Only in America – Eclipse causes school closures

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This is crazy, only in America would schools shut down on the best day of the century to teach kids about science. Liability concerns have caused many school districts across the nation to cancel school because of the possibility that kids might harm their eyes even with glasses on. Its harder than ever to get kids interested in science so exciting moments like this total solar eclipse should be embraced and used as teaching moments.

Instead of kids being able to watch the eclipse with safe teacher supervision and proper eclipse glasses, many kids will be left home unsupervised free to sear their retinas. This decision to close schools will result in MORE vision damage to our youth, not less. All closing schools will do is prevent parents who refuse to take any personal responsibility for raising their own children from from suing school districts. Having that discussion with a child that they should not look at the eclipse without proper viewing glasses does not take that long and need to happen regardless of whether the child will be in school or at home during the eclipse.

Does anyone look at the big picture any more? If we want to protect our kids, is shutting down schools for a day the best way to do it? Perhaps eclipse day could be spent teaching them about nutrition and why a pop-tart and Captain Crunch is not a balanced breakfast. Or maybe teaching them about personal finance and how to avoid the virtual slavery caused by maxed out credit cards? Just a thought.