Goals change!

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No, I am not as lean as I was last year at this time but last year my goal was to do my first men’s physique contest.  Honestly I do not like how I look when my bodyfat is that low (5.5%).   The year before that, my goal was to better my half Ironman time and for that, my optimal bodyfat is about 8% so I was a bit leaner then too.   This year, I have no fitness goals that require me to be scary lean so I am just staying at a healthy 9-10%.

Like every year, I have a number of fitness goals although this year I have opted for less time consuming ones so that I can focus on finishing up my airplane!  I still do my 5-10 hours of cardio a week and 3-4 hours of weights but just dont have time for my marathon cardio sessions this summer.   Other than overall health, fitness and strength maintenance, I do have a few smaller goals this year.  I want to get better at rings so I am doing a fair amount of that.  I also am continuing to focus more attention on my traps during my lifting sessions because that is one bodypart where I can still make progress on.  The other thing I want to improve this year is my hexbar deadlifts.  Because I workout legs at home, that is my primary leg exercise.


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