Eating healthy is NOT expensive!


Some people like to think that healthy food is expensive to help justify their horrible eating habits, but its simply not true.   They love to whine:

“I’d love to eat healthy but its too expensive.”

Poppycock!  They do NOT want to eat healthy and are grasping for excuses to be lazy and eat tasty, highly processed, unhealthy fast food and junk food.  Many of the healthiest foods on the planet are also the cheapest. Take legumes which are one of the healthiest  and nutritious foods on the planet – soy beans, black beans, pinto beans, garbonzo beans are all dirt cheap. You can get a 25 pound sack of pinto beans from Costco for $14 and that would feed a person for two to four weeks. Even organic vegetables are not that expensive when you buy in bulk at big box stores like Costco.

Here is our shopping cart for two bodybuilders for a week. If you think high protein, healthy eating like this is expensive then add up the money you spend every week on:

  • fast food
  • restaurant meals
  • convenience store snacks
  • coffee
  • soft drinks
  • alcoholic beverages
  • grocery store

THEN add up the money that you will have to spend after you get obese:

  • fat loss supplements
  • fat loss programs
  • copayment of obesity related health costs


Inb4 people start whining about healthy food “not tasting good”



3 thoughts on “Eating healthy is NOT expensive!”

  1. You don’t know what being broke and poor is.There are people out there who eat 1 meal a day from the trash or every other day in some countries.You justify yourself because you live in a country with a plethora of goods and opportunities.Believe me,if you were in need and hungry the last thing you would think of would be health,fitness or sports.Snap out of it Scooby. This is the real world.

    1. Wtf. This is a health and fitness oriented page, why should scooby cater to someone who has health and fitness as the last thing on their mind? That’s like telling scooby to stop posting videos of squats because there’s people with no legs in the world.

    2. I will let YOU and others tackle the big problem of world hunger and food distribution. Where I live and where my viewers live, obesity and lack of strength is the problem my viewers have and that is how I help them. I can 100% guarantee you that the people who have to scrounge in garbage dumps in India to get one meal a day do not have internet access and they are not my YouTube subscribers. If YOU want to make a video on how to scrounge a meal from a dump, that would be awesome.

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