Meet Scooby In Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam

My tour of Europe was so amazing that I have decided to do the same thing on my biking trip this year! Every year I spend 2 weeks biking in asia and this year I am biking from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City.  I want to meet all of you, hear your success stories, get your suggestions for new videos, and just shoot the breeze – no stress.

Please check facebook or here on scoobysworkshop 24 hours prior for last minute changes in the meetup plans!

Fri 29/1/2016  11:00-12:00 Bangkok, Thailand Wat Phrakaew  tour temple
Fri 29/1/2016  20:00-21:00 Bangkok, Thailand 360 Rooftop Bar chat on rooftop
Sun31/1/2016 20:30- 21:30 Chantaburi, Thailand Tam’s Place chat in lobby
Fri 5/2/2016 20:00-21:00 Siem Reap, Cambodia lobby of Shinta Mani hotel  chat in lobby
Mon 7/2/2016 19:30-20:30 Phnom Penh, Cambodia  lobby of Himawari hotel  chat in lobby
Tue 09/02/2016  20:30-21:30  Chau Doc, Vietnam  Victoria Chau Doc  chat in lobby
Thu 11/02/2016  20:30-21:30  Can Tho, Vietnam  Victoria Can Tho  chat in lobby

scooby in cambodiaScooby Bangkok Thailand

Scooby bike asia thailand cambodia


Meet Scooby In Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam

6 thoughts on “Meet Scooby In Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam”

  1. Hey Scooby, will you get to visit germany again? (Missed the last time you were there)
    I’ve been following you since 4 years now, and you’ve been my one and only resource considering fitness, and im convinced there is no one more honest, fair, and positive than you.
    will drop by in s4h once im finished with this semesters exams.
    Enjoy your trip!

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