I don’t have time to eat healthy!

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Yes, you do! You just don’t know how so let me teach you – its called batch cooking. On a weekend you make a big batch of something and freeze it in individual meal sized containers. Then, in the morning during the work week when you are going 1000mph with not a moment to spare, you grab a frozen container out the door in the morning and then microwave it at work/school. Its actually a lot less time than driving to restaurants or waiting in lines at the deli so you can actually SAVE time during the week by brining your own lunch.

So you say you would get tired of eating the same thing all the time? Then DONT! If you batch cook every weekend then after a month your freezer will have a supply of four different menu items! Grab the one that catches your fancy in the morning!

Here are some great examples of things you can batch cook on a weekend and all take about an hour to make 10 meals from start to cleanup.

I don’t have time to eat healthy!

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