Marijuana (pot) and bodybuilding


Brutally honest discussion of marijuana and bodybuilding.  I don’t care if Arnold Schwarzenegger smoked marijuana, pot and bodybuilding don’t mix so stop looking for excuses to justify your habit.  I don’t care if you smoke pot as long as you realize its a vice just as smoking cigarettes, eating candy bars, or drinking alcohol is a vice.  I do realize that each of these products DO have some medical uses BUT they are NEVER beneficial to bodybuilding. Please,  stop deceiving yourself and just fess up to the fact that you LIKE using marijuana and that its enjoyment is more important than your ability to maximize strength gain or maximize muscle mass gain.

Stimulant.  Some of the most effective bodybuilding supplements are stimulants, caffeine, ephedrine, DMAAdendrobium, yohimbine, theobromine, theophylline , and the like.  The reason these are so effective is that they give people that high energy edge in the gym that pushes their limits.  Marijuana is the polar opposite of these substances, its an anti-bodybuilding drug.

Stress reduction.  Stress reduction is a marvelous goal.  Many illnesses, high blood pressure, as well as obesity are caused or made worse by stress.  Meditation is a great way to lower stress.  Daily strenuous cardio is a great way to lower stress.  If you are smoking pot without trying these first then you are just using it as an excuse to smoke pot because if you were serious about stress reduction you would be meditating and doing 40 minutes of strenuous cardio every day.

1% Exception.  I will make ONE exception which will apply to less than 1% of you.  If you are someone whose bodyfat is under 5% and you struggle to raise your bodyfat then marijuana to increase your appetite would be beneficial to strength and muscle mass gain.  For the other 99% of you, your bodyfat is too high right now and consuming something that is an appetite enhancer is detrimental to your health and your physique.

Sucking smoke into your lungs is NEVER a healthy thing to do, regardless of what kind of smoke it is.

If you want to use marijuana and its legal where you live then do it, but don’t fool yourself into thinking it will help you.  OWN IT!  Acknowledge that you LIKE doing it and are willing to accept higher bodyfat and less muscle mass to enjoy it.

Scooby Werkstatt

Working around vices.    I am not a goody two shoes, I have my vices.  I do have a powerful sweet tooth and I like having a drink or two in the evening BUT I keep things in check.  I get my important nutrients first (220g protein, fiber, complex carbs, vitamins, anti-oxidants, omega-III, good fats, etc) and after consuming those if I still have some calories to play with then I will have a drink or a dessert.  I have no problem doing an extra hour of cardio every day to give myself this nutritional wiggle room.  I am not perfect and I own it.  I understand my weaknesses and have found a healthy solution.

Similarly, if you choose to make pot part of your lifestyle then you are going to need to make similar accommodations if you are to avoid having it impact your strength and muscle gain potential. First, maximize the time between using marijuana and lifting weights, preferably 24 hours. Second, make sure that the only foods available to you when smoking pot are the fresh vegetables carrots, celery, broccoli, and cauliflower with NO dip.  No beverages with calories either.  If you cant control your calorie consumption then you are going to have to increase your daily strenuous cardio as I do.  One hour a day, two hours a day, whatever it takes to burn off what you are eating.   Doing these things will minimize the impact on your lifting progress but it will NEVER be as good as not using marijuana.


The below photoshopped image is courtesy of my special friends.  Note that I do not smoke nor do I flip people off but given my frustration getting thru to people on this issue it seemed like a very appropriate picture.



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  1. I’m gonna give it to Scoob on this one. I Have smoked pot for about 15 years and I now work in the industry making cannabis extracts. I must say It does not help in the gym. As a rule I don’t smoke within 2 hours before I work out. Even If I smoke a sativa (which is a stimulant as opposed to indica which is a sedative) I feel like there’s a monkey on my back at the gym. DEMOTIVATION big time. I use it to relax at night after I have done everything that needs to be done for the day.

    I’m a hardgainer so the munchies does help me pack in more calories (not garbage) which is always hard for me to get enough, but that’s about it and it does more harm than good if I use it before I work out. These days I don’t “smoke” I vape the extracts I make and it has made a big difference in blood oxygen levels for the better, but just like I would never work out drunk, I never work out high. I will add that pot smoke, unlike cigarette smoke is a vasodialator instead of a vasoconstricter. So the smoke from a joint won’t choke off the blood to your muscles like a cigarette will, but again this just means its “not so bad” its still not GOOD and if vasodialation is your thing Nitric Oxide boosters work a million times better without making you want to take a nap on the bench.

    That being said I know guys who think that they do everything better high… There is a word for that… “chemically dependent”

    You always tell it like it is Scooby, personally I think your a fantastic role model for just about anybody, but especially for the fitness community, to hell with Arnold. Your one of the only people online I haven’t heard a shred of bad advice from and you keep people grounded in reality (often against their will).

    I salute your efforts sir! Thank you for educating people instead of praying on their ignorance. I know the latter would be easier and more profitable.

  2. Well what can i say? Scooby is spot on. You also forgot to mention that when you smoke pot, the instance the smoke comes into your lungs, your heart rate and blood pressure goes up. And stays there for a good while after you’ve had the last puff. Not to mention that you get startled much easier when high. And it increases the brain activity. So not a good stress reliever. If you want to chill on a medical level, have a valium…(but please don’t). The only good thing with pot and working out, is that you last longer. You can run longer, swim longer, ride your bike longer. This is not because it helpes your musscles, but because of the thing in pot that makes you say “F*** it”. It really takes your mind of the task at hand, making you forget how tired you are.
    And i beg all the stoners to stop treating weed as some miracle. Stop thinking that it is the qure for everything, if it only had bin tested. And that hemp will save the earth from global warming. It wont. That is just the sound of you getting a psycological addiction, which you will get eventualy. Pot can be dangerous in the sense that it makes you say “F*** it”, and if you start to neglect too much, you’re headed down a bad road my friend.

    This is all from my own experience, and from living in one of those environments for a while.

    Great article Scoob. You look tighter than ever. Keep rocking!

    Lots of love! <3

  3. Also very unhealthy when you consider all the pesticides, herbicides and God only knows what else the plants are sprayed with, it’s not like the FDA regulates growing practices. After smoking consistently for a while, I had to smoke every morning just so I wouldn’t feel like crap, never realising that it likely was not the Marijuana that made me feel sick, but it was in fact all the chemicals it was sprayed with.

    1. For a LOT of people, yourself included, its worth it. Compared to other vices like smoking tobacco or having a sugar addiction, its far less detrimental to bodybuilding.

  4. Why is it that pot smokers are like militant vegans? They both want to convince the world that THEIR way is the only way and if you dont agree with them, then you are the enemy. Pot smokers out there, as I say in the article, do whatever you want but stop making stuff up to convince the world that its good for fitness, health, and bodybuilding.

    1. I wouldn’t say it’s good for fitness, but it’s not bad either. Just because someone smokes pot doesn’t mean they bust their diet and eat “snacks”. Someone can work hard, eat right… and still smoke recreationally.

    2. “They both want to convince the world that THEIR way is the only way and if you dont agree with them, then you are the enemy.” I hear you there Scobby. Why do people who preach compassion do so with a hateful, narrow-minded demeanor? Not exactly helping their cause. Besides, why does everything have to be all or nothing? Why not promote eating less meat and more plants? Or, pot to accentuate certain experiences, versus a daily crutch?

  5. Pot should be considered as a social thing. Such a crutch for some people. The people arguing that it is good for body building are likely the same individuals that are convinced that steroids are good for you. I guess there is always vaiagra right bro?

  6. To people who say I have it wrong and are STILL convinced that pot is beneficial to bodybuilders, POST YOUR PHOTO. Lets see those beneficial results of your pot smoking. inb4 hardgainer excuses

      1. Oh I agree. i was just commenting on this “For the other 99% of you, your bodyfat is too high right now and consuming something that is an appetite enhancer is detrimental to your health and your physique.” For some it decreases the appetite. Thats all.

          1. Its actually both. The endorphin high from exercising can be as addicting as the energy one gets from the healthy lifestyle itself.

      1. Thats the sad part. Sports are BIG money and where there is BIG money, people cheat. To win as sports requires that these folks do illegal PEDs and then claim natty. Winners DO use drugs, they just like about it :(

        1. jep..that’s a slogan from the late 80’s I remember as a teen..liked it. Back in the 80’s I was still thinking that the Olympic Runners ‘re drug free and my action movie hero’s back then also.. i really thought Arnie and Sly were natty’s ..haha..I was young ;)

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