Zyzz, Jeff Seid and Health

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With Jeff Seid going into the hospital and having a tumor removed this month, it is a perfect opportunity to revisit a subject near and dear to my heart – looking aesthetic is NOT the same as being healthy!    Lets look back at an image that I made back in May of 2014 from my post on “The King Of Aesthetics” that kind of says it all:

King of aesthetics

I know nothing about Jeff Seid and his medical condition but I wish him a speedy recovery.  I obviously can’t say that doing cardio would have prevented Jeff’s tumor, probably not.   We have no credible information about how Zyzz died, just rumors, and I obviously can’t say that doing cardio would have prevented his death either.  What I *can* say is that the lifestyle that only values achieving “aesthetic-mode” is not one that is conducive to good health.  If you are willing to take a few unhealthy shortcuts, you can get ripped and muscular like the guys pictured here without a single drop of sweat.  Cardio is not necessary to get ripped and lean but cardio IS necessary for health.  Eating clean IS necessary for health.  Living clean IS necessary for health.  Seriously, who is next?


Zyzz, Jeff Seid and Health

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