Congratulations to NWTDarren who lost 85 pounds!

I have watched Darren’s progress over the last year at sweat4health and have been amazed. Thru hard work, and high motivation, he has transformed himself from a sedentary 270 pounder to a lean, healthy athlete! He is truly an inspiration! If you are overweight, please read NWTDarrens success story!!! You can also see all the other contestants for this quarter’s contest here.

Just a reminder that there is only two weeks left in this quarters success stories contest, enter NOW!


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    1. Hey Ryan, really sorry about that. I was 100% sure I had already sent it but when I looked in PayPal, sure enough, there was no record of it. Just sent it, here is the PayPal transaction ID (Unique Transaction ID # 4PA43041NL9247347)

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