Worlds healthiest, fastest, and cheapest meal!

This meal is healthier than what 95% of Americans had for lunch today and it only takes seconds to make!

worlds fastest, healthiest, and cheapest meal

This fast, tasty meal can be made in one minute and its healthy! Perfect for losing fat or gaining muscle. Worlds healthiest, fastest, and cheapest meal!  Under a buck for the complete meal.  It helps prevent cancer, its loaded with fiber, its packed with complex carbs, its free of pesticides, its free of bad fats and simple carbs and it helps you gain muscle as well as lose fat!  On top of that, its delicious!  But wait, there’s more – no shopping required!  This recipe uses canned products that you can keep in your pantry for months.  Sounds too good to be true?

Most people do not understand what a “healthy meal” is and those in bodybuilding just as guilty as sedentary folks.  I know you bodybuilders already think you know it all, and you do know about how to eat to maximize muscle gain, but that is only just one small part of what a healthy meal is.  Please read about what it takes to be a healthy meal.

I challenge you to find a healthier, faster, cheaper meal!

If you think your lunch today was healthier than this, why?  My guess is that if you think your lunch was healthier than mine, either you didn’t read the nutritional label or you don’t understand what it takes to be a healthy meal.  Have you read the list of ingredients of your lunch?  Do you know exactly what each of the ingredients is?  How do you know your lunch is healthy if you cant even pronounce the ingredients?

Here is my meal:

  • 97 cents
  • organic
  • 24g protein
  • 27g fiber
  • only 1g fat
  • 360 calories

Many of you have objections to me calling this meal healthy, lets dispel some of the myths:

  1. Canned food isn’t nearly as good as fresh.  Yes and no. If you buy your produce at a chain supermarket, there is a good chance that canned is healthier! To get produce into stores without it being squished and rotten, it needs to be picked weeks before it is ripe. Ripe fruit and vegetables are healthier than un-ripe. With canned foods, they are picked ripe and immediately canned to preserve their high quality. For those of you in the slow-food movement who think my recipe is appalling, please re-read the title of this page – “World’s healthiest, fastest, and cheapest meal”.
    Its awesome if you have the time to go to a farmers market every day where local farmers bring freshly picked produce and then have time to create home cooked meals. Yes, your home cooked meal from produce picked today is healthier than my meal BUT yours takes hours of work a day and its just not practical for 95% of us. Time is money and most of us are short on both. This recipe is a good tradeoff of health, taste, and convenience.
  2. Canned food has too much salt. Yes, you are correct – canned food has too much salt but so what? Salt is not a four letter word! Salt makes you retain water so if you are within 3 days of a photo shoot or a bodybuilding competition you want to drastically cut back on salt. To show off striations in muscles and show the delineation between various muscles in the body (aka definition) you want as little as possible between the muscle and the skin. Of course, fat under the skin is the worst enemy of definition but the hydration of the body also plays a role. Eating lots of salt makes you retain water which makes everything more puffy, including the layer under the skin and that puffiness hides the definition. Many people who do not understand how to weigh themselves accurately get the mistaken notion that salt makes them fat. Why? Because when they have something really salty their weight goes up by 5 pounds the next day. This weight increase is only water, not fat! There is actually no research I know of that shows that salt is bad for healthy individuals. So can everyone eat as much salt as they want? No, of course not! For people with congestive heart failure, too much salt can be deadly. For about 10% of people who have high blood pressure, reducing salt intake will lower their blood pressure – that means that for 90% of people who have high blood pressure, salt intake does not matter. Is this license to chow down salt? No! Moderation is the key. Get some no-salt seasonings you like and use them when you cook instead of the salt shaker. So in my view, the convenience, taste, fiber, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and low fat benefits of this meal overshadow the minor fact that it has more than the optimal amount of salt especially given the options. For most people who need a fast meal like this, the other options are far saltier, fattier, sugary, and unhealthy – vending machines, convenience stores, and fast food restaurants.
  3. Beans are not a complete protein. Correct, beans are not a complete protein, according to, beans have a protein quality of 103 where eggs have a protein quality of 145. Clearly eggs are a much better complete protein but before you go crucifying beans, remember that beef has a protein quality of 83. Black beans are even better than beef. Does that mean that just eating beans is heathy? Certainly not. There are certain essential amino acids that beans are deficient in which is why the protein quality is only 103 so you need to get those missing essential amino acids from some complementary form of protein. I’ve been dancing around the 900 pound gorilla in the room, the real question at hand is: Does every meal need to have complete proteins in it? Old school bodybuilders who cling to their 6 meals a day thing would say yes but they are in a minority these days. Most people would say that all that matters is that when your head hits the pillow, that everything totals up correctly – calories, your macros, vitamins, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, etc. The whole Leangains intermittent fasting movement is based upon the premise that frequent, small, well balance meals is a waste of time. Many people maintain that getting all your protein in one meal is just as good for muscle building as is getting that protein spread out in small doses over the day. Clearly then, in the intermittent fasting camp and believe that you don’t need frequent, small meals then it follows that each meal does not need to have complete proteins – all that matters is that all the essential amino acids for the day total up properly when your head hits the pillow. As you know, I am in the old-school camp and still believe in 5-6 small, well balanced meals but yet I still eat meals like this all the time, why? Because I alternate meals with incomplete proteins (like beans) with meals that have high quality protein like egg or whey. I get protein every 2-3 hours and over the period of 4-6 hours, I get complete proteins.
  4. It doesn’t taste as good as a big mac, french fries, and a chocolate shake. Please read the book by Michael Moss titled “Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us”. You need to make a decision here, do you want to be healthy, muscular, and have ripped sixpack abs or do you want to eat food that tastes so good that there is a party going on in your mouth? You cant have it all, make a decision. Please note that I am not saying that healthy food isn’t tasty, it is, but you have to train your taste buds. Artificial flavors are designed specifically to make you want to eat more than your body needs and they bludgeon your taste buds. If you have been eating at McDonalds for lunch the last year, its unlikely that a healthy salad wont taste good … at first anyway. Give it a few weeks of eating natural foods and those healthy things you didn’t like before will suddenly become flavorful. Carrots are really, really sweet but not after eating a snickers bar!

Nutritional Labels for Organic Beans And Salsa

costco organic salsa S&W organic black beans

I challenge you to find a healthier, faster, cheaper meal!

Worlds healthiest, fastest, and cheapest meal!

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  1. Heres a great salsa recipe: 4 tomatoes, 1/4 onion 1/2 garlig clove 1 red hot chili pepper. Grill everythig for 5 minutes and then chopp it in a mixer, it should be chunky. Add some salt.

  2. Hey, Scooby. Im mexican and we actually are beaners! (which is a very positive thing, despite the jokes). The missing information about beans is: a) amount of protein in dry, raw seeds.

    b) amount of protein in cooked, boiled beans. c) amount of protein kept in the water you boil them in. Here we cook our dry beans for 2 hours, so the original amount of protein doesnt change, what changes is the weight of each bean, cause it takes in water, so after cooking, the protein per gram shoul be less. If i want to get those 24g of protein how many grams of rinsed, sieved beans should i put in my plate? Thanx alot!

  3. 1 cup of fava beans (same price) has 18 grams of protein. I read the label and it beats out all the other beans! For my prize may i have a way to email you and ask questions? i can’t seem to find out how on this sight.

  4. Nice video Scooby, just wanted to bring up that some salt is ESSENTIAL for healthy individuals who exercise anywhere from 3-7 days a week. Especially in the instance of cardio and intensive weightlifting. Because of the increased amounts of sodium lost from sweat during exercise athletes become more susceptible to hyponatremia. Now while most fitness junkies and us at home bodybuilders don’t have to worry about hyponatremia, as it is mostly prevalent in endurance/strength athletes, it is still important to consume enough to keep your body functioning optimally. Simply put: salt won’t make you fat unless its on a large order of fries, but is imperative for those who exercise and break a sweat on a regular basis.

  5. Eric the Chartruse

    That looks yummy but would rock even more if you included a bit of sea bass or fresh salmon grilled with a pinch of dill, some lime juice and 1 tsp of EVOO.

  6. Hello Scooby
    If I decided to eat the Organic Beans and Salsa for five meals a day (out of seven meals total), can I still be healthy, gain muscle, and lose fat? Would it be unbalanced meal plan?
    Let me know. Thanks.

  7. i eat beans on an almost daily basis, but they don’t make me fart anymore than other food does. i dont know why they do or don’t for certain people. what really hurts is meat and dairy, so i try to eat them sparingly

    1. the quarterback or the bodybuilder?

      one smokes and drinks as if it actually extends your life (not to mention plays what scooby thinks is the most dangerous sport for a living), and the other has traces of blood in his steroid stream. possibly not the dudes to take life coaching from. (that would be ronnie coleman)

      either way, they’re both cool. i have nothing against jay or jay

  8. Beans in my opinion are good protein for muscles (I know are incomplete), but reach of leucine, valine, isoleucine, lysine, arginine, glutamic acid which are very important amino acids for muscles!

    To supply amino acids’ profile eat beans with grains, dairy or egg, etc. But I don’t, I eat only beans, sometimes with veggies and “It doesn’t hurt me” – like Scooby says ;-)

    Beans contains lots of fiber, it’s good but produced gas :lol:

    You must know about it before you workout or you go outside with friends or woman ;-)

  9. A buddy and I tried this meal this past weekend for a post workout meal – I thought it was going to be awful, but really tasted halfway decent. I can imagine after playing around with seasonings and a few other additions, this could turn out to be a really great meal when you have a bit more time. Only downside was the GAS that pursued after lol. Thanks for the idea Scooby!

  10. i don’t know scoobs, i think i’d rather sit in a drive thru for 25 minutes and watch a bunch of fatties yell at the poor attendant for forgetting to put extra cheese on their triple stacked burger :P

  11. I’ve started eating cans of beans for lunch once in a while myself. I never thought of adding salsa!

    By the way Scooby (and anyone who is worried about the salt), they sell low sodium black beans for the same price as regular. They don’t taste quite as good (fixable by adding salsa) but make you feel much better afterward.

  12. Salsa is amazing…it has helped me so much in preparing meals while trying to maintain a clean diet…..salsa on scrambled eggs, salsa on canned chicken breast, salsa on ice cream….ooops…well maybe not the ice cream ;)

  13. Scooby, did you know that according to nutrition data “An Amino Acid Score of 100 or higher indicates a complete or high-quality protein” so black beans are a “complete protein”.

  14. Beans in tomato sauce? that’s a novel idea! you should sell it to Heinz ;) In fairness though, Black beans or Kidney Beans seem to have more protein per kcal than Harricot beans and the salsa is more filling fresh and tasty. Adding a tin of chopped tomatoes instead of salsa is another option.

  15. While I very much enjoy your healthy food tips, I definitely don’t agree with the organic part. There are no health benefits from going organic, and no environmental. In fact, it is generally considerably more of a carbon foot print to grow organic. And if the world completely switched to ‘organic’ farming – we would not be able to sustain the world’s population.

  16. Well you inspired me to buy some salsa today. I also bought ingredients to make my own. Tomatoes are good, but a bit bland on their own in a meal. Putting them in salsa is much more appetising.
    P.S. celery chopped into small chunks works surprisingly well in salsa!

  17. I had grilled chicken breast and black beans for lunch today. Bite me Scoobs :)

    I’ll try this meal soon it looks good, probably tasted like a good party salsa. But healthy! lol

  18. I was actually unaware of ground beef’s protein quality score, thanks for the info! As for the challenge, I basically had this today with baby lima beans, but can’t compete with your time haha.

  19. Hi Scooby,

    Are lentils and red kidney beans good for this too? I know they are slightly higher in protein..problem is red kidney beans give me bad gas!

    I wish you could get a huge tub of salsa in supermarkets in the UK, it’s all small jars. They only keep for 3 days in the fridge.

    Thanks for all your advice.

  20. Cheaper and almost as fast – on Sunday cook a huge pot of beans from dry beans (extremely cheap) and a huge pot of quinoa. This takes time, but you can set a timer and do something else. For lunch take a scoop of each, throw in some frozen greens and salsa, and microwave. You can eat lunch all week for about $10. For added convenience, mix all five meals on Sunday and freeze.

    1. cooking it yourself is always cheaper and healthier! You are right, when you make a whole pot and freeze individual portions it doesnt take that long.

  21. My lunch was a chicken (half) breast, 200 grams of frozen three veg and an apple. Probably a bit high on the protein and bit low on the fibre. I really need more fibre.

  22. buy chicken breast and mixed vegetable frozen and in bulk. cook by microwaving takes less than 10 mins. pack them in tupperware boxes. good to go for all your meals of the day! switch to canned tuna in water if you don’t like chicken! but warning, above recipe does not taste good, but will make your body look good.

      1. i use pepper or chili powder to give it a little more taste too, but yeah, it still doesn’t taste like gourmet food, but we’ll just have to get used to it! LOL!

  23. Scooby. What about canned garbanzo with a little of olive oil (real portuguese or spanish, not the others tasteless ones) and a little of chopped onion? It tastes WAY BETTER then the beans and it seems to me chickpea is even better in proteins.

    1. I actually LOVE garbonzo beans, they are my #1 favorite. I make a really healthy hummus that has a lot less fat than normal hummus. The only problem is that I have been forbidden to eat it. More than any other food, it gives me massive amounts of gas. I dont mind but my family objects. Even Milo runs out his doggie door when the gas turbine winds up.

  24. Glad to see Hans. First of all though, I will point out what I’m about to say is NOT faster. However it is cheaper, and tastier.

    Do the exact same thing except add the following

    1: Screw the salsa.
    2: Buy a can of tinned plum tomatos. These are cheap as hell
    3: Buy an onion
    4: Buy a spice rack, the majority come with all the spices you’ll ever need.
    5: Get some worcestershire sauce

    1: Dice the onion and caramelize with a small bit of olive oil.
    2: Seed the tomatoes, pour them over the onion (you could buy them seeded and diced or buy pasata and skip step 4 but this is cheaper)
    3: add the following spices to taste. Cayenne pepper, paprika, cinnamon, garlic powder, basil, worcestershire sauce. I find about 1tsp of each, except the cinnamon where you only need half works pretty well.
    4: Blitz it
    5: Add your beans and let simmer.

    Yes this takes much longer BUT it’s healthier (you know it’s just pure ingredients going in, this avoids the salsa paranoia) and personally I think it tastes better.

    Also you can make it just as fast as Scoobs recipe with one additional purchase. An airtight pot. Double / Triple / Quadruple the sauce mix, let it all simmer / blitz etc. Leave it to cool and pour into the airtight container. Then you can use it as and when needed so it’s just as fast as scoobs recipe (aside from the initial sauce making period)

    You can also add additional ingredients depending on your tastes, like fresh chilli / peppers, smoky bacon etc. I just put it this way as it works out much cheaper in the long run (okay not MUCH cheaper, but still cheaper than the salsa considering those 3 spices will last you freakin ages unless you use them as much as I do)

    … Sorry for the long post.

  25. Hey there, I personally love a good can of black beans as a meal! However, I have read a lot recently en lieu of ketogenic and Paleo diets that legumes are not a good carbohydrate source. Thoughts on this Scooby?

    1. Please ask your paleo-proponents what research even HINTS that legumes are not healthy because virtually every other nutritional establishment extolls their benefits. High in protein, high in fiber, low on the food chain. i am open but have never seen any anti-legume research.

    1. In most western European countries, strict government requirements (including labeling all products with GMOs) discourage use of pesticides and GMOS. Therefore any salsa in Europe (not sure about eastern Europe) should be organic.

  26. Just wondering if you have ever thought about the influence of the microwaves on the food?
    And second: have you thought that drinking ice water might be harder to digest then (drink)warm water?

    and thanks for this post! :)


    1. The ice was for photographic interest, that and the fact that Americans put ice in their beverages even when its 50 below zero and they are shivering – go figure!

      1. Haha there’s a lot more that I don’t understand about behaviour of humans…

        And the question about the microwave. Do you know more about the way it influence the food quality?

    1. Hey miaizdaleka, The beauty of salsa is its versatility and adaptability. At its most basic, salsa is simply chopped or pureed tomatoes, chiles, onions, and cilantro, flavored with salt and a squeeze of lime juice.

      But you can play with as many combinations of fruits and vegetables, chiles and herbs as you can dream up.

    1. Personally I really don’t like the idea! I cannot imagine it is healthy to have 70% if your calories coming from fat regardless of whether some of that is from healthy fats. Also Carbs are your main energy source; cut them out entirely and you will lose the energy to workout and ultimately lose muscle because your body has to use protein as an energy source and/or cannibalise muscle to stay alive. Cutting down on carbs (particularly simple ones) does definitely work to reduce bodyfat but there are risks as well as benefits; and I certainly wouldn’t remove them from your diet altogether – check out scooby’s page on carb cycling :)

    2. Yes 100%. Ketogenic Diet is the best way to eat.
      In fact, I try to eat at least 85% fat , 10% protein, 5% Carbs (30 to 40 carbs per day). Saturated fat IS healthy ( not trans-fats). No carbs is almost impossible since it’s healthy to eat non-starchy veges. If you decide to eat this way you need to give it a least two months for your body to become Keto adaptive . I really wish Scooby would( Bro Science) try this way of eating for 2 months just to shut me up. “The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living”… by Stephen D. Phinney and Jeff S. Volek .

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