Modesty and Speedos


Are you “too modest” to wear a speedo? My guess is that the real issue is that you are too embarrassed! America needs to take a chill-pill and relax a bit when it comes to the human body.

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2 thoughts on “Modesty and Speedos”

  1. I got a kick out you calling Americans puritans. You are either unaware of what a puritan is or unaware of what an American is. But I suppose that’s neither her nor there. A couple of points though. 1) The fact that something is considered normal in one culture does not mean it should be considered normal in another culture. Cultures are different everywhere you go. There’s no reason why you should expect them to all be the same. This type of argument basically says, America should do this because it is in line with what I, or others, believe. If that logic works for you then it must work for everyone else also. 2) Parts are not just parts. If that were the case we wouldn’t be sexually attracted to others. And there is plenty of research that says sex crimes begin with lust (seeing) and slowly gets worse and worse. Just look at the relationship of serial killers and pornography if you think that what we see with our eyes doesn’t lead us to do with our hands. So while you may be correct that seeing more skin won’t turn us all into sex criminals, it certainly would not decrease the amount of sex crimes as you propose. 3) What this most probably boils down to is simply a difference in world view. I’m a Christian. And as such I consider looking at a woman with lust a sin. You may not. But as a human male I can tell you that seeing a scantily clad woman is a dangerous place for me to be spiritually as it could easily lead me to the aforementioned sin. This may be more of a problem with some than others. Alcoholics shouldn’t hang out in bars and those that struggle with lust should steer clear of beaches.
    I would admit that there is somewhat of a double standard in America. While our beaches aren’t overly populated with men in speedos there is no shortage of women leaving little to the imagination. That’s why I think your assessment of Americans being puritans is a wee bit off. American men just haven’t adopted the speedo as the norm. But trust me, your sentiments and views on sexuality are alive and well here.
    And lastly, I agree that a woman who dresses in a way that shows her body to the world is not her asking to be raped. But I will say she does have some responsibility to protect herself. The fact of the matter is that we live in a world that does have a lot of people looking to hurt others. And sex crimes are not going away. So it would be wise for women (and men) to be mindful that fact. You probably wouldn’t think it wise to walk through the “bad part” of town while counting a stack of hundred dollar bills would you? Is it inherently wrong to do so? No, but it may not be the wisest of decisions. The same holds true here. The man counting the hundreds wasn’t asking to be robbed but most people would probably say he “asked for it”. Or more accurately, he wasn’t making a wise decision.
    But like I said, our worldviews are different. That means we probably won’t agree on all of this. But I still appreciate your information on health and fitness and if ever given the opportunity would love to talk more about it. Thanks!

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