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This post is for people to post bugs to my new and revolutionary Custom Workout Planner which will revolutionize the workout plan market by making them open source and free just as my custom meal planner has done.  This post is for bug reporting, its not for general workout questions, nutrition questions, or for personalized advice.  If you have questions like those, please ask them here.

How to report a bug

Please reply to this post with the following information:

  1. A one sentence summary of the bug.
  2. Describe the bug.  What were you trying to do?  What were you expecting to happen?  What actually happened.  Include the URL of your workout plan or logged data. Include any screenshots required.
  3. Describe how to reproduce this bug, be methodical.


39 thoughts on “Report CustomWorkoutPlanner Bugs”

  1. Hi Scooby,

    The links to log workout data on my custom workout page do not appear.

    1. Created an account (davidopoulin)
    2. Created workout (5 day split)
    3. Modified exercises to match my home gym setup

    I accidentally created 3 workouts of the same type (2 “stock”, 1 modified). None have the links are available to log my workout data on any of them.


    1. please give me the URL for your workout and your username. Remember that if you created the workout plan before you made your account, the system does not recognise it as yours. Please try this. 1) login 2) create a workout plan from the link there 3) now try logging your workout data

  2. I log in to my workout plan, click “log workout data,” and this gives me a window that says I must be logged in to do this. It then gives me a window to log in. I can log in and repeat this over and over. I never get to record my workout data. It never seems to know I’m logged in. But now it appears I may have succeeded in logging in to post this comment.

  3. Hey Scooby,

    I’ve been looking at the advanced 3 day split workout using the full gym option. When I try to save modified exercises, the trap exercises disappear from the Wednesday workout. However, if I create a new workout plan w/o modifying, the traps appear in the workout.


    1. OK, you get the best-bug-of-the-week award! Seriously, that was a horrible one. ALL trap exercises had disappeared from ALL workouts! Yikes! Its fixed now, thanks

  4. Hi Scooby,

    I’ve signed up and am using the full body workout. After logging in and attempting to log a workout (log workout data), I’m told that I need to be logged in to do this. As mentioned before, I’m already logged in when this message appears.

    I’ve tried logging in again, but the problem persists.


    1. Not sure if this is your problem but you have to make an account *before* making the workout plans if you want to log data, The problem is that you do not ‘own’ workout plans made before your account was created so you cannot log data to them. Might that be the issue?

  5. Mattias Hjortzberg

    Hi, I choose kilograms as units for my 5RM, but in the program, there is still lbs on every exercise. I tried to make a German volume training program.
    Best regards, Mattias

      1. Coolio :) and Also thanks (I forgot to write that). For everything you do, I’m a really huge fan who started working out pretty late in life (around my 30’s) and I watch a lot of your videos. They help and inspire me a lot!

  6. I forgot to click the box next to “I agree to check with my physician before starting this workout program and agree to use this workout plan for my personal use only.” and received the error “You must agree to review this meal plan with your physician before using it and agree to use this meal plan for your personal use only.” which references mealplans instead of workouts

  7. “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘,’, expecting variable (T_VARIABLE) or ‘$’ in /home/customworkout/public_html/data_PrintWorkout.php on line 152”

    Hi, I get this error when i want to log workout data

    1. Hey Ken, thanks for finding this one!!! I just added the “no equipment bodyweight workout”. I still have some tweaking to do on it but its almost done. Right now it tells you to do box jumps for 30 minutes which is obviously not a possibility for 99% of people.

      1. Hey Scooby, I have also noticed another bug that is the number of reps for all the abs exercises are set to 1 rep. This bug is found on the “no equipment bodyweight workout”.

  8. Héctor Alfonso Gómez Reyes

    By the way, when creating the user and logging in to log exercises, you are asking for password but with no password input box (visible password) which is not a good practice. Additionally, you have password restrictions which make me wonder about the encryption you are using which is a potential exploit in a site which might be vulnerable to cross-site scripting and/or code injection.

    1. Hey Hector, again thanks for taking the time to use the planner and find bugs!!!! Really appreciate it. I intentionally made this product low security, and put a note to that effect on the page where people choose their username/password. There is no private information stored at all, the only purpose of the account is so that a person can find all their workout data without someone else being able to mess it up. I left the password field visible intentionally. If someone decides that convenience is more important than security and wants ‘scooby’ to be both their username and password, fine by me.

      About only a-z, A-Z, and 0-9 being allowed and no special chars. Yes, that was for security. Rather than worry about malicious users, I just have an input validation routine I use for all inputs that rips all the non-alphanumeric stuff out of them before storing them.

      1. Héctor Alfonso Gómez Reyes

        Sounds logic Scoob, although I really would recommend other methods. If you use prepared statements, or some robust ORM, you don’t need to make password’s entropy smaller. I know that you might already have all this figured out but not using the latest tools might lead to old exploits that are not patched. Anyway, good luck Scoobs I will be using this more frequently next year. Happy holidays.

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