Whats the funniest gym attire you have seen?

Gym attire that makes you laugh or shake your head in amazement or disgust?  Mirrored or dark sunglasses while working out?  Shorts that are just too short?  Caked on makeup?  Colors that hurt your eyes?  Sweat suits?  Fashions that should have stayed in the closet?

funny gym attire

Today I found the above attire at the gym.  Ya know that I like training shirtless (and shoeless) more than most people but I do it at home, not at the gym.  If you look carefully you can see the strings from this “string tank top”.  Its been heavily modified though being completely  bare on the back and in the front, the material only comes up to the top of the belly button.  Its like a 3″ hoop of fabric held at belt level by two string suspenders.   As you can tell from the picture he is older, maybe late 40’s, bald head,  beer belly, but he is pretty strong for someone in midlife.   Not that its OK for hot young models of either gender to dress like this at a gym either but I’m pretty sure nobody wants to see this.  I’ll say this, he certainly doesn’t suffer from low self-esteem.   I have to wonder what goes thru his mind when he puts this “shirt” on.

Whats the funniest gym attire you have seen?

If you have pictures you personally have taken (not found on the internet) please send them to me and I will add them here!  Send to admin @ scoobysworkshop . com

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  1. I swim 5 days a week and it always makes me laugh when I see a woman in the pool with makeup on. As a woman, I understand the desire to wear makeup..but not in the pool. As an aside, nothing makes me want to vomit more than a individual who wears perfume/cologne in the pool…yuck!! I just found your site, and I love the information you have available. In the past year and half I have lost a bit over 100lbs via diet and exercise (cardio/circuit training), I. T have a little bit more left to loose and have hit a wall. I recently added more weight training and I am taking a look at my diet. Thanks for making all of this information available! :)

  2. Guys that extend their neck while doing excercises thinking “i did a full range of motion” on chin ups pull ups ive even seen it on incline bench press its so funny (sorry for my english)

  3. There is a woman at my gym who wears the really really short jogging shorts with the slits up the side. :-/ It doesn’t appear that she wears underwear either. I hate it when she uses the treadmill in front on me because I REALLY don’t want to look at that. lol! I do not think she realizes how bad she looks.

  4. You guessed the funniest I’ve seen Scooby, There’s this dude who walks around in a pair of shiny expensive Chrome-Looking sunglasses at my gym. Dude looks clueless and I always see him hanging around the bench press

  5. hi I used to work at a gym for 7-8 years and believe me I have seen the most crazyiesst stuff in the gym of people wearing gym attire etc. The makeup part is funny. I have seen woman wearing caking of makeup so much so it starts smudging off with there sweat!! The one thing that I remember that really is odd to me and i can only imagine very uncomfortable. Was there was this man who would come in with all his work clothes on and just do cardio on an elliptical machine for at least an hour talk about uncomfortable!! Also what is up with people wearing jeans squatting and or leg press that, I am sorry must hurt like hell and be uncomfortable. But
    yeah pretty much what everyone has said they have seen at the gym I have seen as well.

  6. Three days ago, at the Hillsboro, OR, 24 Hr Fitness Gym, there was a middle-eastern-looking middle-aged guy wearing a business suit while working out on an elliptical machine. His facial expression was matching the suit, and he looked he was in a meeting… I couldn’t NOT stare!

  7. Not exactly attire, but really large DJ style headphones. Earbuds, I can buy that, but giant Beats Audio headphones? That, and medical students that wear their scrubs and hospital shoes. Either they are coming from the hospital or going back, both equally unsanitary. Get a gym bag and take a shower!

  8. Probably the silliest thing I remember were those Zubaz pants. And to be fair, yes, I owned a pair of purple and gold zebra striped ones. LOL But, I can remember an article in a magazine that irked me. That ridiculed people who wore stuff like that (and I admit it looked bad) but at the same time this article was basically giving you fashion tips about going to the gym with the right clothes to wear, right shoes, even styling your hair. Personally, I don’t go to the gym to pick up women, or make myself look pretty, I go to work out so I try to go with something functional. Article just bugged me for some reason.

  9. I’ve seen this regular in my old gym always walking in with a soaking wet T-shirt like he just won a wet T-shirt contest. The guy probably runs to the gym, nonetheless, he leaves a puddle of sweat on all the equipment he uses. Disgusting..

  10. once a guy took off his shirt and then did a downward benchpress (shoulders lower than waist). He said this was the only way he could do it without sliding off the bench, because his sweaty back had a better grip.. awesome.

    also, I constantly meet this one guy at my gym who is really fat (huge boobs and a saggy belly) but still finds it necessary to wear a lifting belt which kind of divides his round physique into two parts and makes him look like the michelin man..

    1. Ooooh, that hurts just to think about! Yes, I forgot about that “weight-belt fashion”, you know the type, cinching up the belt tight before doing curls in the squat rack :)

    2. yea i gotta agree with the weight belt. 9/10 people i see sporting them are wearing them while doing non back intensive lifts or very little weight. Once saw a guy cinch it up to do machine lateral raises. Apparently no one told most of these people that the belts are meant for heavy back squats and deadlifts mostly. My worst so far though was yesterday morning, saw a completely thugged out guy (bling bling, sideways cap, baggy jeans and all) waltz in and take control of the power rack… Then around set two of backsquats, he straightened up pushing around 135 and boom down fall the jeans leaving nothing but tighty whiteys to view. Then, next thing you would have it, guy starts front squats, catches his chain on the bar when racking it and blinged out fake gold links go flying everywhere.

    1. Yes, obvious cleavage displays I find odd but I guess no more odd than the picture I took for this post. I have to say though, the thing I find most odd is women who wear makeup to the gym. If there is anyplace its ok to be without makeup, its the gym. Many women are just as serious, or more serious, than their male counterparts and having to worry about smudging makeup is a needless distraction.

      1. I would frequently see women wearing make-up in the weight room when I was in graduate school. This was nothing, however, compared to the women who swam laps with make-up. They used to leave an “oil slick” on the water’s surface. It must have driven the pool maintenance people nuts.

      1. Pro cyclists, at the top of a mountain climb before a descent, traditionally put newspapers under their jerseys to protect from chill. Their bodies are sweaty and producing more sweat after several hours climbing the peak, and a fast but 15-30 minute descent means effective wind speeds of 50+ mph without much opportunity to keep the heart rate up.

        Why you would do this in a hot gym with no air is beyond me!

  11. I’ve taken a Karate class this semester at the university. I wear loose fitting clothes, work-out shorts, and of course we’re all shoe and sockless. There’s this one fellow though, slightly taller than me, but skinny as a pencil. He’s a Geology major (I’m Bio), and seems quite smart. But he wears, basically, the Steve Erkil outfit. The buttoned up, immaculate ironed shirt. He wears pants like an old man, regular pants, way up real high. When he kicks, it’s like he’s taking really long and slow steps. He’s always facing the wrong direction when we’re doing our movements. And I never, ever, see him sweating, even when I’m soaked. But, yet, he listens so intently to the Karate lecture, and seems to take it very seriously. It’s quite funny.

    1. I put that in the fat-suit category. There are still many misinformed people who think that heat can sweat away their fat. In truth, it just makes them uncomfortable and unable to give their workout 100% effort so its actually counterproductive.

      1. i love wearing sweaters and heavy clothes. when i do biking and incline walking. being drenched in sweat is an amazing feeling. maybe im alone in this? feel the same when its warm enough to jog outside (not often in Canada) however i do this at home not the gym and have good equipment. im not leaving the gym equipment all soaked for the next user to get staph infection

  12. Lycra at the gym either confuses or amuses me. There are 2 guys at my gym who wear it, one guy who is in shape and usually always doing cardio, he confuses me. Afaik Lycra is good for reducing wind/air resistance which is good when you compete but I thought when you worked out you wanted to make it harder for yourself, not to mention that it wont to squat when you’re running on a treadmill anyway! Then the other guy is amusing because he is somewhat out of shape. Skinny legs and big-ish arms and a huge belly, I mean he looks pregnant. I don’t want to put the guy down or anything but showing it off with Lycra just doesn’t do him any favours,

    1. Excellent one! Tight lycra on clinically obese people does NOT look good! A loose fitting cotton t-shirt is not only more comfortable but looks better too while you are working off the pounds.

    2. Perhaps he cares more about not getting chafed than he does about his appearance.

      I have to confess I wore wrestling singlets (with a loose fitting T-Shirt on top) while working out (I’d only stretch and then use an elliptical trainer, followed by more stretching sometimes) largely because my shorts would fall down if I wore the larger size or they’d chafe badly and ride up my butt if I wore the smaller size. I just couldn’t win. I had three choices and all of them were bad.

      I bought the first one when I worked out with a personal trainer in a private studio, then for a while I was using them at the gym as well.

      In the end I just gave up. Weight loss is for other people.

  13. Has anyone else seen women working out in skirts/skorts recently? There are a couple of women at the gym I work at who use the elliptical for an hour bouncing up and down in these flouncy or pleated skirts. I don’t think they all know each other. What’s wrong with pants?

  14. At least he put a towel on the equipment. So many of these shirtless wonders in my gym don’t do that and then don’t wipe the equipment down after meandering off to the next piece of equipment to infect.

        1. yeah, it’s probably a cultural thing.
          anyway, some people dont make excuses and just work out in whatever clothes they’re wearing, for instance if they dont have time to go home and get their gym clothes. this guy that scooby posted though…. he dressed like that especially for the gym. :p

    1. I admire their devotion! I have seen Keffiyeh being worn at the gym too. I sweat SO profusely that anything on the head would get drenched with sweat and something that couldnt come off would negatively impact my workout. Have seen Yamaka being worn at the gym too, not as hot but even more tough to wear – I’d keep knocking it off when toweling the sweat off my head.

      1. Just for posterity’s sake, it’s actually spelled, yarmulka, which is a shortened version of “Yarei Malkah”, which means, “Fear of the King”
        (and hair pins usually hold them in place. ;) )

  15. A possible explanation for the dark glasses could be to cope with a social anxiety disorder. I for one get very self conscious at times do to all the conflicting eye-lines and mirrors. Gyms are a hard place to be for the shy sometimes. Though, I imagine most people wering the sunglasses indoors are just assholes.

    1. I know there are quite a few reasons to wear them, including just having an eye exam, but the person I am thinking of was doing it because of the look they were trying to project.

    1. I give anyone over 60 free pass to be exempt from this exercise, the fact that they make it to the gym at all is awesome! :) A number of older folks just wear street clothes to the gym and thats fine, they dont workout intensely enough to sweat and a lot of time they lack the mobility to change into gym clothes safely in a locker room situation.

  16. Glove shoes (barefoot running shoes) are actually better for your legs if you cared to do proper research before being so dismissive of them based on their looks.

    1. The thing the logic of gym owners hysterical. Like my head, my feet sweat profusely causing all kinds of skin problems if I dont keep them dry which is why I often wear sandals. For years, gyms have told me that because of “safety” I could not wear open toed sandals. The funny thing is that these toed shoes are fine. How exactly is a 40 mil layer of rubber going to protect your feet against a 25 pound dumbbell being dropped on it??? LOL! If gyms were serious about safety they would require steel tip construction boots :)

        1. I agree – I used to squat and deadlift barefoot to get a better feeling of contact between the ground and my feet. I started the barefoot running a few years ago to help with some chronic knee pain which is now gone, and I just ported the shoes over to the weight training – I understand that they may look dorky to most, but don’t knock em till you try em – and still better than just socks to achieve the same thing – pew!

    1. haha im with you there. My favorite that i see way too much is the elderly types coming with their ironed khaki slacks and long sleeve button downs. It’s great that an older person still attempts at being active and fitter, but come on, the added fitness should allow you to change into shorts or some sweat pants. Last time i saw it was this past sunday and i didnt know whether the guy was just dressing like that for the gym, or if he came from church and started on the treadmill

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