FDA seizing Jack3d and OxyElitePro – DMAA again

Supplement update: Once again Jack3d is in the news. You may remember my post just four months ago when the Jack3d lawsuits were in the news, well Jack3d is back grabbing headlines. Since 2008, the FDA has received reports of 86 health problems, including at least five deaths, in consumers who used DMAA products. Despite these problems with DMAA and ignoring the FDA’s warning on producing DMAA containing products, USPlabs has continued to use DMAA in their Jack3D and OxyElitePro products. Perhaps USPlabs thought the FDA was just blowing hot air but the 7 million dollar fine that bodybuilding.com had to pay should have made them realize that the FDA is getting serious about supplements.  Anyway, the FDA is now working thru the courts to seize stashes of Jack3d and OlyElitePro in several east coast warehouses.

Is Jack3D safe?

Thanks to JC Smitty on Facebook for this lead!

11 thoughts on “FDA seizing Jack3d and OxyElitePro – DMAA again”

  1. My pre work out.. plenty of rest and drink plenty of water. Fuel up with good meals. When you feel your strength flagging dig deeper and get it done. 38 yrs old been lifting since high school. Im no mister universe. Heck im not even a scooby but im no 90 lb weakling either. My 2 cents on supplements. If you eat well, live well then you’ll be well and you wont need them. Don’t be in a hurry to put strange stuff in your body you don’t what it will do in the long run. what good are big awesome muscles if you have liver failure in 5 years. It will be too late to rethink your choices then.

  2. The FDA is a corrupt organization anyway so I don’t understand why we listen to them at all. JACK3d is just a strong pre-workout that requires moderation like anything. The guys who died off of it were probably really dumb and took huge amounts (i.e. above recommended dosage…). Look, I’ve taken Jack3d a bunch of times and I’m totally fine. I think it’s nice every 2 to 4 weeks just to give you a boost over your plateaus. For bodybuilding style training maybe it’s not so amazing – but when you’re training powerlifting (like I have been doing) it can help a lot (as in reaching new PRs). It’s just another case of the government trying to protect us from ourselves… Nanny State 101.

  3. I have a friend who used this for a while, and said it had a real buzz to it. I’m training to be a nurse, so just out of interest I took his vital signs before we were due to have a workout after he’d taken some. His blood pressure and pulse were substantially higher than normal after taking it (higher than you’d expect from intense exercise etc)… it’s going to be a real risk factor for stroke, heart attacks etc…

  4. I’ve noticed an interesting trend among people that I know who use these supplements (pre-workout, creatine, etc.). 90% of them have always taken them. As in, when people first start training they immediately go out, buy this stuff and take it every time they workout. It’s hard to find experienced lifters that have tried stuff like this and can give me an unbiased opinion. I have no interest in taking any of that expensive GNC stuff, but its amazing how fast new supplements become the “standard.” A few years ago, no one knew what pre-workout was. Now, whenever I talk to someone about lifting, they ask me what pre-workout I take. When I say that I don’t, they look at me like I’m crazy. I’ve been lifting for several years and am more muscular than all of my friends and coworkers, but they insist that i’m cheating myself by not taking expensive powders that will “get me the most out of my workout.” I guess that’s the power of marketing.

    1. Arencey Alexander

      Well good news, I worked out for 3+ years before I took so much as a cup of Coffee pre-workout.

      I used Jack3d for awhile because The Hodgetwins recommended it in one of their videos. It gave me a good buzz to be sure, but I was already muscular by the time I tried it.

      I certainly wouldn’t advise it now knowing the health problems associated with it, and I actually kind of regret taking it. To anyone looking to try preworkouts, I’d say look for something that has been on the Market for a long time with no reported issues or health problems. Don’t make the same mistake as me, taking a supplement just because someone recommends it is not a good idea. Do your own research first. If nothing else a sugar free red bull will get the job done ;)

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