Will you be my workout partner?

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Summer Live Weekend Workout Series

Will you be my workout partner?

Would you be my workout partner? I am contemplating starting doing live workouts on weekends using YouTube Live, each workout would be different. All you would need would be your $6 SRX system (or a $190 TRX) and a pullup bar. These would be real workouts and I would be working out with you, not just yacking. Real virtual workouts if that makes any sense, I would be guiding you thru the workout as if you were there with me. The workout would be for people of ALL ability levels, rank beginner to uber-advanced.  The workouts would be broadcast live on YouTube from various wacky locations using my iPhone.

Is Saturday or Sunday best? Click on the links to see the start time in your time zone, start time is not up for vote, only the day. Start time is optimal for North America and Europe.  I anticipate starting this “Be Scooby’s Workout Partner” series in May.

Want to join? Post your thoughts, suggestions, or questions on Sweat4Health or on my Get Fit For Free Facebook – 2,000 likes and I will do it! :)


I have learned a lot from my spectacular failures in the past attempting live events.  For those of you who have been around a long time you will remember the “excitement” at my live office hours when I let people video-skype in, I wont be repeating that mistake.   Anyway, after years of experimentation on YouTube and Sweat4Health I have come up with an awesome hybrid approach that will work!


Will you be my workout partner?

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