Hydroxycut and Jack3D lawsuits, safe supplements?

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is hydroxycut safe?

Dozens of people sustained severe liver damage and one person died from a bad batch of Hydroxycut then they have the audacity to label their product as “safe and effective”!  In another case of our government actually doing the right thing, In November 2012, Hydroxycut agreed to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) $25.3 million dollar fine and from what I understand will remove “safe and effective” from its label.

Jack3D is in the news again for  the death of Michael Sparling.  USPlabs and GNC are both being sued by Sparling’s parents for the death caused by dimethylamylamine (DMAA) in the Jack3D he bought at a local GNC store.  Both Jack3D and OxyElite have DMAA as active ingredients.

Are your supplements safe?  How do you know?  Have they even satisfied even the most minimal batch testing to make sure that they are free of toxic heavy metals? No.  How many people will have to be hurt before the supplement industry self-regulates or the FDA steps in?  Bodybuilding.com’s $7 million fine didnt seem to change their attitudes toward supplement safety or batch testing any.

What can you do?  Start demanding tested supplements!  Im not talking about the lengthy testing that the FDA does on drugs but just a cursory batch test for toxic impurities.  This would cost the manufacturers just a few cents a bottle and could go a long way toward supplement safety.  Whereever you buy supplements, ask them for the test results.


Is Jack3D safe?



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  1. i am 43 years old and have been into fitness for almost 30 years. i have a dear friend that I grew up with that is also still into fitness. he does crosfit and bought some jack 3d to help give him an edge at the gym and let me tell you this stuff nearly killed him! he fainted at the gym and had a brain hemmorage and was in the hospital for a long time recovering. it is a miracle that he even lived as the doctors did not expect him to at first. please ban this product!!!!

  2. i used to take Nitric Oxide supplements, then one night some dude called into the Dr. Drew show and asked him about nitric oxide as a bodybuilding supplement, he did everything short of laugh in the guy’s face about how ridiculous some of these supplements are. one doctor is enough doctors for me to tell me something isn’t effective

  3. I have been taking the Jack; just finished the bottle actually before I jumped on your page to see your posting on it. I think I will just stick with no-doze/ stay awake pills for my boost. Thanks for the info.

  4. Here in Canada, the ministry of health pulled the original Hydroxycut, a few years back, due to the ephedrine content. A lot of people were using it as a cheap source of speed. Like you, I’m skeptical of the “safe and effective” marketing campaign behind their new products, but, in all fairness, I haven’t looked at their revamped ingredients list as I would never give my money to a company that passed off a cheap amphetamine as a designer weight loss supplement.

  5. Hey, Scooby. I took JACK3D until one day I had a very adverse reaction. My vision blurred, my words weren’t making any sense, i had rapid heart palpitations and I couldn’t breathe. I tell you what that was very scary and I made sure I threw that away. Worst purchase ever!

  6. People need to be educated that the fitness industry is a billion dollar business that preys on insecurities. “You have a problem, we have a solution.” These companies are run by corrupt snake oil salesmen. The American greed gets everyone.

  7. Scooby, I asked my protein shop about heavy metal testing, here is their answer, I am not sure what I can make out of it:

    “Thank you for your email.

    I can confirm that all our proteins go through heavy metal testing. We cannot provide you with information for the test as this will disclose information of suppliers etc, which we are not able to provide. However if you advise which product you are interested in then I can provide you with the amounts and levels.

    If you have any further queries do not hesitate to contact us.”

  8. Great article Scoob, making people very aware of bogus supplements .
    Really sad about Michael Sparling.
    Sometimes I can’t help and wonder that some people make really bad judgements including taking anything to extremes like drinking too much water resulting in death.

  9. This was a serious wake up call for me. I actually used Hydroxycut in the past as a quick and dirty solution. It didn’t fix the problem, which was my habits. Thank goodness I don’t use it anymore, and I absolutely agree there should be a 3rd party that does batch tests on impurities.

  10. Here we go again.

    First let us look at Scooby’s comment “How many people will have to be hurt before the supplement industry self-regulates or the FDA steps in?”

    Rather than expecting the supplement industry to self regulate, or the FDA to step in and regulate, it is time the need for supplements was questioned.

    Scooby, you are trying to promote natural bodybuilding, and along with that you are promoting the benefits of eating natural, nutritious food. That being the case, why is it that you do not address the whole issue of taking supplements in the first place?

    Just take a look at your “success stories” and you will see the vast majority of them are young teenage boys and those who are under the age of 25. From my own experience, by talking to young people, and reading the testimonies of those that you have listed, it is quite clear the goal is body image and not a desire to be healthy. Of course health is a factor, however, it is not the primary motivation.

    There is absolutely no need for a young person to be on supplements. The money these young people spend on supplements could just as easily be spent on natural, unprocessed, organic foods that would go a long way to promoting health, and giving them the building blocks they require to provide the energy they need to work out, and increase their body mass in a totally natural way.

    It is not a matter of having the supplements tested or regulated. It is a matter of speaking up against them and encouraging people to be totally natural. You will not have everyone agree or support you, however, the way you currently present yourself you appear to have a foot in each camp.

    Teenagers and young men (also girls/ young women) do not need supplements period. It is time to change the message.

    1. I do totally agree with what you said, but sadly, as it seems, a mindset like this is a rarity nowadays. Everything has to be done fast and easy, putting work and effort into things is not really required anymore. Talking from my personal experience at college (being a member of the calculator and smartphone generation) this problem is more general than just in fitness. Why should I memorise some of these complicated formulas, I can look them up if needed, why should I calculate in my head rather then just typing 1+3 into my pocket calculator? Because it is good for your mental health! Now, I know I am reaching really far here, but, to put it short, what I want to say is: “Why should I do things in my head if my computer can do them?”, “Why should I build something myself if I could just buy it?”, “why should I put a lot of work into my workouts if I could just boost my gains by taking supplements?” all these examples are within the same (problematic) mindset.

      1. i just read your comment and i don’t agree with ur thoughts on it being the fast and easy way. the problem is the competition that today’s young athletes face. Every one is on something, everyone wants the edge, so what are you going to do?? that’s right drink up

    2. No, not here we go again.

      Scooby already promotes safe and natural body building. No where does he recommend the need for supplementation with these products. He specifically states that people need to accept body building as a life long journey and not short trip to a final destination.

      What he recognizes though, is that people will continue to purchase and use these products regardless of his anti-supplement message. So rather than leaving it at that, he writes articles like this to be informative and hopefully convince people away from the idea of using dangerous supplements in the first place.

      That doesn’t mean he has a foot in each camp in my opinion. But more so that he knows he has to work with the world in which he lives in. A world that will do what it wants, but given his way, will at least be able to do it safe and regulated manner.

      1. Once again you make a comment without doing your research.

        Take the time to read through ALL of Scooby’s Blurbs and you will read that he does indeed recommend taking supplements.

        In addition, he admits to taking supplements on his videos.

        Scooby is 50+ years of age. His taking of supplements may be appropriate, and I say maybe, for a person of his age, however, he needs to make it perfectly clear that a young teenager has no need to take supplements.

        If you are going to make a comment, do so with facts and not with some unrealistic and immature hero-worship.

        Now I suppose, I can expect another emotional response from you, devoid of facts.

          1. Scooby is free to promote any and all supplements he chooses. My comments are in response to those who would argue and say he does not take or promote supplements, when quite clearly he does, and says so himself in several places including a documented video recording.

            I can understand how you consider caffeine the only real supplement Scooby promotes, however, you are disagreeing with Scooby as he says, clearly and unambiguously, “Important Disclosure: I get a small referral fee from Amazon if you purchase the three supplements I recommend”

            It really cannot be any clearer than that…Can it?

            I will reiterate, Scooby has every right to take supplements, and to promote them if he so wishes.

      2. cancervive you are wasting your time responding to this dude. i have seen him before and he is an argumentative @@@hole. i don’t always agree with what you say either but at least you put forward sensible and well thought out posts. this blackblonde dude is an idiot.

    3. cancervive seems you have are the one who has a foot in each camp. Eat a Scooby poo bar relax and stop coming at my man Scooby. I’m a teenager and I don’t use supplements mainly because of everything on his site that promotes healthy natural nutrition. By the way lifting weights and doing cardio go hand and hand with body image and health. I see why he hasn’t commented on this nonsense. You’re probably just a fat man behind a computer.

      1. Hello Erik,

        I would encourage you to continue with your weight lifting and cardio as they will promote strength and endurance.

        The advice Scooby gives with regard to home fitness and bodybuilding workouts is second to none.

        1. Calling me immature when you’re just as bad brother for what your saying.- ” You will simply need to wait for another 4-5 years and hope that your IQ was incorrectly graded. In the meanwhile, pay attention to your teachers at school. You can be confident that they are specially trained to educate those, like yourself, who have special needs”-

          I took jacked3d two years ago and I’ve only been on the website for a few months. Second if you really read into his website like you say you do you’ll see he DOESN’T support supplements and recommends a healthy diet to gain muscle.

          I also graduated in the top 10% of a class of over 410 people and currently at a university working toward my doctorate in pharmacy. Since you seem to lack the common knowledge that means in the next “4-5” years I’ll be a licensed pharmacist or RPH :), while you’ll still be on here improving for sense of accomplishment by talking a big game to everyone since clearly your mommy and daddy didn’t give you enough praise while your were a child.

          1. In your comment you say, and I quote:
            “…. if you really read into his website like you say you do you’ll see he
            DOESN’T support supplements and recommends a healthy diet to gain muscle.”

            Let’s see if you continue to hold on to the same illogical and mistaken beliefs once the truth is presented to you in a form that is irrefutable.

            Scroll to the top of this page,and to the left you will see the Categories.

            Select Supplements.
            Now select the sub-category: Supplements and Steroids.
            Next read through the entire text until you come to the place where Scooby has written the following Three (3) texts:

            (1) “Here are three foods/supplements that I strongly believe every bodybuilder over the age of 18 should be using:”
            (2) “Let me share with you my own personal experience with supplements. After years of not using any supplement other than protein powder”
            (3) “Important Disclosure: I get a small referral fee from Amazon if you purchase the three supplements I recommend.”

            Now return to the main menu under Categories.
            This time select the sub-category: Caffeine and Coffee
            Next read through the entire text until you come to the place where Scooby has written the following two (2) texts:

            (1) “Caffeine is a cheap and effective supplement for bodybuilders and endurance athletes alike.”
            (2) “So the bottom line? In my opinion, caffeine is an awesome supplement for endurance sports as well as bodybuilding despite the mixed findings of the research.”

            Now, click on the video. (the one with the cup of coffee resting on Scooby’s flexed bicep.)

            Within the first eleven (11) seconds you will hear Scooby say the following words:

            “In this video we are going to talk about my number one favorite supplement, caffeine. Caffeine is a cheap and effective supplement for body builders and endurance athletes alike.”

            From these texts and the video.
            !. Scooby writes that he STRONGLY recommends every bodybuilder over the age of 18 should be taking supplements.
            2. Scooby writes that for years he has been taking a protein supplement.
            3. Scooby gets a referral fee from Amazon for the supplements he recommends.
            4. Scooby says in his own words that caffeine is his number one favourite supplement.

            Lets make something perfectly clear. These are Scooby’s words not mine. If you wish to continue with your claim that Scooby does not recommend and/or take supplements then that is your prerogative, but your words are incongruous when compared to the available body of evidence to the contrary.

            Not only does Scooby take supplements himself, he also strongly recommends other take them, and in addition, he gets a financial kickback for recommending them.

            Now I will refer you back to my original post. Scooby is 50+ years old and has every right to take supplements. He has the maturity and wisdom, and the experience to make a well reasoned decision as to what supplements he takes. Young people, especially young teenagers do not have the same mental and/or emotional maturity to make that same reasoned approach, and it is unreasonable to expect them to do so.. This is what those that market these harmful, untested supplements are relying on. They are catering to the mentality that demands instant results and one that seeks shortcuts regardless of the potential damage to their body.

          2. Upon reading your comment about me being just as bad as you, I would have to agree with you. Just because you told me to eat a poo (excrement/faeces) bar, and said I was probably just a fat man behind a computer was no excuse to insult you. Even though your excrement/faeces comment was disgusting, and the “fat man behind the computer” comment’s intent was to offend, I should not have lowered my standards to respond and should, instead, have let them pass without comment. As such, I have removed the offending comments I made..

          3. Now this comment of yours I can have a lot of fun with. Graduating in the top 10% isn’t that clever. Had you said the top 2% then you have something to be proud of, but the top 10%, who gives a damn? You say you are working towards your doctorate in pharmacy, and then make the false assumption that means, in the next “4-5” years you’ll be a licensed pharmacist or RPH. It means nothing of the sort. Working towards your doctorate means you are studying, and with four or five more years of study, you have to pass each year’s exams. There is no guarantee you will pass the exams. Even once you have passed your exams that does not mean you are a pharmacist. It does mean you have an academic qualification that is recognized by the relevant Board that approves registration of those with the required academic qualifications. They would need to check your criminal history, at that time, not your current status, and then, if they deem you an appropriate applicant, they will issue you with the required License to practice pharmacy. Once the License has been issued you are still not a Pharmacist, but you are qualified and Licensed to be one. A pharmacist is a person who practices pharmacy, and not one who simply holds a license to do so. Before you argue with me, and suggest I do not know what I am talking about, I have the required qualifications, I am fully licensed and accredited, and I do work as a practicing Pharmacist and have done so for the past eleven years.

      2. Easy to see why you have suddenly disappeared, as cancervive blitzed your claims and made you look rather foolish. He has given proof in his reply to your comment that you were totally wrong. Now man up and admit it, or are you one of those who hides in the anonymity of the internet, making your false claims, and then ducking for cover when you are proven to be wrong?

  11. Is supplementation with these sorts of products really necessary? When you weight up the health risks and the costs? Personally, fitness to me is a journey to be enjoyed without short cuts or quick fixes that these supplements claim to offer. Natural body building influences many factors in our lives and I can’t help but feel many of these new age body building supplements/techniques take away that from a person

  12. Hi Scooby, I’m 30lb overweight & i’m trying to eat healthy and get fit this year, And i personally trust u more than anyone ON the internet (:




  13. Well, adressing those of you saying that everything can be deadly in the wrong dose, you certainly do have a point, (destilled) water and salt are the best examples for that, but, comparing these two with chemical substances that haven’t been tested sufficently on humans is a bit pointless, because side effects don’t necessarily show up in everyone … but can you be sure that you are one of those that won’t have to deal with them? That said, DMAA is illegal in the EU and Switzerland due to the chance of it being strongly related to some very serious health problems. Another, or in my opinion the more (most?) important point that Scooby has been stressing in almost all of his videos and blogpost, is to what extend these substances are polluted by chemical toxins, heavy metals, byproducts, etc., you can, unless they have been tested all the way, never be sure whether or not you just gulped down a pill that will make you stronger, bigger, faster or one that will put you into hospital for the next months to years or even worse. That is a way too big risk in my book!

  14. Do you happen to know what caused the injuries/death? Was it excess consumption, allergic reaction, a bad batch, dangers in the compounds?

    What happened to Michael Sparling is a tragedy, but if he was abusing the product or had a simple allergic reaction, then it’s hard for me to fault the manufacturer.

    1. You have a valid point DD, but I think the main thing to take out of this is that this dude Scooby is freakin jacked without needing jack3d. So, getting healthy and fit without it is a better route to take. Having said that, I do use jack3d, but only on max out days…

    2. There are literally centuries of safety data on coffee, where can I find that for DMAA? How SURE are you that it is as safe as caffeine and what are you basing that on?

  15. we don’t need more regulation, capitalism takes care of it for us, the companies who make these products will get sued etc and they will start acting straight and “self regulate” as you said.

    1. Well … as it seems capitalism doesn’t, because so far every fine Scooby covered on his blog were not related to private lawsuits, but rather governmental institutions fining these companies …

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