Cyber-attack Against AskScooby Forum Imminent

Cyber-attack Against AskScooby Forum Imminent

It has come to my attention that less than a handful of members are planning illegal cyber-attacks against the AskScooby Forum to try and shut down the forum unless member michaelzwarszawy is banned. We will not be blackmailed by a lynch mob. All precautions have been made against cyber-attack and in the unlikely event it should succeed, we have twice weekly backups that will be restored to a standby server.. Should the forum disappear, it will only be for a short time so please check for status. If you want to know who is making the threats, you just need look at the most vocal critics of our policy about Michael.

I’ve always believed in a person’s personal right to their freedom of speech. As I’ve aged and matured, this is something that’s become a fundamental pillar of my personal beliefs, even to the point I’m willing to let someone have an opinion that is the polar opposite of my own, as long as the forum isn’t a platform for those views and opinions to be aired. In this case, my personal beliefs have obviously put me in hot water with some very vocal members of the AskScooby forum.

In the past, people on my YouTube video comments have asked if I am Jewish or if I am gay. I have always responded with:

“I’m a gay African American Jew and if you can show me how any of those things relate to fitness I will gladly answer.”

Well, its only partially a joke because two out of the three are true. I am not turning a blind eye to Mike’s views because I’m not affected, Mike hates me and half the people I know. I feel so strongly about using our common bond of fitness to bridge cultural, religious, and political gaps to promote understanding that I want Mike in our community even though he hates me and many of my best friends.

There are quite a few people here who express views and opinions that I strongly disagree with, not just Mike, but I believe strongly in the right people have to express their opinions, whether or not I agree with them. This issue about Mike is obviously striking a cord with many members of this online community and passions have flared. Many of you have called me a hypocrite or accused me of burying my head in the sand, this is not the case at all. As I mention in my post Todays AskScooby Editorial, I feel strongly that this forum is a great place to set aside our differences and let our passion for fitness, health, and bodybuilding unite us and help us all work together from whatever walk of life we come from. The best way to change peoples racist opinions is not ostracism, that just breeds further racism. In my opinion, the best way to combat racism is thru the slow education process that integration facilitates. The gay rights movement did not make its progress in the last 40 years by ostracizing homophobes, it made its progress by bringing gay people into the worlds living room thru TV like “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” which broke down stereotypes.

I am more disturbed by Mike’s views than most of you. The problem is that even tossing one rule-abiding member out for their opinions starts down a very slippery slope. I couldn’t with a clear conscience throw Mike out of the forum without kicking a number of people out with him. It really pisses me off when people hide their racism with veils, like the people who really hate our president just because of the color of his skin and then come up with BS excuses to hate him like “he isn’t a citizen” or “Obama is a Muslim” or “Obama supports agenda 21”. Then there are the people who hate Hispanics, Asians, or Indians who come up with all kinds of BS anti-immigrant excuses like “they cost the tax payers too much money” or “they are taking American jobs”. Then there are the anti-Semitic people who have long learned to speak in codes to hide their hate for Jews, they speak of the worlds problems as being caused by “international bankers”, “movie moguls”, or “jewelry exporters”. In my views, these people are even more ban-worthy than Mike is because they know their racist views are wrong and they are trying to hide it. I am not interested in never ending moral arguments about whose hateful opinion is ban-worthy and whose is not. We need to educate these folks thru integration, not ban them.

For those who have been here a long time, you might remember that Mike was not only member #22 on this forum but was also one of the most respected and most loved of moderators for several years here. I was very disappointed when I found out his views and some of you seem to have forgotten that I relieved him of his moderation duties within minutes of his views being made clear to me. You may also may have forgotten how unpopular I was for demoting Mike at that time, there was nearly a lynch mob against ME for demoting him. You might ask what the difference is, why I didn’t ban him completely at that time. Its because this forum has MY name on it and the moderators are MY representatives. I couldn’t have someone representing me who had views so diametrically opposed to mine. I feel then as I do now, all members are welcome here regardless of whether they hold my moral views or not.

I will not allow a blackmailing lynch mob decide which members get banned. Everyone who obeys the forum rules while they are here is welcome. To the handful of you planning this illegal cyber-attack, I *will* prosecute and I have every IP address you have ever used. How sure are you that you have never slipped up and used an IP that will lead police to your doorstep?

These are my final words on this subject. These are my feelings and opinions on the matter of free speech and I won’t be discussing this any further. For the current forum members who continue to disagree with this “freedom of opinion and speech” stance, I invite them to move to a different fitness community that more closely aligns with their beliefs.

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  1. In the past, people on my YouTube video comments have asked if I am Jewish or if I am gay. I have always responded with: “I’m a gay African American Jew and if you can show me how any of those things relate to fitness I will gladly answer.”

    Meister Scoobster – I love your work, and mostly – I respect that it’s built on integrity and solid principles.

    Like it or not – you’ve become to many a role model of sorts. Therefore, it’s only natural some people will wonder – “What does it take to be like Scooby ?”.

    I don’t care if you’re double gay, triple jew and African to the bone – what I would care about though is if in your office hours you mention your wife, and she turns out to be Bob. :)

    Just to be clear here… It’s cool if your wife is Bob, not cool if you’re somewhat misleading about it.

    These things don’t relate to fitness any more than your garage airplane or solar power projects. EVERYTHING DOES ! ;)

  2. I did some digging around and I found out that Scooby’s garden gnomes like the taste of muffins over cookies!
    Scooby, I want them removed from the garden immediately or else I will have no other option than to use the landmower.

    I wonder how much if any of the hate for Mike is actually caused by a reaction formation. In other words, “I unconsciously dislike gay people so when I see a homophobe I hate him in order to keep those unconscious homophobic thoughts in the unconscious, so I don’t see myself in him”. Funnily enough, the hate for homosexuality may also be due to a reaction formation where the subject hates gay people in order to keep the unconscious desire to be gay from coming into consciousness.

    Hate is irrational. It’s presence is always indicative of the denial of something. It’s a kind of psychic glue, like anger.

  3. hey guys so this is my first time to this website and this is the first thing i read on it… and I’m sorry but this is hilarious… 1. a persons ethnicity, sexual preferences background, color political views or religion has nothing to do with fitness. 2. if someone pisses you off on the internet its not the end of the world… just ignore it… oh and on a side note… thank you soooo much scooby for sharing your knowledge on fitness, for what I’m guessing is free.

  4. Aldo Garbellini

    Scooby, you are absolutely right on all counts. Thanks, I am happy that courage and love of freedom is a part of who you are. I’m sorry you must spend time helping all of us understand the importance of free speech.

  5. Scooby, thank you for message, let freedom ring. For the sheep who make inhumane remarks, let me say, what goes around , comes around. Believe me, you, you will feel it before your time.

  6. Ugh, Scooby, I can’t believe what I’m reading. I really couldn’t care less what your religious or sexual orientation is. It’s not for me to judge a man. I personally have really benefited from your advice whether your brown, black, blue or purple man. You’ve really reinforced the kind of person you are by still letting this guy on the forum. Respect brother. or L’Chiam?

  7. “Freedom of speech” without constructive limits is just a self-devouring paradox waiting to happen. I realize that most Americans have grown up fetishizing their constitution and conflate the legal statements contained in it with moral or even religious ones, but most countries around the world have constructive limits on free speech that, in the end, allow it to endure longer and better serve the people for whom it was created. Canada, Germany Australia, Finland, Denmark, etc, etc, all have hate speech laws, and all are consistently ranked by the UN as being freer than the US. As a non-American, I can’t help but think that maybe your cultural experience has sort of caused you to be a little reflexive in your judgments here.

  8. Unintelligent people hate others that are different than they are, their under-developed brain cannot process diversity, this concept evades them. Poor them, forever missing the point…

  9. Scooby you’re for me guru. Don’t worry about agressive attacks of some idiots. They’ll never build such good shape like you and they are simply jealous ;-) Alles klar?

  10. Medieval time ended, folks!

    damn scooby you are just too nice I would ban those hating faggots with perms in 50 km diamater. Seriously, how can you stand people who are just stupid? because they are stupid. racist/homophobic views are stupid, totally based and aggresive without a reason. I would prefer your forums without that scum, but – do as You wish. I will critique those retards everytime i see them. peace

  11. You were already somebody who inspired me, but, now i have a whole new level of respect for you scooby. You/ve got alot of integrity…. and apparently some brass balls. Rock on Scoobs

  12. scooby i have been enjoying your website for a few years now
    i always look forward to new advce and videos

    keep up the good work
    we all have people who hate us, don´t let them win.

  13. Lucius Petropoulos

    Guys, Scooby isn’t gay! if you remember a while back there was a Charities I Support section on this website in which Scooby openly stated that he has no prejudice towards gays as people but doesn’t support the idea of homosexuality. One of the charites listed was a “Gay’s can be helped to be straight” sort of thing.
    Just so you guys also know, he has stated before in the forums that he is married :)

  14. Scooby, thank you for including us in your world. I’m so glad to know that you are a mortal man with problems. Not glad that you have problems but that you seem normal and less idol like. It is so neat that you are Jewish! This blog post made me jump for joy internally.

    Love u based Scoob <3 xoxo

  15. Scooby, I’m digging the site and your advice. I’m here for fitness and health reasons. As a musician, this a great (and needed) pastime for me. Physical fitness transcends all social intolerance we may have. Intellectual intolerance is another thing, but that’s not what we are talking about here.

    Long post cut short: Keep it up Scoob! I’m not here to indulge trolls. I’m here to work out just like all the other HUMANS!

  16. Hey Scooby,

    I subscribed to your podcasts on iTunes years ago and I have been waiting for updates since 2009… Did you change the feed or what?

    Keep up the good work and don’t worry about those effing clowns…

      1. Small correction: Dutch is not Deutsch. When you´re Dutch that means
        you´re from that tiny country next to Germany called The Netherlands
        (aka Holland). It might seem strange, but it´s a remainder from the Middle ages, when we sort of spoke the same language. Alles klar? (= Deutsch, not Dutch).

        Never mind that: Nice going Scoob, keep it up!!!

        A gay Dutch fan (from Holland)

  17. Scooby you re the best. You helped so many people around the world and I m one of them. A huge thanks Scoob and keep up the great work. As the Buddhism religion goes ” Forgive and Forget “.

    All the best.

  18. Very well reasoned and important points of view, that are crucially worth defending if we wish to inhabit a civilised community. Whilst I would usually consider it irrelevant to mention, in this context I am a ‘straight’ male, who endorses your opinions and lifestyle as stated above 100%. Those uncomfortable with them, might find it useful to examine why it is that they feel hateful and what is giving rise to their insecurity about themselves.
    Keep up the good work!

  19. Hi Scooby,
    Just to say that I have been looking at your site for two months now and that I have learned a lot – I’m an out-of-shape beginner and want to get in good shape for the first time in my life. And not only are you a great role model for fitness, you are also a thoroughly decent human being, so you have my absolute respect.
    I’m starting slowly, and at the moment I’m concentrating on rather elementary exercises (push-ups, training for my first pull-up). Because I had read the usual online nonsense about how much you have to eat to gain muscle, I put on a whole 20 kg of fat in the course of a year! Now, thanks to you, I’m not only getting stronger, but also slimmer again. With portion control, smart substitutions and cardio I’ve lost 3 kg in a month, and I look and feel better. Again, thank you for your great work.

  20. Scooby rocks at being a decent human being freedom of speech matters so does weights and keeping fit I urge people to forget ur hatred and adopt. Scoobys right to a view like he does with u.thank u mate for all ur help with weight training from this site is what we should all be saying.

  21. When I was 23 my dad was dying of brain cancer. After 2 years struggling with the disease, we had to hire a nurse (man nurse) to help with baths and so. It was the first time I had contact with a gay person. All the care and respect he treated my dying and beloved father was beyond any payment he could receive. I will always dedicate profound gratitude and respect for that guy which changed my understanding on the matter. Even though I am a hereto and will never understand how a man could have physical desire for another man, I accept that, and have the Bliss of having extraordinary gay friends. I wish everyone could review their concepts without having to face agonizing death moments like I did.

  22. Very cool, Scooby. I’ve been taking lots of exercise tips from your site but have not used the forum, so this story is new to me. Allowing mike to go on doing his thing shows respect for diversity, which I think is key.

  23. Well said, Scooby. I salute your defence of free speech, and your willingness to stand for that principle in the face of what seems rather vituperative criticism. All the best, from one African American to another :P

  24. It’s really a shame that such a things continue to happen now-a-days, very often I feel ashamed as a human being. You’re great, mr. Werkstatt, go on!

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