6 reasons you didn’t gain muscle last year

6 reasons you didnt gain muscle last year

6 reasons you didnt gain muscle last year

I am going to tell you why you failed at your new years resolution to gain muscle last year and how to succeed at it this year. Six reassons:

The #1 reason that people fail to achieve their muscle gain expectations is that they are expecting steroid like gains while they are natty. This is a really big problem because of all the financial incentives to be a fake natty fitness trainer. Pretend to have the secret to getting steroid-like gains while being natural and you can sell lots of expensive eBooks, t-shirts, meal plans, and get lots of views by flexing in your underwear in hotel lobbies. Please check out this muscle gain calculator, it will tell you what is possible and what is fiction.

The #2 reason that people fail to achieve their muscle gain expectations is that they did the wrong workout for them. People argue all the time on the internet about the “best” workout and they are idiots. There is no best workout for everyone. The best workout depends on your goals, your experience level, your injuries or limitations, the time you have available, and the equipment you have available.

The reason that many people fail to achieve the muscle gain they expected was that they either “improved” a standard workout or were doing the WRONG workout … for them. So many beginners take a good program and then screw it up by adding all kinds of sets, extra reps, and extra exercises – more is not better! If you havent been lifting seriously for two years do not make “improvements” which brings up a great resourse.

Please take a look at my my new workout plan wizard and see what workout it recommends for you. Its a really cool tool that not only helps you choose the workout but helps you customize it within narrow bounds. You can make it fit your needs without totally screwing it up.

The #3 reason you didnt achieve your muscle gain goal is that you were lifting for the wrong reasons. If you had trouble getting motivation to workout, then this was your problem. Find the right reason to workout and you will never lack motivation. Find the right reason to workout and every morning you will wake up, jump out of bed, and run to the gym.

Please see this page on making good goals but basically you want internal rather than external goals. An example of an external goal is lifting to get girlz … or boyz. Its external because someone else decides if you succeed, and guess what, you wont. If girlz dont give you the time of day now, they wont when your bicep 1/4″ bigger in six months either. Good motivation is internal. For example, lift weights because it makes you FEEL good. That is an internal goal. Lift weights because it helps de-stress you after a bad day at work. Thats an internal goal. Get it?  If you are shy and want to attract women, check that link out.

The #4 reason that you failed to achieve your muscle gain goal is that your nutrition sucked. Here is the thing, I know that right now you are saying “my nutrition is good” but its NOT because you do not understand what good nutrition is. Here is what I want you to do. I dont care what type of nutritional plan you use – keto, low-carb, paleo, mediterannean, I want you to design a meal plan at custommealplanner.com and stick to it religiously for one week by weighing and measuring everything. THAT will teach you what good nutrition is.

The #5 reason you didnt achieve your muscle gain goal is in your back pocket right now, that damn smart phone. The entire gym is filled with people texting. They completely lose track of time between sets texting away. Its pathetic. I look around the gym and see dozens of people sitting on equipment texting and nobody lifting. Its not furniture, its workout equipment. These folks forget what set they are on, how many reps they are going for, and how long they have rested. You cannot make progress unless you are 100% present and if you mind is still thinking about what witty response to post on FaceSlap or clapSnap then you are not present. Leave your damn phone in your gym bag. Alles Klar?

There are ways to gain muscle. The strengthtraining way and the bodybuilding way. The bodybuilding works best for gaining muscle but the strength training method works too. Strength training is big weights with few sets and rest. By big weights I mean 2-3 times your bodyweight on squats,deadlifts and bench. If you want to gain muscle AND rest between sets that is the kind of weight you need to be lifting. If you want to gain muscle the bodybuilding way you need a lot of volume and volume means lots of sets. Bodybuilding workouts rely on supersets to maximize training volume. Three great examples of bodybuliding workouts for maximizing muscle gain are my killer gym push workout, my killer gym pull workout, and my killer gym leg workout. Each of these workouts pack over 36 sets into an hour – that is about 2-3X the workout volume of typical workouts.

All these people sitting around texting between sets at the gym are combining the worst of bodybuilding and strength training. They are lifting light weights like bodybuliders but using lots of rest like strength trainers. Not gonna work! Either big weights or big volume for big muscles, alles klar?
The #6 reason you didnt achieve your muscle gain goal is that you didnt have a good support network. Your workout buddy might be nice but they often are not good at giving the kind of support you need. If your shoulder hurts, the LAST thing you need is a workout partner who encourages you to attempt a new PR on the bench press. Consider joining an online forum like sweat4health where people without big egos can help you along.

So that is it, the six reasons that you didnt achieve your muscle gain resolution last year. You CAN achieve your goals this year, I am rooting for you! Set your expectations properly, make good goals, choose the right workout plan for you, nail your nutrition, leave your damn phone in the locker, and get yourself a good support network!

6 reasons you didnt gain muscle last year