Home Intermediate Leg Workout

Intermediate Leg Workout

This is a complete intermediate bodybuilding workout for gaining muscle and getting stronger, all you need is a used set of dumbbells and your carpeted floor.  My intermediate home workout plan is a 3 day split, meaning that it takes three workouts to exercise the entire body.   My intermediate home workout consists of a four day repeating cycle: a push workout, a pull workout, a leg workout (this one), and a rest day. This workout will take you about 60 minutes to complete.


Bodypart Exercise Number sets Number reps
abs rotisserie core workout 2 revolutions n/a
legs lunges 3 sets, 1-2min rest between 6-12 each leg
legs SDL 3 sets, 1-2min rest between 6-12
legs calf raises 3 sets, 1-2min rest between 6-12
legs goblet chair squats 3 sets, 1-2min rest between 6-12
Weights: 60 minutes & Cardio: 20 minutes – jog, brisk walk or bike

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  1. Hi Scooby, is this the same workout plan that is returned as a result on the custom workout plan calculator? I noticed some of the workouts are different, for example on the legs/shoulder day you don’t do core on the calculator version. Second, I don’t understand your wording on the calculator version when you describe the order in which to do the workouts. Is each exercise done 4 times before moving on to the next exercise, or do I do one set of one exercise, one set of the next one, etc until the last exercise, then repeat the entire circuit 4 times?

  2. Damien Campbell-Bell

    Hey Scooby, I have a question about this workout.
    I do a lot of Kung Fu so have pretty strong legs anyway, but I recently decided it was about time I started properly working them with weights. The problem is my legs are so much stronger than my hands/arms/back that I can’t lift enough weight to get to a point where I can only do 6-12 reps before my legs are tired. Last time I tried this work out I ended up doing about 35 reps of SDL’s and I had to stop because my grip was giving out, not my legs. When I tried to go a few kg heavier I just couldn’t get a decent grip and lift it though.

    Beyond just doing high rep workouts or going to the gym, what can I do?

  3. HI scooby, I’ve just start working out to get a little sweat out of my body and i have a question on calves, is there anyway to slimmer down your leg calves ? my mom has a big calves like me (probably genetic), and my body size is a mid slim teen that really irritates me that whenever i put on my jeans and those calves are getting in the way ! could really use some advice thought .. thanks !

  4. A suggestion for people with knee problems that prevent them from enduring the force a forward lunge produces – split squats. They are my go-to exercise for an incredible quad pump after a heavier exercise, like a squat or press. Essentially, go to the position in your second photo above and pump up and down.

  5. Hi scooby… i got fast question… im using ur intermediate workout plan for 2 months already… what exercises should i change and what should i keep doing… i know i need something else to not make my muscle get used to it…. its also question to other ppl …. thx for all attention and answers ;) p.s sry for my english ;)

  6. Not fitness related: Scooby, you recommend reading one book a week. I assume you can read pretty fast. What is your WPM – words per minute? I just finished reading The Speed Reading Book by Tony Buzan – it was really interesting ;)

    Thanks for you answer.

      1. I think we talk at cross purposes here. But what I mean is that you leave enough stamina in the legs to do a run after the initial weights! ;) Brilliant both ways.

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