Suggestions and Bug Reports for my Protein Calculator

I am working hard to make my protein calculator the most awesome nutritional tool for bodybuilders and athletes that there is. Please give you suggestions and bug reports here.

149 thoughts on “Suggestions and Bug Reports for my Protein Calculator”

  1. This has the potential to become an extremely powerful tool for vegans and vegetarians, even non-bodybuilders.

    When you look for peanuts, and scroll down the whole page, there is an amino acid table at the end, with the combination of cauliflower and peanuts, as compared to chicken breast. Now my question/suggestion would be this : why is the combo total of 1.6g proteins while the chicken breast total is 1g? Wouldn’t it be easier to compare if the combo was brought to the same amount as the chicken?

  2. Like, Hey Scoob. How about a tool that allows us to input the protein, carb, etc. with drop down quantity menu (i.e. 3oz, 6oz, 1 chicken breast, .5 chicken breast, .5 cup, 1 cup, etc.) and it outputs the nutritional values and calories?

  3. hi scooby, first of all thank you very much for all this effort and free information! second, i’m a web developer with my focus on frontend. so if you need any help with some javascript or improvements on the layout, like mobile handling. let me know

  4. Would be great to have a list of the highest protein quality vegan and vegetarian food combinations. Would be great to see what the vegetarian “chicken benchmark” equivalent is (aside from whey protein and eggs) :)

  5. The top 20 complementary lists are cool, but limited for general use. There are SO many items that are useless to the average grocery store shopper.

    I’ve dug through the database in the past and I know how huge it is, so I am aware of how hard it would be to go through the whole thing alone. It would be useful to somehow assign a usability factor to items in the list (i.e. I don’t think I’ll be eating mothbeans)… Does your database/calculator have the ability to track the most popular foods your users click on?

    A second idea might be to let us do it for you by having a list that we can go through and vote up certain items on the list so the top 20 complementary items are more useful.

    My final idea is to leave it how you have it, but allow users to have the ability to do more than the top 20…

  6. What is the difference between chicken tenders and chicken breast? is it not just chicken breast sliced into strips? In any event, I couldn’t find plain chicken breast, BBQ, baked or otherwise.

  7. Hey Scooby.

    Maybe I´m just a dump… but I would really like a tool, where I could get a whole days mealplan or even weekly suggested mealplan/creation so people like me get other things to eat then chicken day in and day out :)

    I would really LOVE to get suggestions on mealplans for the week, so I could eat other things :) Hope I don´t write to cryptic for you :)

    I wanna cut/loose weight while gaining musle, and I´m in a wheelchair permanently, so I really gain fat easy.

  8. Sorry, I just realized you have that here. Thanks for all of your hard work in getting this together for us!

    Is there a good body analyzer for ideal weight, body fat % etc?
    Also the most accurate method (and easy) way to measure body fat, without using a tank of water…


  9. Scooby im from Spain and i speak english but even so, i have some difficulties selecting the food when i search in the food group, because i hardly understand the abbreviations of each food, and its a little bit difficult finding what i am looking for. So, maybe you could add a place where you write the name or keywords about what youre looking for and it brings you what matches with that search in the list. Another thing i find a little bit difficult is knowing how many grams of the food (and its complementary foods) i have to eat to finally reach the amount of protein that i want.
    So many thanks for the effort you put in this, this calculator its so good, i only think that this little issues would make it better, thanks again!

  10. Could you make a chart of the top 100 food combinations with beef/chicken/pork/etc added to the list for comparison? I would suggest comparing by calories per gram of protein. I would also like this chart presented two ways, one with digestibility considered and one without…since the science is kind of weak on that to begin with. Thanks, Scooby!!!

  11. Hey Scooby, great tool! I think it would be great if you could evaluate the protein quality of entire meals (combinations of various foods in given quantities). So, the input would be a table with each food (chosen using the current structure) and its corresponding quantity in grams. From here you could calculate the overall protein quality of the meal and have a similar output to what you have now, with analysis and suggested complimentary foods. I think you might have similar suggestions here, and I feel like it would be very useful.

  12. Hi scooby. This might be a long shot from my part, but i’ll ask anyway. I have a body that is susceptible to purines, and I have a low threshold of getting gout (the swollen toe, knees etc) which purines may trigger. I am wondering if your database is elaborate enough to maybe list items that has a low purine level?

  13. I would like to have a table that explains what all those short terms and letter combinations mean. English is not my mother language and it´s easy to get confused since there are a *lot* of items in the database.

  14. I’d like to know in grammes how much of each the complimentary food sources to use in order to achieve a high quality protein combination. For example, if I eat some Heinz Baked Beans and some sesame flour together, how much of each (in grammes) do I need to achieve 30g of high quality, useable protein. This would be of immense value if it could be applied to all the food combinations in the database.

    Thanks in advance and apologies if this question, or a similar version of it, has already been asked before.

  15. Eating the same meals all the time is pretty boring, but we do it because figuring out the foods that have the right macros is a pain in the butt. I would love to have a tool that allows me to put in my macros and check boxes for the categories of foods I want (chicken/beef/eggs/leafy greens/beans/etc). The output would be a mix of foods that meets my macros and the nutritional values of it.

    That way I can try out lots of new meals without the hassle of figuring each on out myself.


    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      Let me mull that one over. Something related is the pantry-search, where you enter the ingredients you have available and the software tells you what to use and how much.

  16. Scooby,

    If you added some jquery to this calculator, you would be able to make it much more user friendly.

    I suggest you check out the function called “autocomplete”.

    Here is a link to it: jqueryui (dot) com/autocomplete/

    Feel free to e-mail me if u have any questions about how to do it!


  17. Ilie-Cristian Dumitru

    Scooby, hope you will read this, because i have a query that is bugging me for a while. With all these modifiers that the BV, PDCAAS and amino acid profiles are making, you still have to eat at least 1.5 times ( and that’s the best scenario, anyway you slice it and dice it) more protein to get the usable quantity you need for muscle building even after the tool has directed you to the best complementary food. But the unusable protein will still add up on the calorie intake, thus busting our calorie budget every day with at least 320 calories (again, the best case scenario) for a 160 pound bodybuilder who needs 160 grams of usable protein and i don’t need to tell you how much fat that bodybuilder will put on a month. If you want to make good use of this tool, i say a rework of your calorie calculator could be needed in this respect… that it will modify the carbs or fats to compensate for the protein surplus, although i don’t think it’s the most optimal method, because cutting that much carbs or fat for the protein could mess up what you will gain from this wonderful tool. Maybe you will come up with a good idea. Hope I’ve made sense :)

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      What you have discovered is what I have always tried to tell people but some make fun of me for. If you are serious about bodybuliding you have to make every calorie you eat count.

      You are right, in my calorie calculator I should really ask people what kind of protein they are getting so I can add a multiplier if necessary.

      1. Right it would let them basically sit there with the food labels and it would break down the quality of it, like rather than tying to guestimate if you got the right brand the nutritional facts you enter in would act like a second check then give you a break down of it.

  18. I don’t know if Amino Acids need to be equally balanced or if we need more of one then anther to build muscle. Could you build a best Combo protein list that make the best total balanced of ALL the Amino acids. Where 1 source helps fill in for anther. Sort of like your top 20 best complimentary but one that doesn’t just add to the lowest of the main protein source but a combination of food that add up to a total balanced that is better then eating nothing but say just Chicken.

    For instance…

    Something like 1 meal with egg whites, 1 meal with Beef, 2 with Cod and 2 with Chicken might create a better over all total balanced of amino acids then just eating 6 meals of Chicken.

    But…I don’t know. maybe I’m wrong.

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      That IS a good question and one that I grappled with. When looking to see what is the best complimentary protein, do I look at just the essential amino acids or ALL the amino acids? The answer for the “best” complimentary food will be different in both cases. Right now science says just use the essential amino acids but science has corrected itself many times in the past.

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      Good idea! Although I am against bulking I know a lot of people really want good bulking foods. I could do a top 100 bulking foods list where I put those high in quality protein and high in calories. Better yet, bulking combinations!

  19. Hey Scooby, wouldn’t be nice in the list of proteins, aminoacids, carbohydrates etc etc, have the describe of what is his purpose. For example protein X helps on the muscle fadig, aminoacid Y promote muscalar development.

  20. Hi Scooby, I changed everything i eat due to your new calculator. The problem is i only see WHEY which i consider as protein powder. Is it right that i need to use 1.9 times that i am supposed to eat before?

    I am on carbcycling. so i need 44 gr of proteins. (Optimum nutrition 79.8% protein) so it makes 106gr per meal? Are you sure it is right?

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      Whey protein powders are not in the database here, they are 100% protein, 100% digestable. For these protein powders, if they say they contain 30g protein per scoop then you can pretty much count of 30g high quality usable protein.

      The “whey” you found in this database is a far cry from protein powders. Its the natural product that still contains all the lactose (sugar) in it so its protein density is diluted in half.

      Make sense?

  21. I think it would be great to have your calculators in my mobile phone (Android OS). Can you make a smartphone app like that? If not and you think it is a good idea, I will be more than happy to help you with that, of course for free, just to help others and build up this community. :)

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      I am spread too thin to do an iPhone/Android app but if someone wants to volunteer, that would be awesome! :) Lets wait a year or so though till I get the actual functionality down. I plan on adding a lot of community meal stuff and it makes sense to integrate it all.

      1. Ok, sounds great :) . I just finished my thesis. I was developing a Android app so I am excited to work on something that will actually help people. So when you will be in that state, you can mail me: [email protected] :)

        In your last video you asked ” why mobile app?” I think it is because more and more people have smartphones and they arent spending that much time planning their meals behind PC. I give you an example: I am going to buy food, but lets say, I dont exactly know how to combine it. With a mobile app I can read the barcode of that particular piece and it will “spit out” something that will help me right away. This way I do not have to do all the research at home and I also do not have to remember all those things all the time. :) I know it sounds like I am lazy or so, but I just want to use the potential of the smartphones. I also think that people will be excited to use their technical “toys” or tools like smartphones in real life and not just to update their statuses on facebook :P. Of course your browser based calculators are great for deeper research.

  22. I think it would be great to have your calculators in my mobile phone (Android OS). Can you make a smartphone app like that? If not and you think it is a good idea, I will be more than happy to help you with that. :)

  23. HI,
    an exemple: I selected bananas as my main source of protein. The tool suggests me as “Top 20 best complimentary animal proteins” 20 different cheeses. I understand cheese is the important. Maybe the tool could suggest “cheese” once, and by cliking on the full list would appear. So other products than cheese could be also appear also. In the same idea, a button we could clik to see, the 20 next suggestions (from 21 to 40, then 41 to 60). Thanks!

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      Oh wow, that would be cool … and a lot of AJAX work :) One thing that WOULD be easy to do is something you point out here, sort things a bit in the list. Sort the best complimentary foods by food type: dairy, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, etc. That would make it a lot more useful. Good ideas!

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      The problem comes in dumbing down gigabytes of data into a 5 star rating but its something that I have to face here. This is WAY too much info for the average person, if I want to help the average person on the street make nutritional decisions then I need to make it easier to understand quickly. I like the universal star system but I would need to give each food stars in many categories, for example, my favorite food “black beans” might have the following rating:

      Black beans, canned, boiled with salt:

      **** Muscle Building
      **** Fat Loss
      ***** Convenience

      * horrible
      ** poor
      *** fair
      **** good
      ***** excellent

      Excellent idea, thank you!!!

  24. It would be cool if I could enter all the foods that i ate in one day into a spreadsheet or something, and the tool would say “You ate xxx g of Protein that day and xxx g of that were complete”.

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      When I do the community based meal planning this will be a freebee :) I didnt want to require usernames/passwords but you have to in order to remember who people are so you dont lose all the info they enter. Since I need this for the community meal planning, its easy to tack on additional features like this.

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      Oh, good point. I was so excited about protein that this slipped my mind. SImple carbs are the reason that first world countries have such an obesity epidemic. I need to present simple carb, complex carb info.

      Thank you for giving me a reality check!

  25. hi, is it possible to have some option where if you enter 2 or 3 food items, then the calculator will show how much of each is needed (in a normally proportionate amount) to meet a specific protein value and/or calories for a single meal?
    thank you for your work. very much appreciated.

  26. I think in Reader’s Digest red text, amounts of food should be showed in grams instead of kcal.
    Another thing is, I wish there was possibility to compare/mix few protein sources that I want to pick by myself, e.g. some different mixed legumes and/or grains.

  27. According the “Reader’s Digest Text (red)” : It’s NOT 154 KILOcalories of chicken breast , but 154g of chicken breast as you state correctly in point 4 “In Summary”
    PS: Why was my first post deleted ?

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      I dont see the problem. What URL are you on? How many grams protein did you select? To get 30g of protein from chicken breast you need to eat 154 calories worth.

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      I do all percentages by calories. When it comes to nutrition, in my opinion all percentages should be done by CALORIES and not WEIGHT or VOLUME. The USA does the same idiotic thing so all these people buy 2% milkfat milk thinking its low fat when its actually nearly liquid butter.

  28. Hi Scooby, great tool, thank you.

    My suggestion is to have a way to toggle on and off certain foods in the list, and regenerate the list.

    For example i keep getting mothbeans at the top of my list. I have access to many tasty beans but i have never heard of mothbeans :) it would be great to ignore certain foods (and add them back in later if i wish)

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      Good idea, no idea how I would implement. I will put on my thinking cap. I agree with you though. I am NOT interested in chicken liver so I’d love to be able to make it disappear.

  29. Hey scooby great work with the calculator! I have a suggestion: Add a function that makes it posible to add multiple different protein sources togheter (that you eat duríng the day) and add a function where you can put in how much protein you personally need during a day. So that you see wheater you have managed to eat enough protein during the day or not. That would give you an oppertunity to adjust your diet (wich might help people like me that have platoed).

    Btw ´there is a bug in your “askscoobyforum”: on the page the Nutrition section is always open! ´That makes it impossible to example register as a member since the nutrition section blocks the view,

  30. First, you deserve a medal for all the philanthropic voluntary work you do to help improve people’s health and health awareness around the globe. You’re a hero!

    Here’s my protein calculator comment: Apart from being a great initiative and a big eyeopener for me, i lack the function of simply choosing a food source, enter the amount of it and get the amount of useful protein for muscle building in grams. (As opposed to the total amount of protein i can get from the package or normal food data bases). This would be useful for people like me who just double check daily intake at the end of the day and are not planning the daily intake ahead. Optimally it could be an added option (so the user could choose to either check how much of a certain source they need to get X grams OR how many grams a certain amount of a source contains). Thanks again for your work!

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      I didnt think of that, good idea. I reverse lookup so to speak. You tell the calculator how much you ate and it tells you how much to credit your daily protein consumption totals.

  31. Here’s an idea Scooby: I input a set number of foods each with its quantity. The calculator adds up all the amino acids data and tells me what amino acid my meal plan lacks in and gives some suggestions.
    And a second one: I input my whole meal plan and the tool checks all the micronutrient (vitamins,minerals, you know the drill) data and shows me what I lack in and gives suggestions. Yes some micronutrients are lost during cooking but it’s way better than nothing.
    I love what you are doing Scoobs, thanks!

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      Really like this idea and it ties in with the suggestion for community meals. When people enter the components for their meal, I could tally all the essential AAs and present a very detailed “nutritional lable” for the meal that not only includes macros but microes, omega-36, vitamin totals, and how much of every essential amino acid.

      Something like this is going to be a big project but worth it. Once you go entering all that kind of data you want to be able to edit it so it implies accounts, usernames and passwords.

      Awesome idea, thank you.

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      Hey Ewan,
      Great idea, that would be a great baby step on the way to what Vladimir suggestted. As a first step I could let the user put in as many foods as they want and specify the amount of each, then I could give a nutritional summary of that combo including macros and micros.
      Excellent idea!!

  32. Scoob what would be AMAZING is if you had some sort of database that all you would need to do is check mark a few boxes on what macros you’re trying to hit and have it find a food that would fit that macro. For instance if I were to have 10 grams of carbs, 15 grams fats and 4 grams of protein left instead of dwelling over what foods could fit those macros as perfectly as possible I could just go to your site and input those numbers and have a healthy, whole food with its generic nutrition information appear!

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      Hey Jarrett, I definitely have to do that. Your suggestion is similar to #3 given during the live broadccast – allow someone to enter macro search parameters and the software give you choices. This is actually very easy to implement, and would be very useful.

  33. Hey Scoobs,
    This is awesome, thanks! What I am looking for has already been touched on by others, but what I’m looking for is very simple (the results anyway!) so I’ll reiterate: What would be super-awesome would be a protein calculator where I could input a usable protein requirement for a given meal, pick my food type (ideally with a simple method to check common items such as chicken breast, tuna, etc., since I am not concerned with things like Big Macs and deep-fried whatever), and receive the total weight in grams, so I can save time in portioning my meals.

  34. I got an error when looking at raccoon meat, under the game meats. The calculator thinks that it has no amino acids and then there were some errors about division by zero. I don’t have a lot riding on the amino acid score of raccoon meat, but its a bug nonetheless.

  35. Awesome tool! I found a little BUG in Dairy and Egg Products. When Yogurt, Greek, Pln, Nonfat is entered amino-acid content comparison graph has no data for Greek Yogurt and next there is message: “ERROR IN COMPLEMENTARY PROTEIN CALCULATION” ….

    But I like this calculator anyway :-)
    Great Job Scooby!!!
    Thank You.

  36. Dimitris Kaskarelis

    Hi how about doing a combination of foods for the calculator (does not have to be limited to 2). For example you select beans and sesame flour then based on the aminoacid levels of each food it gives you the percent of each food you have to use to get the optimal result.

  37. hi I’m a little confused with a search. i was looking for a simple chicken breast cooked. but this isn’t in the poultry section. all i could find was chicken tenders cooked. could you please add in chicken breast. could you please reply soon.

  38. You should include the body type that every person has the endomorph… etc in the calorie calcuter to better suit the needs of the people because some body types are different from others in how much protein, fats and carbs they should actually have.

  39. Scooby_Werkstatt

    Lots of great suggestions from today live YouTube broadcast, thanks to those of you who participated! I will try to summarize the suggestions:

    1) get rid of the abbreviations in the food names and use complete words
    2) the dropdown lists for foods are cumbersome, have a search feature
    3) An advanced search feature would be awesome. Enter required protein, fiber, omega III, omega 6, vitimans, max caloried … and find all foods that satisfy those requirements!
    4) A community driven meal section using foods analyzed in this tool. Let people vote on meals. This would make it easy for people to find healthy meals
    5) A pseudo-meal generator. Enter grams protein required, macros, and a primary protein source and the calculator figures out the other ingredients in the meal. Great idea.
    6) The tool should present kitchen-measurable quantities of foods rather than abstract quantities that it does now.
    7)Manually add a few representative protein powders and common bodybuildng products to the database.
    8) barcode integration. upload image, scan, and do a protein report like this on the food
    9) integrate prices into product decisions somehow. For example, find me the cheapest source of protein in zipcode 10019

    Thanks for these suggestions!!!

  40. Does this calculator even calculate right, because the table (above the graph) often shows a different amount grams of protein than the amount of protein selected in the dropdown menu.

  41. bodybuildingvegan

    How many grams of soybeans do I need to get 25 grams of protein?And how can I eat soybeans faster cause I waste 25mins to eat them cause they are so dry

  42. Just one quick suggestion,…with calories…you should also write the weight of the amount of food you should eat. Thanks man! idk if this is possible but yeah! :p

  43. what i would love to see is information about the composition of the carbohydrates in the foods as well. just a small section that tells you about the sugars and the glycamic index maybe.
    great work

  44. Just one quick suggestion,…with calories…you should also write the weight of the amount of food you should eat. Thanks man! idk if this is possible but yeah!

  45. This is amazing scooby! especially since its free…you could sell this for like 20 bucks if you wanted to!! (not giving ideas! xD)
    Just one quick suggestion,…with calories…you should also write the weight of the amount of food you should eat. Thanks man! idk if this is possible but yeah!

  46. “Food I like, foods I dont” and goal orientated meal planner with suggested food items as opposed to set meals so eg “200g chicken or 150g bison” etc etc. Thanks for giving up your time. Aufwiedersehen taschenreichner (completely irrelevant it’s just my favourite German word except Naturwisenschaften, which is more relevant)

  47. Meal planning specific to
    bodybuilders could work nicely if you’re basing it around amino acids
    and dietary restrictions (vegetarian, lactose intolerant, etc), or even just omitting foods you don’t like. I don’t think there’s anything out there that goes that far into the process.

  48. Activity Calculator – You fill in weight, time spent on the activity andand then it will calculate how much the activity will “burn”. I think that would be helpful for some people? Thanks from Norway!

  49. This is amazing scooby! especially since its free…you could sell this for like 20 bucks if you wanted to!! (not giving ideas! xD)
    Just one quick suggestion,…with calories…you should also write the weight of the amount of food you should eat. Thanks man! idk if this is possible but yeah!

  50. An awesome tool you could make is a tool where you can enter food recipes and then the tool automaticly sees the amount of stuff u use in the recipe and tell how much fat, protein, carbs it in that recipe and what type of fats, protein, carbs it’s in it.

  51. Hi Scooby! Small misspell in part 2

    “If doesnt matter how many essential amino acids are in your stomach”
    “If” should be changed to “It”
    Thanks for the hard work on this!

  52. First, you’re a hero! Doing all this work to help people for free! You deserve a medal for philanthropic deed and improving the health and health awareness of people around the globe!

    The protein calculator is great (!) and made me realise how different the protein profile actually is in various sources.

    As suggestion i do agree with some of the others here. It would be more useful if chicken was not used as benchmark.

    For me the best would simply be if i could just choose source, enter amount of the source (for example grams of beef) and get the amount of USEFUL protein (as opposed to the general protein amount i can find out from checking the package), plus the complete protein profile. It’s great with the benchmark comparison in the diagram, but the benchmark there could simply be a fictive optimal protein distribution (according to you).

    Thanks again for all your work!

  53. First, you’re a hero! Doing all this work to help people for free! You deserve a medal for philanthropic deed and improving the health and health awareness of people around the globe!

    The protein calculator is great (!) and made me realise how different the protein profile actually is in various sources.

    As suggestion i do agree with some of the others here. It would be more useful if chicken was not used as benchmark.

    For me the best would simply be if i could just choose source, enter amount of the source (for example grams of beef) and get the amount of USEFUL protein (as opposed to the general protein amount i can find out from checking the package), plus the complete protein profile. It’s great with the benchmark comparison in the diagram, but the benchmark there could simply be a fictive optimal protein distribution (according to you).

    Thanks again for all your work!

  54. Hi. I just want to know, I’ve been reading the teen-section of your website (couldn’t comment on there), but what if I want to get lean and get muscles but I am a teen girl. I see most of your stuff is concentrated on boys and I completely understand that, but mind giving me help in terms of this issue. Thank you!!

  55. When I put in “Safflower Sd Meal, Part Defatted” and let it search for complementary protein sources it lists lamb as part of the plant protein list.

  56. Hi Scooby, like the chia seeds with non fat yogurt combo! I would say an improvement would be to also include which specific food by food group would be the best complementary protein source. Since we are aiming to eat complete meals, thought that might help. Thanks, Dave

  57. Does the calculator account for amino acids that can by synthesized by the body? Surely there must be some, because looking at the amount of beans (for example) a person needs to eat to get just 30g of complete(?) protein, vegetarians would never be able to make it through teenage growth spurts, and cows, elephants, and extinct sauropod dinosaurs would never be able to grow their massive, muscular bodies just from eating vegetation. In some ways, though, the calculator results do indeed match the historical experience of bodybuilders, i.e. chicken and milk are especially good.

  58. Would it be possible to be more descriptive in the food selection bar? Or maybe add a key or something? For example: Amaranth Leaves, CKD, BLD, DRND, w / Salt. Obviously the last bit means with salt. DRND probably means drained. I dont know what CKD and BLD mean though.

    Another recommendation would to just say “Select your foodgroup” and have the selection bar without the page refreshing. Currently it makes you feel like you’ve done something wrong or its bugging but thats a minor complaint.

    I’d recommend getting rid of the usable protein bit as its just overly complicating the process and just including that information below. You could just include that information automatically upon calculation if anyone is interested. Also maybe highlight the selected food in a different color so its more understandable and recognizable that you’ve actually used the calculator.

    Personally I dont follow the science behind the recommendations, but I do find it interesting and sort of quirky that your conclusions lead the calculator to recommend wild boar game meat and mothbeans when I have seafood selected :). Lots of unexpected surprises, and thats sort of cool. All I can offer is design advice.

    Thanks Scoobert

  59. Hey there , Im 19 years old , my height is 175 cm and weight 80 kilos my genetics (like the doctor said) are close to Tyson’s . I would be pleased so much if youd made a home body building training plan for me (aint got no gym and boxing club at my house ) .I used to train for one year and at my school i ve checked my skills and i lifted on the bench about ~125 kilos x 2 times . My mail : [email protected] . THANKS !!!

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      No, it doesnt because the calories are still there its just that you dont get the benefit of the protein. Thats why things like wheat are such a “raw deal” (at least protein wise), tons of calories and not much usable protein.

  60. TheSeagullSavior

    It would be better if it showed how much you need in Kcal AND g/kg. And also a Top 100 List of “complete protein” foods as a guideline would be very appreciated :)

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      Good idea! I need to do a number of “TOP-100” lists. 100 best plant based protein sources, top 100 plant based combinations, 100 best animal proteins& 100 best animal combos.

  61. Ilie-Cristian Dumitru

    This may be hard to do, but It would be awesome if the tool would also indicate the amount of the lacking amino acid which is needed in grams to make your “complete protein” or better yet, to show directly in the complimentary food tables how many grams of the complementary product you must take to match the “gold standard”. For example, for peanuts, it should show on the first column “Food name”, second column “lysine” like it is now and a third column “amount of food needed (g)”, but this would take some serious math implemented in the algorithm. Because as it is now, it would make it all too time consuming for the average user to compare the values on the graph, subtract the values between the lysine of peanuts and chicken and then go to the tables and transform lysine needed into grams protein and then grams protein into grams of the actual product. It’s too daunting IMO.

    And after all of this is done, a final result should show with the primary food source in grams calculated without the amino acid multiplier( because we have now the complimentary food to make up for it), just the BV one and those 20 complimentary food into grams of actual product and the tool i think would be very practical.

  62. When i enter some food in here, say kidney beans, i get a list of optimal complementary foods, which list the amount of missing proteins (this being methionine) but it doesn’t tell me what amount of each comparing food I would have to get to get the required amount. It would be a lot easier for the average reader to have: You have to eat x grams (or calories) compared to chicken breast, alternatively you can eat x grams (or calories) of (food 1) combined with y calories of (food 2), then move on to the next combination and so on. Otherwise this might get quite confusing for those with lower education in these matters, and render the calculator useless to a large demographic.

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      Thats definitely the next step which I have written the algorithms for but not implimented. Chosing the best combinations and recommending the optimal mixing ratio including real portion sizes – both in metric and cups, ounces, slugs, and fortnights :)

      1. The ingredients, which are most probably taken from a US database, are not. For example, in Dairy and Egg products, YOGURT, FRUIT, 10 GRAMS PROT PER 8 OZ.

    1. Would be nice to get a link/url to verify your “claim” … otherwise your comment has no value to Scooby as he can’t proof your statement to be right or wrong.

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      OK, I will look into that. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has some weird idiosyncrasies and I hadn’t tested it at all. Thanks for the heads up!

  63. Scooby, I found a study which resulted in the development of a similar but not as elaborate tool, not sure if you’ve came across it before. Anyway I think it’s always good idea to see what sort of things have been done before to perfect your own work.
    If you want to find it google “vprotein”, the tool and study should be the first results.

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      Thanks for that … kinda. Here I thought I had come up with a totally original idea and then you point me to someone who had done something similar. Dash my hopes, thats OK, its better to know :) I will spend some time on their website tomorrow, their GUI is definitely slick. My audience is a bit different and I can cater to the bodybuilding crowd. I can tell that they have the same database as I do. I will play with theirs more.

  64. Scooby_Werkstatt

    I have already fixed many of the issues brought up on the first days after releasing this tool. Lately I have put a *lot* of work into coming up with a good algorithm for choosing the best complimentary protein.

    One thing to remember, by nature this is COMPLEX. Even doctors with PhDs in nutrition dont know all this stuff. I have to do the best I can to provide enough accurate information to for people to make decisions without confusing them.

  65. It’s looking better every day!!

    Now, say I want to get 30g of usable protein from whatever source, can you give me my results in grams? How many grams of whatever do I have to eat to get 30g of usable protein vs. how many grams of chicken for the same 30g of usable protein? Right now in bold red letters I get an answer in calories…

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