May 2019

Fake Vegan News

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I have had it up to here with Vegan Fake News and their nutritional terrorism.  Infographics like this are intentionally misleading and cause aspiring fitness buffs to mistakenly think they are hardgainers and resort to unhealthy shortcuts. Fact check time.  The beef in this infographic… Read More »Fake Vegan News

How Scooby Makes Videos

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On Monday I uploaded the raw footage rather than the edited video.  It was kind of funny.  At first, I got the usual number of “Your video is poorly edited” and “you should hire someone” comments.  I always get a good laugh at those because… Read More »How Scooby Makes Videos

Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan Kareem! In this Trump-era of irrational hate, its important to say “Ramadan Kareem!”.  I am proud to have Muslims as my neighbors. Yes, you can continue to gain muscle during Ramadan or you can lower your bodyfat, the choice is yours. It requires careful planning… Read More »Ramadan Kareem!