Extreme Calorie Burn

Extreme Calorie Burning

I just burned off 7617 calories doing my double century bike ride this weekend, talk about an extreme calorie burn! Over the course, I probably consumed about 6000 calories though. With an event like this I was far more concerned about insuring maximum performance than in limiting calories. Perhaps I could have done it with 1000 calories less but the bonk-danger is too high. I was stuffing my face at every opportunity – several times I was so hungry that I ate three cliff bars at a time. Trouble is, I wouldnt recommend this type of cardio for fat loss, its way too extreme. To trim down and see those abs, 20-60min of cardio a day is much better because it prevents overuse injuries.

The temperature was in the 90s and I sweat profusely even in moderate temperatures so I was pounding the water as well, probably 5-7 gallons over the day. Even being slightly dehydrated drastically reduces performance so I didnt let that happen.

I met my goal of making my average speed 1mph higher than last year. I also did much better with butt-rash this year. My left knee was as just as much a problem as last year though and after mile 100 I had to stretch out the quad every hour to be able to continue riding. The second 100 miles, I was knee-limited. If you look at my heart rate over the 200 miles, I did a pretty good job of keeping it at my target which was 140bpm over the first 100 miles but over the second 100 miles my knee would just not allow me to push hard enough to get up to 140bpm.

I think this might be it for my extreme biking events. Its been fun, its been a challenge, but I think its time to move on to something else. I will still use cycling as my primary form of cardio as I love it so much and its so convenient but I dont think I will do any more of these 200 mile races. I still love triathlons and the half Ironman is a nice distance, perhaps I will fall back on that, or perhaps something entirely different.

During the last olympics, some silly myth got started about Michael Phelps consuming 12000 calories per day. I have to tell you, I would love to see the calculations that show anywhere close to that (hours swam, %max heart rate). My nearly fifteen hours of pushing near my max limit only consumed about 8000 calories. Granted, the cool water burns a bit more but I seriously doubt that could make up the difference and I can guarantee you that he did not train 15 hours a day. OK, that was a tangent!

Extreme Calorie Burning

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  1. Hi scooby I was wondering about the afterburner effect so does this happen with every cardio exercise because I just was about to invest in a stationary bike and wanted to know if that was a good afterburner exercise to reduce my fat % also I am on a diet of 2006 calories a day I am 6 foot 220lbs and I would say that it is around 20 to 25 lbs of fat

  2. Staying fit n Texas

    Wow 15 hours! 200 miles! Awesome! I did my first century last year
    for the tour de cure for diabetes here n San Antonio Texas. Yee-haw!!!!
    Oh excuse me sorry. Anyway the event was on my birthday n I’m
    actually a type 1 diabetic n so I was a red rider. Red for all the
    pricking we do on our fingers to test our blood sugars. Anyway
    I’m so embarrassed now knowing ur time Scooby but it took me about
    9 hours to complete my 104 miles. N when I rode over the finish line I wanted
    to pick up my bike n throw it n a trash bin. I fell to the floor
    in a fetal position n just laid there like a big baby. Lol. But I had a
    blast n was so happy I never quit even when my quads were screaming
    N begging me to stop! Ha. I am a 42 yr old female diabetic, runner (although
    a lil injured) n cyclist. I will beat this disease!!!! I’m learning from u Scooby. Thank you!

  3. Just completed my first back to back century for the year. The course follows a converted railroad from Atlanta to Aniston Alabama, so the grade is only about 2%, but 200 miles is still 200 miles even without serious hills. Each leg took 10 hours, but I ride with my 84 year old dad and 10mph is the best he can do, with two hips replaced, and constantly complaining about his butt. Great ride though and great to spend time with the old man.

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  5. Every time i go for a long bikeride my thing down there starts to feel funny and sometimes hurt.. Is this dangerous for my family jewles and is there a way to prevent this from happening? need help scoob!

    1. They make special bike seats just for that actually. I seen an article about it in a bicycle magazine when I was a kid. It has a small hole or indentation (depending on the model and/or brand) for your “jewels” to sit in. You should be able to get one from walmart or a similar store….

  6. Scooby, you probably have talked about this before but what is your knee injury? And what does stretching fix for an hour? The 200 miler is a great accomplishment. I’m your age too and gradually shaping back up. What I find great about your approach is focus on the long term and avoid injury. Goals are great but I’m not as driven as you in the athletic sphere. Put another way: we don’t have the same goals. So I’m curious, considering your attention to detail what the second 100 miles tweaks in your finely tuned human machine.

  7. Hi scooby, i did some long distance cycling last year for recreation. I completed a 120km trip twice within 4 months. The last time i did it, my left knee developed a weird pain from the first 10km which elevated as i was cycling towards completing the distance.

    Shortly after this event, i got it checked in a hospital… I did an MRI which showed that the joint was in a bad condition and had some extra joint fluid within. I had to quit cycling for 2 months and take extra care of it with ice and rest. After those months i started cycling again with caution but some pain came back.

    Do you have any advice on that? Since you are a cycling fan and suffer from the same injuries, you might know some more about them…

    Thank you very much for your help btw, your work is awesome!

  8. I used to burn 8000+ calories during a single fencing tournament if I fenced every match. (NCAA level) They usually lasted about 9 hours, so I could kind of see how Phelps could reach that high a level of calories consumed in a single day. I’m not sure how fencing compares to swimming though. And I will say this, it’s not sustainable, at least not for me. When we trained doubles (2 hrs AM, 2 hrs PM) I’d burn about 4000+ calories during practice alone and the most I can eat is 3000 calories. I basically slept continuously between practices and on rest days to keep up.

  9. Phelps is 6 foot 4, 195 and was 26 at the time so his maintenance calories at the time were at least 3000-3500.

    He does the butterfly which burns the most calories out of any of the swim strokes. so 1000 calories per hour. He claims to train 6 hours a day. So, 6000 calories.

    He’s up to about 9000 calories right there. But that’s based on a “normal” person doing that amount of training. One can probably add in about 2000-3000 calories due to the olympic level speeds he’s training at.

  10. Time for a Tough Mudder Scooby. I know you’ve said that you aren’t a fan, but I think you’d appreciate the variety of physical tests and the ‘leave no man behind’ team spirit of the event. That is if your knee can handle 12+miles of running. Good luck with whatever your next goal is!

  11. Ilie-Cristian Dumitru

    5-7 gallons of water consumed just in a single day, even with all the perspiration from the heat and effort,seems unbelievable, but then again i’ve never done a 15 hour long cardio race of any kind before. I’m really curious how many times you needed to stop to take a leak. I myself consume only about 5.5 litres( 1.5 gallons) of liquid per day ( not taking in account the water from foods like vegetables and fruit which i do eat a lot) and i still need to go to the bathroom every 1 to 2 hours or so. But putting that aside, congratulations scooby, you have my utmost admiration. You are an example for all of us to follow.

  12. I just did a tough mudder last weekend. It was a 17 km run up and down ski hills through the mud with periodic drowning a and electrocutions. Very fun. But after 3 1/2 hours I was pretty much ready for the beer and headband at the end. It does give a tremendous satisfaction when you finish something like that.

    15 hours is crazy! But as a 47 yo athlete wannabe I look at you as a major inspiration.

  13. Use a small tranpoline or a rebounder… Lol. Better than biking, lowest impact on joints
    Very good cardiovascular workout, good for the lymphatic system,
    Good stress reliever, and no sore man gear :-)
    Gymnasts have a wicked physique.

  14. Awesome!! A couple friends do the 100 miler yearly and I think it’s amazing.. I’m still riding with training wheels.. I’m on my ten miler..

    1. I’d like to know what Scooby’s using as well… I use the Strava app for iPhone along with a polar strap.

      Edit: Looks like he’s using Garmin Training Center

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