April 2019

massive gains, fast

Massive gains, fast!

Want to make massive gains fast?  Before reading any further, look at the before and after photos and decide how much muscle I gained in the after photo and how much smaller my waist is.  Only when you have an answer, read further . .… Read More »Massive gains, fast!

restless leg syndrome

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RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) doesn’t sound all that bad … unless you have it.  Your legs become ‘restless’.  It feels like you have been sitting too long and have to move them.  So whats the big deal, right?  Just move your leg and get on… Read More »restless leg syndrome


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Gluten-Free Many people are interested in gluten free diets.  If you want a free gluten free meal plan that is customized for your precise metabolic needs that is optimized for health, muscle building, and fat loss, here is the best gluten free diet. This bodybuilding… Read More »Gluten-Free