hey Scooby. I know how you feel. I haven’t been able to train the first few months of 2012 because of a wrist injury (surgery not once, but twice!). When I could start training again I had lost nearly 11 kilo’s. Then I found your site and all was well….

    To sooth your fears just a bit: If a bit of the spike is still left then an inflammation actually isn’t that bad: the swelling and increased circulation in the inflamed area will push the bit of wood out of your hand.

    Have fun doing crunches!

  5. I would actually never try to skip arms workouts, it’s one of my favorites. That is why i used to be a curl monkey :D. If it wasn’ t for Scooby i would probably still be a curl monkey.
    Sorry about your hand Scooby hopre you get better soon!

  6. My Saturday was filled with snow removal, but I also have a hand story from this week. I just started a great new job on Monday, but slipped and fell on the way in the door. When I hit the ground, I was able to fall so that nothing was broken, but my hands slid on the pavement. I ripped a 3/4 inch hole in my left hand, and was bleeding like a stuck pig when my training manager came in. It’s healing up well, but it was definitely not a great thing to have happen on the first day of a new job. Shoveling snow for three hours didn’t help it, but it had to be done.

  7. Im being a really good patient and following instructions because I dont want an infection. ive already done two warm salt bath soaks and did an hour cardio on my bike trainer. IMO the increased circulation caused by cardio is a great natural infection fighter. I should know in 24hrs if I need to see the hand surgeon. Lingering pain or infection = bad. Time will tell. I will continue to do everything I can.

  8. Nothing but a splinter, rub some salt in it and get back down to the gym.

    As for my saturday… Spent in bed >.> Went to MMA for the first time on thursday, friday I’m fine, saturday I wake up with killer DOMs in my lower back, hamstrings, calves, pretty much everything down the back.

  9. When I was working in a planer mill piling lumber I got a large sliver lodged through my pinky finger. I tried to rip it out, it only cause bleeding they had to cut it out. Good luck removing the remainder of your sliver.

  10. Yoko Joséphine Matsui

    Ouch… Please take care and rest well. I’m glad to know you dislike arm workouts. I really hate them too. I just do it once a week for contest prep, otherwise I think it’s just a waste of time. We all get relatively huge arms by doing usual upper body workouts. And huge arms grow only from massive lower body. So we have to do heavy lower body workout for bigger arms. Big branches grow from big trees… My Saturday??? Heavy deadlift and tanning for contest prep!

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