Marijuana, careers, money, and bodybuilding

My video on the perils of bodybuilders using marijuana as well as my webpage on pot and bodybuilding have been a lighting rod for criticism from pot lovers. Don’t blame me, I am the messenger, not the culprit. If you are someone who is serious about gaining muscle and getting ripped then marijuana has no place in your life.

Turns out there is another reason to avoid pot and one that is not a big surprise – pot users make less money, have less skilled work, and a lower social class than their peers. Pot smokers are not known for their ambition and hard work so these findings should surprise no one. Please note that this was actually a rather brilliant study. Normally one would have the correlation/causation problem but this study minimized that with very clever design – they were comparing the income/jobs/status of young pot adults with their non-pot smoking parent.

So there you have it, two great reasons to avoid being a heavy pot user – physique and money.

Its time to clear the air. I am not judging, I am presenting information. Occasional pot use is completely different than heavy pot use. I have used pot, didn’t like it, but I tried it. It was actually pot brownies and given how much I like sugar and chocolate, I overdosed, and thus my rather unpleasant and humorous (in retrospect) experience. Had it been enjoyable, I might be an occasional pot users to this day – as in once a month or so. For a lot of people a joint on Friday night is a great way to end the week. Many successful athletes and CEOs have been occasional pot users, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the one person that many like to point out. Heavy pot use, as in more than 4 times every week, is a different kettle of fish. Heavy pot use is not a good idea if you want to become a professional athlete nor is it a good idea if you want to be a CEO making a 7 figure salary BUT heavy pot use IS a good idea for some people.

Pot has an important role in chronic pain management. In some cases mental health professionals may suggest daily pot use to clients for anxiety and stress related issues. There ARE very important uses for daily pot use but escaping from reality while making lame excuses about how ‘good it is’ for you is not one of them. Want to know what is good for you? Cardio, unprocessed natural foods, and sleep. If you really cared about what was good for you then you would put down that half-eaten bag of nachos flavored corn chips from your pot induced munchies and go for a jog. If your job is so horrible that you think you need a joint every night to unwind then I would suggest that your evenings would be better spent getting additional job training so that you could get a more enjoyable job.


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  1. As usual Scooby is all about honesty.

    As a regular pot smoker, I can defend cannabis usage all day long BUT the key moment here is and I quote:

    “Heavy pot use, as in more than 4 times every week, is a different kettle of fish.”

    That’s right – portion control (or dosage) is very important, people!

  2. To some degree smoking cannabis makes me feel more in touch with myself. In this state I can reflect on aspects of my life which my ‘normal’ conscious state does not touch upon. It’s in some of these periods of reflection that I can see the absurdity of some of my pursuits- like the pursuit of bulk. For example, stepping away from the art of bodybuilding, I ask myself, “what is the purpose of gaining large amounts of muscle tissue?”

    In one perspective, I go to the gym, follow the routine, tire myself, eat tons of food, and rinse and repeat. Fine. But, I am also eating more food, and higher quality food than most people on this earth can afford. I am spending my leisure time on essentially selfish pursuits, instead of maybe giving back to my community. Also, I usually notice that my muscles are sore, and that the tightness might be in part a product of the weight lifting routine which in itself is some kind of artificial sequence of movements under load designed to grow out specific muscles groups (instead of say, hiking up a mountain or climbing a tree which, through randomness produce a more varied workout). On this topic, I might start to examine why I feel compelled to go to the gym. Certainly exercise is beneficial, but the drive to become a hulk is not normal, and the excess of calories, exercise, and time spent away from other pursuits could very well be unhealthy. Then why do we seek bulk, the bodybuilder’s body? This is a question everyone will have to approach for themselves. These are the sorts of reflective thoughts one might have if they consider their relationship with bodybuilding.

    In a sense, I think scooby is right, cannabis is not a good choice for the thoughtful bodybuilder, for if smoking cannibis leads to reflection, then one might consider the absurdities of the ‘sport’ of bodybuilding. Sometimes reflection is more unpleasant than an extra set of negatives or another hill sprint.

    1. A great thoughtful response Cramja!

      Long time fan Scooby you’ve helped me a lot! Last summer you helped me reach my goal of 10% Body fat and 105kg (I’m quite tall). It’s obvious pot doesn’t exactly help bodybuilding gains. However surely it shouldn’t matter what social class we’re in and how much money we make? What matters to me is that I’m healthy; in shape and do a job that I am passionate about (watersports instructor). It is considered to be less skilled than other jobs and it doesn’t pay great. It also won’t put me on a high social class but does that matter? To me at the moment it doesn’t.

      Sometimes an occasional small amount of pot will remind me of that amongst other things. Pot is still obviously bad for lung capacity, eating goals, and short term motivation however don’t we all have our occasional vice? Whether its a beer, a donut or a joint if it’s controlled and we allow ourselves to have it, enjoy it and it doesn’t control us then its not worsening our quality of life.

      Bodybuilding for me is about getting what I want out of my body. Which is very functional strength, stamina and good cardio with perhaps some aesthetic value but in that order. If I can also reflect on the meaning of all these things to me then I have a more rounded mind, body and spirit which is again I feel very important. In short I would treat it as an occasional cheat.

      1. Thank you Joe!

        Coming back to this post later, I realize that I must say that I fully support Scoob’s efforts to introduce people to exercise and right eating. It’s incredible how many people he has helped, and given back, and even offered a place for differing opinions to speak on his site. Thank you Scooby!

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