Do any gym owners care?

horrible gym music

I dont go to the gym often, usually just when Im injured and need specialty machines. When I do go, I am always struck by the fact that owners/managers clearly do not care what their members think.

Consider the following – gym music. I show up today and the music is BLARING. So loud that I cant turn my music loud enough to drown their horrible music out. I turn my iPhone volume on MAX to lessen the demotivating effect of their sonic spam but I still hear it loud and clear. Not only that, my ears hurt from the high decibel racket but I just cant deal with their music which is about as energizing as a lullaby.

Then I look around and see everyone feels the same way I do! What ESP powers do I have that I can tell this so easily when it has escaped the gym owner? 75% of the members have in ear buds! Its not rocket science here, 3/4 of the members either hate the gym music or would just rather just listen to their own- so let us listen in peace!!!

Attention gym managers: If more than half your members have in ear buds, PLEASE consider turning the music down … or off!

Ya know, back in the 70’s before the first cassette tape walkman came out, there was no way to have a portable music player. It made a lot of sense back then for gyms to play music as usually some music is better than none. The thing is that now virtually everyone in America has a phone that stores their entire music collection. Gyms have not adapted to the new technology – we dont need, or want, your gym music blaring at us!!!

The other problem is the way music is chosen. Some gyms are chains and music is chosen from headquarters, thousands of miles away. These corporations often choose musak-music that no-one likes but annoys everyone equally – fair is fare :) The other variety is the locally operated gym where the owner or staff put on the music that THEY want to listen to. Either case, same result – music that about 5% of the members like and 95% of the members hate. I have never been to a gym where members were allowed to vote for the type of music nor have I been to a gym that published a schedule of what type of music was played at various times during the day.

Let us choose music or turn it down/off, PLEASE!

Do any gym owners care?

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  1. Thing is, the owners are probably old and out of touch, they just assume electronica is hip because it’s new to them. It’s okay, I tend to listen to loud punk and it blocks it out quite nicely.

  2. I’m less pissed off by the music than the fact that no one, neither members nor staff, bother to rerack the weights. Every time I go to the squat or deadlift plate machines (since I don’t have a spotter, I use these) I have to remove at least six 45-pound weights. Either that or the weights I’m looking for are strewn out all over the floor.

  3. I have to admit I’ve never been to a commercial gym. I used to pass them when on my way to Judo / Jiu Jitsu or Krav Maga and always thought them a bit sad. Neon lit inquistition chambers. The only thing missing were The Undertaker and Kane!
    I did (and do) go to gyms at barracks. We get to change the music when we want to, adapt the volume when some squaddie starts playing techno at 110% or just switch it off and actualy concentrate… With us most people either bring headphones or someone to talk to (or yell at them to get another rep in :-))

    What kind of music do you think works? I usually play metal or house because of the rythm. Same music when running, basically. (I get angry at those squaddies, but their music does work…)

  4. One thing I would like to add with respect to earbuds is that there are certain things you need to hear in a gym. You need to hear your fellow gym members politely asking you to step away from the dumbbell rack so they can grab a set. You need to hear how loud you are slamming the stacks on machines. You might also want to hear that guy who tried to bench without a spotter asking for help! I get earbuds, but I’d rather not sacrifice one of my senses – you need all of them, all of the time. Of course this doesn’t necessarily apply to those that use them at a reasonable volume…those rare few!

  5. lol at my gym they play music from new movies n the old ones too but
    the same music everyday
    Example: suppose a new movie is up so these gym guys will play the music of that newly released movie for at least 2-3 months, the same stuff is repeated
    The music they play doesn’t make any sense like they mostly play romantic music and romance has no place at gym

  6. I’ve spent MANY years in many gyms, most hardcore. I have two(2) thoughts on this:

    1. Music for me and most people is a crutch. I do not allow crutches to get in the way of my mental and physical process of bettering myself by training. I almost never hear
    the gym music, I block it out. And I don’t tie anything to my ears. I would end up
    like the many others who constantly fidget with the device, changing songs, volume, blah! All that takes too much of ME, won’t allow that. I have a great deal more to say on crutches, music is just one of them.

    2. On the VERY rare occasion I’ve been BLASTED by the music, on the way to find gym management I gesture to others in the gym and get their immediate impression. Then I tell mgt that I and others would appreciate them lowering the volume (always politely!). I have never been told no, or not had the music lowered immediately with that.

  7. When the “music” is too loud at the
    gym, plug your ears and go immediately to the managers or whoever is on duty
    and demand that they turn it off or down, or you will demand your money back
    and won’t come back. Don’t tolerate their unilateral, forceful, arbitrary, and
    unjustified imposition of loud damaging noise on your eardrums for even a few
    seconds. If the managers etc. are not there, take matters into your own hands
    and go and turn the music down or off. (I have actually done this myself). If
    they won’t agree with you and want to keep the music cranked up, it may be
    worth exploring taking legal action against them. Or try to start your own gym
    where there is no music played on the sound system, or the members come to some
    agreement as to what music and what volume should be allowed. If you have to
    train at a particular gym to meet your goals, and the music is too loud, you
    might want to get ear plugs specifically for the safety of your ears. (Regular
    ear buds and headphones will not suffice to protect your ears). If all else
    fails, workout at home.

    The “music” that is often played in gyms is so loud that it can cause
    permanent damage to your ears. Then this problem is made even worse when people
    try to drown out the gym music by turning up their portable listening devices
    with ear buds, which at high volume causes even more damage to the ears of the
    user. We don’t go to a gym to damage our health. There should either be no
    music played aloud in the gym, or else played very quietly in the background,
    so that it is not intrusive. If people want music, they can get or borrow
    personal listening devices.

    As for the aesthetics, the “music” typically played loudly at gyms is
    usually the most obnoxious, noxious, toxic, and idiotic available. I would love
    to see a poll done on whether people who go to gyms like, or hate, the music
    that is usually played there. My bet is that the majority hate it, but they
    just put up with it due to conformity and fear.

    There are a few other reasons I can think of at the moment as to why there
    should be no music played loud in the gym. One is that if someone has an
    accident, gets injured, hurt, or stuck (imagine someone without a spotter
    getting stuck during a heavy bench press), you won’t be able to hear them yell
    for help. Another is that the music, especially music that is either too loud
    or has lyrics (or both), is highly distracting, whereas it is very important to
    maintain concentration during workouts. (Some people might argue that the music
    helps them and inspires them, but I would point out that this is probably only
    true if it’s music they like, especially music they’ve specifically chosen–and
    for most gym users that’s hardly ever true of the music played out over the gym
    sound system). Yet another reason is that the loud music makes communication
    between people much more difficult, and that includes both practical
    communication (e.g., asking someone about a piece of equipment or discussing
    proper technique), and social communication (e.g., at the end of a workout,
    meeting new people, making new friends, which is one of the main reasons people
    go to a gym instead of working out at home).

  8. I used to use a gym which had a speaker directly above the free weights area, so no matter how loud my music was, I could always hear the thumping beat from the gym stereo over my own. I’ve changed gyms since, and while the music is still incredibly loud, the speakers are spread out and not directly over one area / piece of equipment, so I can drown out their music with my speakers at about 2/3rds of the maximum volume.

    I hear you loud and clear on this one, Scoob. ;)

  9. The rec center weight room at my university had both a suggestion box for voting on genres of music, then posted a schedule of different genres based on the schedules/questionairs the members filled out. Forward thinking at the time!

  10. hey scooby. i used to have a membership at a fitness chain in Canada called “Premier Fitness” just google the name and read the horrible testimonies of all the members they stole money from (I can’t do it justice in a few sentences)

    the location that I was a member was closed down for 3 years (yes 1,075 days) because of mold growth in the wall. there’s been a “Re-Opening soon” sign on their door since June 2010

  11. The last gym i went too, the CD player was out in the open and anyone could play their own mix Cd’s. Naturally those people that played rubbish were giving some friendly joshing until a form of gym etiquette was established and everyone had a good idea what was acceptable to everyone else.

  12. i cant get inspiration, concentrated or be motivated when Lady gaga or some hip-hop think is turned on at 10000 dB, im from tacoland and mostly the gyms have just a crapload of “reggaeton” that so called music (garbage) which makes me feel dizzy, sick so i rather stay at home with my rocky soundtrack or some heavy metal and french house than payin to get my ears and mind tortured. 1+ to the classical music comment.

  13. Let me ask you…if you went to a restaurant that served up crappy food, would you keep returning, and hope the food got better, or would you stop going to that restaurant?

    I think we all know the answer to the question…You would stop going to the restaurant.

    As long as gym members and occasional guests still continue to go to the gym, fully knowing the music is far too loud, then nothing will change. Your attendance and continued support of the errant gym is the reason the music continues to blast your ear drums and interrupt your workout.

    You have three (3) reasonable choices:
    1: Put up with the music and stop your complaining.
    2: Bring the problem to the attention of the manager. It is not enough to hope he/she sees the ear plugs and somehow gets the message. He/she is not a mind reader.
    3: Stop going to that gym. The loss of membership and dollars will force him/her to act or go out of business.

    C’mon guys, this is not rocket science. Instead of complaining in forums like this which do nothing to address the issue, bring the problem to the attention of those that have the ability to do something about the problem.

    1. They never get it though. The gyms just go broke, then someone else buys it and repeat. I’ve complained but have been labelled a whinger, most just cancel their membership instead of saying anything.

    2. gyms aren’t dumb. they make sure your going to pay them money whether you go or not. thats why most of the big ones make you pay up front for a whole year, or lock you into a contract for 24 bi-weekly payments or something

  14. I used to do personal training at one gym and the speakers were crappy and tinny. I complained to the manager who said I was trying to ruin the atmosphere by switching the music OFF, I just wanted it DOWN enough so I could converse with the client. The problem is with the small speakers is that they’re all heavy on the mid range frequencies which is where our vocal range is and they looked at me like I had two heads when explaining this aspect of it.

  15. That’s not the only thing, there is the people who drop the bars to make everybody pay attention to what he is doing, the people who talk screaming, lot of bad stuff.. I love the fact of go to a place where there’s a lot of god machines to use, but that kind of things are so damns anoying..

  16. Every single gym I’ve been in eventually has this problem, some young kid gets access to the PA system and think their music taste is the coolest and inflicts it on everyone else like they’re doing them a favour. I invested in noise cancelling headphones and it still wasnt enough to get over the top. They’d soon whine if I dragged in big speakers and played metal over the top of their crappy dance music.

  17. The only place I wish there was music at the gym is the pool. Ironically that is the only room in the gym without music. Instead i just get to hear the loud buzzing of the lights.

  18. A lot of the managers don’t even visit their gyms these days. They pay out the cash and hire somebody else to ‘manage’ for them. Chain gyms have weird contracts where they get paid to play the latest dance hits, and that’s all they care about really.

    Personally I’d rather hear some rock or metal in the gym than gangnam style followed by a gangnam style mashupl.

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