Why America is fat, bacon wrapped pizza

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Poor Americans have suffered long enough with dry, hard crust on their pizza!  We deserve a moist, tasty crust!  Pizza loaded with pesticide tainted, highly processed cheese-food and empty carbs from nutrition-less enriched bleached flour isn’t bad enough, Little Caesars has to wrap the crust in nitrate soaked bacon to get people to eat the crust.  Its easy to place the blame on Little Caesars for offering such a nutritional atomic bomb but really, its not their fault.  They only offer this garbage because its what the American public wants.

We wring our hands in agony – what to do about the obesity epidemic and the obesity fed, spiraling medical costs bankrupting the country.  What could we possibly do?  Eat healthy?  No, healthy food “doesn’t taste good”, we “deserve” delicious mouth-watering food at every bite.  Its much easier to pin the blame on the government, or on the companies that produce this garbage rather than squarely where the blame belongs – ON OURSELVES.  Choices have consequences.  What do YOU choose to eat?


Bacon Crust Pizza why America Is Fat

Why America is fat, bacon wrapped pizza

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