Meet Scooby in Amsterdam, 4th of July

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Meet me in Amsterdam on the 4th of July, 13:00 at the entrance of the Van Gogh Museum!

So many people think I am German because I speak German and lived in Germany for 2 years but I actually have no German blood but rather am Dutch, 3/4 Dutch – Van Gimert and Van Weelden respectively.  I am very excited about returning to the Netherlands.  Back in 1998 I did a biking tour thru the Netherlands looking for my forefathers tombstones but did not have any luck.  In any case, I am very excited about return to my homeland!

My Grandparents here in America actually spoke a bit of Dutch but unfortunately I did not spend enough time around them to pick it up.  My high school had German which was about as close as I could get to German so I studied it.

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