Aakash goes from A-taper to V-taper

Aakash goes from A-taper to V-taper

weight loss & muscle gain succes

Jacksonville, FL USA
Before: 6/14/2010 – 160lbs
After: 11/13/12 – 130lbs

Hi Scooby!
First of all, I’d like to thank you for absolutely changing my life and making me the person I am today! Almost three years ago, I was slightly overweight and determined to make myself better. Thanks to your website I created a proper workout routine, fixed my sleeping habits, and learnt to cook and eat healthy. Today I’m at 7% bodyfat and at the greatest shape of my life so far. However, far more important than myself is what I’ve been able to do for my family and friends. I’ve made it a habit to go grocery shopping and pick healthy things (junk food is banned). I take my sister to the gym and my mom to aerobics class, and both have lost weight and gotten stronger. I’ve motivated my friends to get active and taught them about the importance of bodybuilding and eating right. We’ve made a group and motivate each other. Together, with my friends and family, we’ve lost over 300 pounds. It feels amazing to be in such great shape and to help those who are close to me. All thanks to you! I tell everyone about your site and always will!

Thank you Scooby,

Hey Aakash!  You did it!  Many people ask how they can remove the fat of their chest and YOU did it.  The “secret” as you found is hard work and good nutrition.  You have gone from an “A” shaped torso to an athletic V-taper, way to go Aakash!

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