A mask is an IQ test

A mask is not a political statement, it’s an IQ test. Grumpy Scooby back again, I’m getting tired of stupid people and their pseudo-science. Some people say I’m getting political but I’m here to tell you that science is not political. There is no such thing as republican science or democratic science, only science. A mask is not a political statement, it’s an IQ test. The science is clear, even simple cloth masks help the spread of covid-19. This is not opinion, its science.

I am over 60 so I am in the high risk category. I only go out in public to grocery shop once or twice a month. When I do go out, I wear a mask. Even if you are not in a high risk group, your parents and grandparents are so think about them.

I know covid-deniers love to say that since they don’t know anyone who has covid that it must not be a problem. That is as stupid as flat earthers saying the fact that they have never seen the earth from space means that the earth is flat.

The only way to beat COVID is to use solid science and leave the politics behind. You can disagree about the best solution based on science but you cant make up the science. Good public health policies are not built on a foundation of jello-science like the assertions that COVID is no worse than the flu, or that Hydroxychloroquine or bleach injections will cure it. Effective solutions are built on solid science.

Climate change is not opinion, its science. Masks preventing the spread of coronavirus is science, not opinion. The world is not flat, its round, and that is science, not opinion.

Wear your masks, don’t make me pillow scream because I will. If you want to read about the science, click on link in the video description. Grumpy Scooby over and out.

Read about mask science

Why should I have to wear a mask?

This is America!  We have freedom!  Thats the problem, egotistical people forget the other half of that equation. Yes, you have freedom as long as it does not encroach on someone else’s rights – like the right to LIVE.   You do NOT have the right to kill someone else and that is exactly what you are doing if you are asymptomatic and spraying your droplets all over vulnerable populations.   If you want freedom then ride your motorcycle without a helmet, that will only kill you.  If you want freedom then disable your airbags and drive without your seatbelt, that will only kill you.  If you want to take the latest untested “miracle” supplement, knock yourself out, it will only hurt you, but WEAR YOUR FUCKING MASK.

Still don’t see why you should wear a mask?  Money!  Health insurance is a risk pool and when millions of people get hospitalized for COVID, guess who pays? Your insurance company does!  Do you think they are going to the insurance company is going to eat those costs? Hell no! People like YOU are going to be paying for COVID hospitalizations for years to come thru increased medical care costs and health insurance rate increases.   You can wear a fucking $1 mask or you can pay thousands of dollars in increased medical costs over the next decade.

Types of masks

The cloth face mask

A well fitting behind the ear face mask not only offers you protection but more importantly, protects others if you are an asymptomatic carrier of COVID.  These cloth masks are not only comfortable but can be fashionable as well.  This high quality custom mask from Sterling Tailored is a great example.  Fits tight for a good seal, is comfortable, AND its SO cool with its airplane theme inside and out.

The 3M model 8511 N95 mask

These are awesome disposable masks that I use in the shop for sanding when I don’t want to plug up an expensive cartridge on my half face piece respirator above.  These filter out 95% of the particulates and because of the one way valve, are very comfortable to use.  These are the masks that hospitals use to protect medical professionals. Too bad that in the 6 months since our first coronavirus case, the country still has not been able to figure out how to make these so they are nearly impossible to buy.


3M half face piece respirator

For normal shop use with run of the mill fumes produced by welding or painting I use the 3M half face piece respirator with 60923 organic vapor acid and particulate cartridge.  You have heard of N95 masks, well this mask is a N99.7 – almost nothing gets thru this baby.  The thing I like is that it is VERY comfortable, nearly as comfortable as a cloth mask and it’s a heck of a lot more convenient than the forced air respirator with its hose tether.  You can get different cartridges for different kinds of fumes and particulates.  Although these masks are not approved for COVID-19 protection, my personal opinion is that they are the best protection available.


Forced Air Respirator – the big guns!

As someone who does a lot of things that are potentially harmful to my lungs I can tell you a lot about masks. Woodworking, welding, and painting all can be very dangerous to the lungs. The worst I have dealt with is high quality two part aircraft paints that are extremely toxic to the nervous system and can turn you into a quivering lump of protoplasm in a few hours. For that, I don’t mess around, I use my forced air full face mask shown here.

Any small leaks don’t matter because the mask is at a positive pressure at all times so any tiny air leaks cause air to go out and not in.  A portable turbine provides the fresh filtered air to the mask.  I used this in painting my aircraft because of the toxic fumes produced.  For even more protection, a full face piece would be used rather than the half face piece shown here.  These masks are a pain in the butt though because of the air hose which is constantly getting tangled and getting in the way.  Also, not useful at all for COVID-19 protection

But the CDC said that masks did not help!

Correct, the CDC initially recommended that people not wear masks and there were a number of reasons for this, most were practical.  Get this straight, the CDC knew without any doubt that N95 masks were absolutely critical to protect medical professionals dealing with very sick coronavirus patients which leads us to the first item in this list of why the CDC made its recommendation:

  1. There was a critical shortage of N95 masks.  The strategic stockpile of N95 masks didn’t even have a two week supply of masks for doctors and nurses nationwide.  The CDC did not want non-medical personnel using N95 masks required by hospital workers.  A N95 does do a very good job protecting you from COVID-19 and its absolutely inexcusable that the Administration has not been able to ramp up American production of the N95 mask in the 6 months since our first case – I still can’t buy N95 masks on Amazon.
  2. The second reason is that we knew little about how the virus was spread when the CDC posted its initial guidelines.  Initially surface contact was thought to be a large vector but that turned out not to be the case.    The surprising thing discovered late in the spring was the high percentage of asymptomatic people who were spreading the disease.  This is how science works.  You make your best judgement based on the information you have but then change it when new evidence is presented that disproves your theory.  There are a high percentage of people sneezing who think they just have an ordinary cold but in fact are spewing live COVID-19 babies in a 10 foot cloud every time they sneeze. This is the reason for the cloth masks.  It’s not to prevent YOU from getting coronavirus, although it does help a bit, the primary purpose is to keep the 25% of people who are contagious but asymptomatic from becoming disease vectors.  It’s not just sneezing either, it’s normal things we do in conversation like laughing or talking loud that spray droplets.