teen guys join girl’s insecurity club


It used to be that it was just teen women that had self image problems that lead them to unhealthy eating habits and health problems.  That quest for the size 0 dress and anorexic-like thinness. Well its now official, teen men have joined their ranks. Thanks to the movies, TV, and ridiculous ads like those in my fitness hall of shame, teen guys feel inadequate because they are comparing themselves to the unobtainable.

“The ripped male bodies that grace our movie screens have boys thinking they’re inadequate. Research has shown that 25 percent of men with a healthy weight think that they are underweight. And a recent TODAY/AOL Body Image survey found that men worry about their appearance more than they do about their health, family, relationships or professional success. Fifty-three percent of men said they felt insecure about their appearance at least once a week.” 

Time Magazine.  Thats some pretty scary stuff!

This is exactly what I have been talking about all these years. Its why I constantly stress how gaining muscle is a *very* slow process. Its why my fitness hall of shame exists, to show that these rapid muscle-gain products and programs are scams.  People desperately want to believe that they can gain 60 pounds muscle in a year like the ads, and National Enquirer style articles about movie star workouts tell them.   For nearly a decade people have been battling me and making fun of my “most people can only gain 10 pounds of muscle a year” message.  This research shows why I have always stressed so strongly what realistic bodybuilding expectations are.  If teens had realistic expectations then they would realize that there is almost no way that they will look like the Gymshark crew using natural bodybuilding before they are 20 and they wouldn’t mentally beat themselves up for being a “loser” when they can’t achieve it.  Few men can look like the Gymshark crew naturally without decades of lifting weights, and its even less likely that look like that as a teen.

This research just published in JAMA this month comes to the following conclusion:

High concerns with muscularity are relatively common among adolescent boys and young men. Males with these concerns who use potentially unhealthy products to improve their physique are at increased risk of adverse outcomes but may not be recognized by their health care providers as having a weight-related disorder because of the sex-specific presentation.

Teens who have unrealistic expectations for their physiques often turn to illegal performance enhancing drugs because they are a “hardgainer” or they end up with self-image problems because they are a “loser”.    There really should be a law…

Teen guys!

  • You don’t have “bad genetics”.
  • You are not a “hardgainer”
  • You are not “underweight”
  • YOU ARE NORMAL, you just have unrealistic expectations!

2 thoughts on “teen guys join girl’s insecurity club”

  1. Hey Gooby, so I have been lifting seriously for 6 months, and I’m 15 at my freshman year of high school. I’ve been keeping up my macros and have good meso-genetics. What I’m wondering is, do you think I will look similar to pic related by senior year? Heres my stats
    weight: 155
    Height:5ft. 7″
    My workout plan is as follows: Monday{Flat bench; Weighted crunch; Hammer curls; Weighted calf raises; Bench leg extensions; sometimes forearms if not already worked}
    Friday{Incline Bench; Bent rows; Pull downs; Military press} and I might be forgetting something

    1. I’m not Scooby and i’m also not sure how much time you have to achieve that goal since i’m from Holland (the schooling system is very different here). I’d say if you do it right and slowly keep adding workout volume intensity and caloric intake it could be done in 3 to 5 years if you are lucky. I’ve been lifting since i was 13 and now 3,5 years later i don’t come even close to what the guy on the picture looks like and i’ve been eating and training right. I did start from absolute scratch though i had a little drug problem (yes at 13 years old i know it’s insane). Good luck man and never stop cause one day that guy on the picture will want to look like you.

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