Live class today on teen bodybuilding issues – Feb 25, 7:00pm Eastern

Live class today on teen bodybuilding issues – Feb 25, 7:00pm Eastern

This broadcast will be all about teen bodybuilding. I will give a 20 minute presentation then answer YOUR questions live! You can ask me questions about teen bodybuilding face to face using video-skype during this broadcast, or you can ask via text comments on YouTube. Details how to video-Skype me your questions will be given during when I am done with the presentation and am ready to take questions.

We will talk about:
– puberty and how that relates to when you can start gaining muscle
– teen bodybuilding nutrition
– what kind of workouts are best for teens
– can teens get huge?
– teen problems: acne, man-boobs, etc

11 thoughts on “Live class today on teen bodybuilding issues – Feb 25, 7:00pm Eastern”

  1. i am 19 years old and 125 lbs i want to get a good heavy build i work 10hrs a day 5 days a week and not much time to workout i want to work on building up my chest before i get back to my abs but my elbows make a popping sound every push-up and it hurts wut els can i do for a chest workout and how can i get fit with little time each day to do so

    1. Do you use push up stands? Have you tried them in different positions, angles etc? Are you bending your elbows more than 90 degrees? If you still have problems with push ups go and get a check up from your doctor and ask him if you have any medical conditions that should prevent you from doing push ups. If for any reason he tells you that you cannot do push ups, which are a great composite exercise, look at doing more isolated chest exercises such as dumbell press and dumbell flys.

  2. Hello Scooby i know you are good on that so i ask you for your help,I wanted to contact you but i dont know how i posted smthing on the forum but i got not your answer so pls help.I want some addvice from y

  3. Scooby at the middle of the video you saw a
    youtube comment question saying ”should teens
    take whey protein” you said that was a good
    question but your answer was interrupted´╗┐ by the
    skype call. So I ask you again, as a teen should we
    consider taking whey protein, are there serious
    side effects? Thanks for answering.

    1. Not that you asked for it but in my opinion whey protein “Its just milk”, They take milk remove casein, remove fats and lipids, remove many of the sugars (lactose). Since all those things are removed (sometimes referred to as “refined” or “processed”), whey by itself doesn’t make for a balanced diet, which is why I think its usually classified as a “supplement” rather than anything else. However I don’t see why whey protein used as part of a balanced diet should have any side effects (unless you happen to be lactose intolerant). Whether teens need to take whey protein or any other supplement is a different issue. If you can get your daily protein needs from lean meats, eggs, legumes, pulses etc. you may as well eat those since they taste better and have other beneficial nutrients.

  4. I really like that you are adding all these teen workout sections to the website even though they are not relevant to me. One area I feel would be relevant to teens and also beginners is a section in ‘Workout Basics’ about log books, or just keeping a record of your progress.

    I know that this is probably common sense and maybe most people would just google “Training Log Book” and read about it. But I must admit that when I started out I was lazy when it came to logging the amount of weight lifted and how many sets/reps completed. I think its fair to say that that logging things can be an invaluable tool, and something that deserves a bit of promotion on the site. If I had known from the start how important it was I may have started logging from the start.

    What would be good is to see an article covering the basics. i.e. What to log, how much detail to include, things that might not be worth logging. A basic pro-former of a workout log would be good. Perhaps there is a great smartphone App that you could recommend? How should I use the log the next time I work out, for example I should definitely not sacrifice form because my log book tells me I need to do 9 reps because last week I did 8. Should I be looking for trends? or should I only pay attention to the past few workouts?

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