Live a little!

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“Live a little!” is what people who are serious about their nutrition often hear from family, co-workers, or friends trying to bully them into eating something they don’t want to eat at parties. Happens all the time, at birthday parties, at Christmas parties, at Weddings, and at graduation parties. Yes, these are all very special events but since when is it so important to EAT unhealthy HFCS laden trans-fat “treats” to show support at a special event? Who started that silly tradition?  Would it be even more supportive to shoot up some heroin?

It’s funny how so many people equate eating junk food with “live a little!”. What about feeling great 24/7, 365 days a year?  Isn’t that “enjoying life” more than the 2 minutes you can enjoy chewing a piece of cake? Which really is “enjoying life”????

Actually I guess “live a little” is precisely right.  You can “live a little” and enjoy that 2 minutes of chewing and pay for it by feeling bad the rest of the day, or you can skip the 2 minutes of living and feel fantastic the entire day long.  Live a little or live a lot, the choice is yours!

If I am going to have a cheat meal, which I often do, its going to be something that I want – not something I dislike being forced down my throat.  Cheat meals are a very personal thing and what is a treat to one person is not to the next.  I love sweets but nine times out of ten I hate the cake that people have for celebrations and find that it literally is not worth the calories. I don’t have that many cheat meals so when I do have them, I want them to be something that I really, really enjoy and not something I am doing just to make someone else feel less guilty.

If you let peer pressure determine what you eat, you are doomed!

Work meetings have pizza.  Parties have cake.  Poker night has hot dogs and potato chips.  Every day, there are occasions where you have a decision to make.  You can either fit in and eat like other people, or you can stick to your nutritional plan.  There are special occasions every single day.  If you make an exception for every single special occasion, then you are eating like the average person.  Related video: Eat Average, Look Average

Food for thought!


Live a little!