Fitness Motivation!

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Fitness Motivation!

Why is it that all the bodybuilding and fitness motivational videos and posters seem to feature unobtainable physiques? I just don’t get it. How is it motivational for a natural bodybuilder to look at a video featuring a bunch of horse sized IFBB pros? I think this “fitness motivation” mentality explains why so many people lose interest with lifting so quickly. Yes, those videos of the 320 pound bodybuilders with 3% bodyfat are VERY motivational to a newbie just starting out. They want to look like that and they are willing to work hard to get it! Then after about 3 months of hard work without anything to show for it in the mirror they label themselves a “hard gainer”, get depressed, and give up. Its great to have lofty goals but folks, seriously, you need a reality check. A teenager having a goal of becoming president may be lofty but it is possible, certainly more possible than looking like IFBB pro Jay Cutler without the use of steroids.

People have asked me in the past to make “motivational videos”, quatch! There are too many “motivational” videos already. If you are not motivated then the problem is your GOALS are wrong! If you need a “motivational video” to get you working out then please, please, please re-evaluate your goals! WHY are you working out? If you are not motivated then I am willing to bet good money that your goal is an external and not internal. An internal goal would be – “I want to workout so I have more energy”. An example of an external goal is “I want to workout so I can get a girlfriend”. FIX YOUR GOALS!!!! PLEASE!


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