Best Bodybuilding Forum

How can you decide which is the best bodybuilding forum? “Free” and “Inexpensive” forums can turn out to be very, very expensive when they convince you to purchase pricy, worthless, and potentially dangerous supplements.  Supplements are the economic engine of the fitness industry, its the place where the serious money is. If you want to get rich, sell supplements.  This is the dirty little secret of the ‘fitness’ world.

The Best Bodybuilding Forum

Sweat4health is the best bodybuilding and fitness forum for four reasons:
  1. Supportive, small, close knit family.  Weekly chats where everyone knows everyone else by name and friends catch up on fitness progress. The first thing new members are asked to do at sweat4health is to start a progress diary and tell about themselves and their fitness goals. Its easy to be supportive when you know what someones goals are!  Sweat4health is an oasis of sanity in the internet and there are no moderators or trolls
  2. Scooby personally answers every post. Having said that, some new members make the mistake of addressing questions to him because most often, another member of the community is a LOT more knowledgeable than Scooby is. Sweath4health is a very diverse group of athletes: competing powerlifters, bodybuilders, and very active triathletes, runners, swimmers, and bikers.  The common bond at sweat4health is health, fitness, and performance rather than aesthetic shortcuts.  There is a reason that sweat4health can offer to help make a custom meal plan and workout plan for anyone who joins – no other forum can do this! Its because over the last 10 years scoobysworkshop has built world class fitness tool software for which scoobysworkshop is known – LeanMuscleSystems for workout programs and CustomMealPlanner for meal plans. We will not type for you and move your mouse for you but after you create your custom workout plan and custom meal plan with the tools, we will gladly critique them based on your goals.
  3. You SAVE money because you won’t waste it on supplements.  Supplements are the #1 moneymaker in the fitness industry which is why every other bodybuilding forum out there pushes supplements – big money. The average gym goer spends $330/year on high profit supplements which is why so many forums are supplement-promoting. At sweat4health, there is no store selling supplements, there are no supplement ads, in fact, there isn’t even a supplement board on the forum. Because neither sweat4health nor Scooby is sponsored by any supplement company, we can give completely unbiased information on nutrition and supplements rather than answer every post about “how do I gain muscle” with a list of supplements.  We don’t want you wasting money and possibly risking your health taking this garbage. For people who eat meat, you even need protein powder – just eat real food! Its cheaper, its healthier, and its just as effective. No other forum is going to tell you this because they make most of their money from supplement sales. Although S4H is one of the most expensive forums, we can guarantee you that it will cost less per year than the cheaper forums because you wont end up buying all kinds of stuff you don’t need.
  4. Challenges to keep people motivated. One thing that really sets sweat4health apart from the other forums is all our automated challenges. These challenges are awesome because they provide all of us motivation because we know others are depending on us. Its like having a virtual workout partner who is depending on you to show up at 5 in the morning.  You can even use strava to automatically participate in challenges like the run around the world, walk the great wall,  swim to Hawaii, and bike to the moon challenges.  We also have a lift 10 Million Pounds challenge for our powerlifters.  In addition, members can make their own monthly challenges.

Find out which is the best bodybuilding forum for yourself!

Be a wise shopper.  Here is what I suggest, join all the bodybuilding forums and ask a few real questions you have to each one!  We are so sure that the best answers will come from Sweat4health that you get 30 days free before being charged.   If you don’t think its worth the price, then just cancel.  So why should you choose Scooby’s Sweat4health?  It’s because its the best value!