How to become perfect

You become perfect by making each mistake once and learning from it, eventually you wont have any mistakes left to make.

I made a HUGE mistake today, one that will cost. I made a huge mess of the final coat of paint on the fuselage. Forgot to adjust the paint flow knob before spraying so it was WIDE open. It was sickening, all 9 coats of perfect paint messed up by the final coat running. Lesson learned. After cleaning spray gun ALWAYS set the flow knob. There is NO excuse for not doing this each time before spraying BUT there is no reason to invite human error. Setting it correctly twice costs nothing. Forgetting to set it at all is VERY costly as today showed. Live and learn. Make each mistake only once and eventually you wont have any mistakes left to make.


Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. If you want to be afraid of something, be afraid of repeatedly banging your head against the wall and not learning from your mistakes. Todays example was courtesy of my spray gun but fitness mistakes are just as common. Maximizing strength and muscle gain is not a pure science, don’t be afraid to experiment BUT learn from your mistakes and follow the scientific method so your results have meaning. If you haven’t gotten any stronger in the last 6 months, then you are making a mistake! Learn and move on! If you tore your rotator cuff and need surgery then you made a mistake, own it, it wasn’t an “accident”. Learn from it and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

13 thoughts on “How to become perfect”

  1. Awh Scoob :(

    It hurts me to read this.

    Good luck, you’ll build your plane! I cannot wait to see your nattyness flying all over the place. Maybe you could visit the UK in your plane so your UK fans could meet you? ;)

  2. Peter Cholewinski

    There’s nothing wrong with mistakes, but not making mistakes is better. A friend of mine once wisely told me: “Dont’t be afraid to suck at something because, if you are, you’ll never try anything new.” Life is about growing, not being perfect. Thanks for this website, Scooby, I’ve used a lot of stuff on here in my workouts!

  3. Sorry to hear about that. Painting an airplane is like painting 3 cars at once, one of them hanging upside down! The best painters aren’t necessarily the ones that don’t make any mistakes, they’re the ones that know how to fix their mistakes.Good luck!

  4. After reading this a few days ago I keep thinking about it.
    I can really read your sadness and almost crestfallenness in your words.

    But you’ll finish that airplane soon enough, Scooby. I know that you will ;)

  5. Man, the really bites to hear the bad news.
    I know you’ll get it right . I feel your pain Bro. 100% Respect.

    I hoping for the best that you won’t need to redo the whole thing…
    Keep us posted, I want to see you fly by Boston

  6. I have a better idea – learn from mistakes of others. Nowadays people use ImustmakemistakessoIcanlearn philosphy for rationalising their stupidity and failures. Mistakes are not needed. You can learn from other things. I prefer to check everything three times before I start working :) Regards

    1. But once you’ve already made a mastake, there’s nothing you can do but learn from it. There’s no point wasting time thinking about how much of an idiot you’ve been.

  7. Ilie-Cristian Dumitru

    Right you are Scooby. Cicero once said : “Every human being can make a mistake, but only a mindless one persists in error”. It’s more beneficial for oneself to learn from a mistake than be afraid of making one and just do nothing. So go out there folks and make many mistakes, but learn from them so you can evolve.

  8. I think you are very sportsmenlike towards yourself. That makes you able to live and learn and remain kind to yourself.Still: it must hurt that you messed up coat #9 instead of #1!

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