Assisted Human Flag aka flagpole

Assisted Human Flag (flagpole)

assisted human flag (flagpoles)

The “human flag” also sometimes called the “flagpole” is a really flashy exercise that a lot of people love to instagram but it is also has a real purpose.  To do the human flag requires a really strong core, strong shoulders, and strong lats so its a great little exercise to work up to.

First, I am not an expert at the human flag, in fact, I cant hold the position myself yet … but I will get there!  This progression will help you build up strength so that you can do it.  If a 220 pound 55 year old can do this, you can!  The first order of business is to lower your expectations.  It *looks* so easy.  You watch videos and these light gymnast types just pop into the flag position and hold it like its nothing, but remember, they can do the iron cross like its nothing too :)  Thats great, we are not them, but watch their videos to learn about the proper hand and arm position because technique is everything on this exhibition exercise.

Like with any exercise we want to get stronger at, we start light and work up.  Trouble with the human flag is that its kind of all or nothing.  Because of leverage, its easier to do them with bent knees but even that is difficult and awkward.  By using a resistance band you can gently assist your feet while you slowly build strength.  Start with the widest, strongest band and use that every other day till you can hold the flag for 30 seconds, then move to a smaller band.  Keep moving to smaller and smaller bands till you can hold it without any assistance at all!


assisted flagpoles