Earth Day 2016 – One small decision makes a HUGE difference


Earth Day 2016 – your one small decision makes a HUGE difference

There is one simple decision you can make that will have the most benefit to the planet as well making you richer, leaner, and stronger. Saving the planet does not require making sacrifices but it DOES require looking at the big picture when making decisions and that is what spreadsheets do.  Read all about Earth Day or watch the video!

5 thoughts on “Earth Day 2016 – One small decision makes a HUGE difference”

  1. Scooby I really enjoy your content about bodybuilding and you’re doing an amazing job bringing more awareness in young people about the hazards the planet is facing. However I was hoping you would also touch upon another major contributor to the issue: non-vegetarian diet. Your voice here would be especially relevant given the nature of body building and it’s alleged dependency on meat. I understand it’s too much to expect everyone to quit meat, but a little push towards reducing frequency of meat consumption would go a very long way for the planet!

  2. Sriram Desikachari

    Good points Scooby . i am sriram d from mumbai.I am also a member of swat4health. Dont feel sad for this.Maybe not many of us are as aware yet.I live in Mumbai which is traffic hell …. yet people have 2 cars in some of our society building..ironically there is little space to park even 1 car…but compulsions of real estate prices makes you buy properties away from your work place.And public transport in cities like mumbai …..are not for the fainthearted…so its really a toss up on practicality….but the larger point is well taken.. small contributions can be made by each one of us.Car pooling and mixing use of public transport-local trains work for us. Important to keep the awareness high even amongst our children. Reuse and recycle are good mantras too.

    1. Thank you Scooby so much for taking it to the next level……….this recent video shows that you care not only about us and our health, but the planet’s health as well (which will actually, in turn, end up helping to improve our health and well-being too). You share so much knowledge so many us out there (which is a form of power), and you are putting that to good use. Thanks again so much for everything that you do!

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