Le Cookies Are Ready

Le Cookies Are Ready

Learn how to make my favorite high protein cookies! Its easy and quick.

Le Cookies Are Ready

For those of you wondering what/who I am poking fun at, its Jeff Seid and his insufferable attitude in this video. Jeff, you owe me for the views :) Yes, I am channeling my inner Zoolander. Zoolander is one of my favorite films of all time.

Am I jealous of Jeff Seid? He has one of the most remarkable physiques for a 19 year old that has ever existed. In his 4 years of lifting he has surpassed what took me 30 years of lifting to achieve but am I jealous? No, not at all. Having that amount of fame, attention, and bloated ego at age 19 would have completely changed the path of my life forever .. and I dont think for the better. Being a lanky teen who was always chosen last when teams were picked in PE class made me very grounded and humble. It also allows me to relate to people much more than Jeff will ever be able to. I have good genetics but not great. It took lots and lots of time and decades of struggle for me to make my gains. I love fitness. I love sports. I love the way exercise makes me feel, the energy it gives me, and how it makes me feel better about myself. The exterior shell you see is just a fringe benefit, not the primary goal of my lifting.

Why did I do this video, other than the obvious fact that it was April Fools day? Well, you know I worry about teens self-confidence. This is the reason I have pushed so hard over the years to set peoples bodybuilding expectations at achievable levels to keep teens from labeling themselves as inferior “hardgainers” when they are infact either normal or have good genetics. As I mention above, when I was in high school I was an outcast. Reasonably smart but awkward, shy, and completely lacking in self confidence. Although many teens put on an act and appear confident, many have just as low of self esteem as I had. For some teens, its even worse, and borders on depression. So how does this relate to Jeff? Well, if you watched his video you will have to agree that he sends the ” I am SO fabulous and you are NOT” message and thats the last thing that teens need to hear. Teens need help boosting their confidence, they dont need to hear how fabulous Jeff’s life is and how he drops a couple of thousand on his website like it was candy money. Everyone, even “losers”, have hidden talents that they just need to find. Trouble is, Jeff’s talents are right out there in your face and he doesnt even realize he is rubbing salt in the wounds of hundreds of thousands of teens. A little bit of humble and compassion for those not so blessed as himself would go a long way were he to apply it. The purpose of this video is to give him a gentle reminder of this.

EDIT: 4/3/13

It has come to my intention that Jeff’s dog died recently, this was completely unknown to me at the time I wrote the script for this video. I myself am an incredible animal lover and our animals are part of the family, they are not pets.   I grieve with him in the loss of his dog and had I known I certainly would not have included that line in the video.

EDIT: 10/26/14 Added more photos courtesy of Facebook Friends!

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42 thoughts on “Le Cookies Are Ready”

  1. This video is really interesting if you take time to read Scooby’s goals. I must admit that, working with children and teenagers, the kind of reminder here is valuable. Thanks for breaking the myth and false expectations the Young are likely to see. I’m also practicing sport with the kids and I think Scooby made me consider that in my practice.

  2. Scooby, please steer clear of any gasoline fights! Good job channeling your inner Zoolander. Great movie, although Mystery Men is my favorite Ben Stiller flick.

  3. I didn’t really have depression in high school, but I had no self confidence. I was quite intelligent and had plenty of friends, but never felt deserving. I was also completely wrong about my body as well. I never caught on about how to eat right and exercise until I was in my mid 20s, I thought I was doomed with bad genetics. Nice blog post.

  4. Commissioner Gainz Gordon

    Truly Scooby Werkstatt is our hero.

    Nothing less than natty.

    He’s the hero /fit/ needs right now, but not the one we
    deserve. So we’ll mire him because he can take it.

    He is a silent guardian, a watchful protector… A NATTY KNIGHT

  5. I was always picked last as well and now all my friends tell me im one of the kindest and wisest people they know. You’ll never develop any character flying around to model and being told you’re better than everyone else. No pain, no gain…. and I don’t just mean in the gym. You’re an inspiration scoobs. You’re my guru I’ve never met. Thank you Scooby

  6. Everyone who has been lifting seriously for some time knows how unrealistic Jeff’s body without steroids is. I’m not jealous at him, I could have done that myself if I wanted to. But I highly denounce him for claiming to be natural because he just isn’t!

    1. He will be fine when he matures a bit, he is a just a teen caught up in his own whirlwind of success. My guess is that in a decade or so he will come down to earth. I think he is probably a really nice person who doesnt realize how his “I am so fabulous and you are not” attitude affects his teen viewers. Being a teen is tough enough without having someone like Jeff reminding them every day of how they dont have one millionth of what he does. He mentions dropping a few thousand on a website and being flown around the world for photoshoots as if it were as common as reading the newspaper, its not, he lives a charmed life.

  7. Couldn’t stop laughing! I hope you do this again sometime! Or try topping it next year. I’m going to have laughs for the rest of the night now lol thanks Scooby <3

  8. scooby, I understand you were attempting to put some humor into your channel, but you don’t have to act like this to be a bit more humorous. Your videos ARE humorous with the occasional jokes here and there, and this video seems a bit too try-hard. Remember scooby, your fame is based on the hard-work people have seen you do, not your comedy.

    Keep up the muscle videos!

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