Armin’s Transformation

Armin’s Transformation

weight loss & muscle gain succes

Name: Armin
Age: 30
City, Country: Berlin, Germany
Before picture: Sep 17th 2011 – After picture: Jun 23rd 2012
Before weight: 163 pounds – After weight: 130 pounds

About me:
Introduction: I have been following Scooby’s website since 2007 and I started doing the strength training exercises and followed the nutrition rules. I never did cardio, instead I partied frequently because it meant a lot to me as a student. In 2011 I suffered knee problems and my doctor told me that my knees are worn out due to genetic factors at the age of 29. I had to take 4 pills a day for over 6 month and I was told that I won’t be allowed to do running or cycling as a sport ever again. Still, I wanted to get in shape and get rid of my party belly.

Motivation: After some career setbacks and private problems in the same year I figured that I need to start immediately getting my life in order again. So I kind of “invented” my own knee-friendly aerobics cardio exercises that I can do at home. Doing that my heart rate unfortunately never gets over 130bpm, but it’s better than nothing. In addition, I made an appointment with a fitness photographer 6 month in advance for motivation. Now, there was no turning back. I told everyone that I will be busy and I won’t be partying at all.

Workout: I did 30-45mins of my aerobics home cardio 6 days a week. I consider myself an intermediate bodybuilder so I composed a workout plan including mostly isolated exercises for chest, shoulders, abs, back, biceps and triceps. Due to my knee problems I could not do much legs. I trained every upper body muscle group 45mins, always focusing and hitting them hard. One muscle a day – sometimes two, that makes 5-6 days of strength training per week. I selected 3-4 exercises for every muscle and rotated them through week after week.

Nutrition: According to Scooby’s plan I lost fat and gained muscle at the same time. I was at a 20% caloric deficit almost all time. I set the calorie calculator to 30% protein, 55% carbs and 15% fat and had five meals a day. For the first five month I haven’t had a single cheat meal. Later I had a piece of cake every now and then or a glass of red wine. I got a lot of inspiration from Scooby for quick and easy home-made meals. I am happy that in Germany we seem to have a lot more healthy food than in the U.S.

Conclusion: I feel better than ever before! I lost 46.3 pounds of fat while gaining muscle. Honestly, I thought that turning 30 was the worst thing ever. But I learned to work around problems and incidents in life that I cannot change. May it be health issues, problems at my job or in a relationship. Working out gave me back my self-confidence and brought regularity to my life. When I showed some of the photos from my fitness shooting people were blown away. They keep asking me, if I can show them how to achieve the same. Now, I do nutrition and workout counseling for friends and colleagues to give something back. I am glad for every single person that I can bring away from fitness myths and unreal promises of the advertising industry.

My stats:
– age: 30 yrs
– height: 67.7 inches
– weight: 130 pounds (before: 163 pounds)
– body fat percentage: 5.5% (before: 18.9%)
– body fat: 7.7 pounds (before: 28.7 pounds)

Hey Armin, quite a transformation!  You clearly added a lot of muscle – look at them wide shoulders!  Way to go!  Wish you had some photos at your 163 pound weight.