“I snapped my sh*t up deadlifting”

“Snap your sh*t up”? Help me out here, what does this mean? I couldnt even find it in the urban dictionary. I hear this a lot these days and I cant figure out what people mean when they use this phase. Typical usage I have heard –

” I snapped my sh*t up doing deadlifts, what do?”

When people use this phrase, the tone usually seems to be very proud which makes zero sense to me. If I got injured doing deadlifts (or any other exercise for that matter) I would be sad, angry, and depressed but certainly not proud and happy. Getting injured means you did something STUPID! Getting injured means you have just set back your strength training and bodybuilding progress by months or years. Why on earth would one be proud of that? Help me out here, what does this mean? Why do people seem to be proud of getting injured?? In my view 99.9999% of accidents are preventable. You get injured lifting weights because:

  • you used too much weight
  • you were not focused and got distracted
  • you were lifting without proper equipment
  • you were lacking in safety gear (spotter, squat rack etc)
  • you do not understand how to properly do the exercise
  • you know proper form but were not using it
  • the exercise is not appropriate for you
  • you did not adequately prepare for the lift (warming up, etc)

If your injury “just happened” for no reason at all and you KNOW that you didnt make any of above mistakes then you are a fool and should stop lifting before you hurt yourself seriously.  Smart people learn from their mistakes and never repeat them, really smart people learn from the mistakes of others, and stupid people blame the accidents on everything except themselves and never learn a thing.

What am I missing?  Does “snap my sh*t up” mean “I got injured” in this context?  Why on earth are people proud of this?  Educate this poor old man!

Would this term also apply to crashing your car?  “I snapped my sh*t up on the drive home”

snapped my shit up

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  1. YouTube is a business, as you well know Scooby, and those guys are making good $$; one of the most successful channels there. Truth is, I find them entertaining, and when I have the time & need a good laugh during the day, I’ll watch ’em during lunch. I like how they don’t take themselves seriously.

  2. Scooby I honestly think you care too much about semantics. When people say “how do I get six pack abs”, they really mean “how to I get visible six pack abs”. but you made a whole video about “how you already have six pack abs under a layer of fat”.

  3. Abdankung des Willens

    I actually feel Scooby and the TMW have a lot in common with regard to their fitness advices: both put safety first, both criticize the supplement industry (TMW only take pre-workout and creatine of specific brands), both are against steroids, not to mention all three guys are older than the average fitness guru (and possibly hence their special attention to injuries and “snaps”). Of course they have entirely different styles, not to mention vocabulary, but in the end, we might one day get to see them doing videos together :)

  4. TO be Honest I still think you have put up this thread to disassociate yourself from them. Which is fair Scooby! But theres no video of theirs which ever says snapping their sh*t up is funny! Keep it real.

  5. I know it’s been said already, but it’s basically the Hodgetwin’s catchphrase.

    You probably saw it as a comment on one of your videos or something, I share your frustration. It’s almost idiotic how people will spout the phrase on videos completely unrelated to the Hodgetwins, particularly when it’s in that positive tone you mentioned.

  6. Scooby, I don’t think you should be getting jealous or have animosity toward the Hodgetwins. They have mentioned you in a few of their videos and showed nothing but respect for you.

  7. Philip Van Hassel

    I find it difficult to believe that you had no idea where this phrase came from. I think you just dislike the (increasingly popular) Hodge twins, but you don’t want to directly call them out or start youtube drama. Understandable. They do have a whacky sense of humor, but then, so do you in your own way…

  8. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. yea i think they reversed the hodge twins saying adding a positive connotation, or perhaps they misunderstood it from the beginning. If I personally “snapped my sh*t up”, i would not be proudly proclaiming it to the world, i would be in the fetal position on the floor weeping uncontrollably

  9. Repeatedly getting injured isn’t “hardcore”, it is stupid, and Scooby is correct about this. If your workout program is keeping you tired, hurt, or underperforming in other areas, you need to change it.

  10. its just a colloquial ghetto way of saying injuries and such. scooby is not from the ghetto so i’ll accept if he didn’t know at first what it means but now he knows. But the hodge twins or people are certainly not proud of injuries.

  11. It’s a term used at various fitness forums, specifically for ‘snapping’ your back, as in herniating a disc from doing deadlifts with a rounded back.

    I think you misinterpret the tone of these statements though, most of them are just plain dumb people who think the exercise is to blame.

  12. Dear Scooby, I have been working out for +- 1,5 year now and just a couple months ago I noticed something strange.

    I could see and feel the light red stripes on both my biceps.
    Apparently I’ve develeped stretch marks on my biceps, and I want to know how to get rid of it.
    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work Scooby.

  13. You’re right about how safety is important. Injuries mean a ton of potential gains lost and possibly having your life wrecked.
    But anyone using the expression as a positive thing is doing it very wrong. When the Hodge Twins use it it’s as a warning, as in: If you do [stupid thing] you’re gonna snap all your sh*t up.

    your special friend,
    Patrick Dubsman

      1. whenever i want some ntertainment i go to their channel and come to your channel for good bodybuilding advise..what i have learnt is they have a more practical way to see at things in bodybuilding……

  14. Well said! Most kids ( some older men are kids also ) won’t understand how important safty is till they really hurt themselves. You exercise to grow stronger not to show off, and then hurt yourself, and get fat and lazy again!

  15. The Hodge Twins use the term “snapping sh*t up” but they don’t use it to refer to doing something good. They always say it’s bad to “snap yo sh*t.” But I guess some people are proud of lifting things too heavy that could hurt them!

  16. A couple of morons named the Hodge Twins. Giving horrible advice to people on YouTube. They can be funny at times, but they are clearly just trying to make cash off of their videos. Nothing more.

    1. So the Hodge Twins have “snapped their sh*t up” more than once? You know what they say about people who keep making the same mistakes over and over!

      1. I think the reason they say it proudly is because they think that it shows how hardcore they are or something. I don’t know, it’s seems really stupid to me as well

      2. They alter their workouts to work around injuries, much like you suggest to Scooby. They also don’t do deadlifts or heavy squats because they find it dangerous, much like you do, Scoob. These sayings are just their little catchphrases, much like your “Alles Klar” and pillow screams. They’re set from a similar mould to you, spreading their version of bodybuilding, no BS style. Much like you. You both have the most informative and brilliant fitness channels on YouTube because you’re similar, but approach it in a different style.

        1. I’m in total agreement, Alaric. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching the Hodge Twins is placing importance upon safety above all so you can keep making gains. They go to great lengths to keep themselves safe from injury since they have back problems, they’ve explained on more than occasion why they avoid deadlifts and generally use the leg press instead of squatting and why that puts less of a strain on their backs. Scooby’s antagonistic attitude is unwarranted in this case since, aside from their obvious personality differences, both him and the Hodge Twins are very much alike in their philosophies.

          1. Exactly. Scooby has an entire page on working around injuries, and the Hodge Twins follow the same principles. If Exercise A is painful, try it from another angle, or find another exercise to do. If there’s too much pain, rest up and see a doctor.

            “I snapped my sh*t up, haha I am a bro” isn’t the right way to look at this saying. It’s simply “Do this exercise incorrectly, and you’ll snap your sh*t up”, which Scooby can surely agree with.

          2. I can understand that sometimes people can’t see past differences far enough to bond their similarities with other people, re: Scooby and the twins, but I agree the antagonistic attitude is pretty rough. I don’t think anyone really ever means “I snapped my sh*t up” with any pride at all, and the Hodge Twins just use it as a catch phrase to keep people from getting injured. And I think it works. Obviously with such a large sample of a population using the phrase to explain when they are injured, imagine how many have it in their head when they’re preventing injury? It must be a lot. Scooby is a net positive in the fitness world, as are the twins, but at least the twins have a track record of admitting their mistakes and misunderstandings Hopefully Scooby can view his own post here as an opportunity to be taken advantage of.

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