Ball Pushup

Ball Pushup

Annihilate pecs with ball pushup

Its no secret that I feel the secret to huge pecs is squeezing exercises rather than pushing exercises but this exercise is a unique combination of both!  We are going to do pushups on a medicine ball and to keep from sliding off the ball, you have to squeeze it really, really hard while you are doing your pushups.  This will be one of the hardest variants of pushups you have done so don’t expect to do too many reps.

Muscles worked

When you do this exercise you will find that its not only a killer pec exercise but there is a lot of other muscles firing.  In fact, that is why I would not recommend this exercise for beginners at all because you will be limited by your tricep and shoulder strength if you are not very well conditioned already.  Like a diamond pushup, this pushup uses a LOT of triceps.  It also uses a lot of shoulder.

Form of the ball pushup

  • Feet wide apart
  • Flex core tight thru whole set
  • keep the shoulders packed
  • Keep body flat, do not allow butt to droop or pop up
  • Keep reps slow

Ball-pushup-down-position Ball-pushup-up-position


Do not do these with anything other than a medicine ball with pronounced grip bumps.  If you slide off the ball you will seriously injure your wrists so a slick ball like a soccer ball or volleyball will be very dangerous.  This is what you need to use:




Total Pec Annihilation with Ball Pushup