before/after physique transformations – believable and unbelievable

I need your help!  I am going a full series of New Years Fitness Resolution videos and one I am doing is on expectations and what is reasonable.  The reason this is so important is that most people fail to achieve their fitness resolutions because they have completely unreasonable expectations of what they can achieve and when it rapidly becomes apparent that they are not going to look like Arnold after 6 months, they give up.

Please, post here pictures of before/after transformations – either believable or clearly bogus liars.  In the video I want to give people a sense of what is possible and what is not by giving my judgement about what percentage of subscribers I think could obtain what the pictured people did in the stated amount of time.  These before after photos can be from YouTube fitness trainers, advertisements, or anything.  Thanks for your help!


I wont tell you what category I would put these people in, you will have to watch the video!

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      1. Thanks :) yeah i started at a calorie deficite, found on here with my weight etc with a typical 40 40 20 split. Carbs pro n fats. And as my weight dropped so did the calories and the gramage ratios but kept it for the most part the 40 40 20. But the last few weeks or so was more like 30 50 20 so increased pro. Just as i was a poor ish at the time and for where i was i found it easier prep wise n money wise to increase protein. All good fun though and its all a learning curve. :)

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