Bodybuilding is as good for the mind as the body!

Bodybuilding is as good for the mind as the body!

weight loss & muscle gain succes

22 years old
Westport, Connecticut
Before weight-183lbs
After weight-146lbs
Dear Scooby,

My name is Ryan and i have been lifting for over 2 years now. When I first started lifting and getting into fitness, I was completely clueless on every aspect of what was involved in transforming my body and my mind. the first year i turned to bodybuilding magazines, and people in my gym for advice and information. it seemed like i couldnt get a straight answer or any useful information. it was very frustrating! then i found your website, and ill be honest i didnt want to believe that i could only gain 10 lbs of muscle a year or that it took more than 90 days to get the physique of my dreams. but after reading everything on your website and watching your videos i could not be more pleased. you are one of the very few people in the fitness world who tells it like it is! I respect that tremendously! about myself, i was always a fit kid until i turned 13. at that time i was diagnose with severe bi-polar disorder, anxiety and depression. i was put on so much medication that i gained 40 pounds of fat in 6 months and became extremely in-active. it devastated me. after 7 years of being out of shape and making excuses as to why i was the way i was, i turned to bodybuilding. right away i knew i had found something that would change me mentally and physically! i dropped 30 pounds in 5 months and was feeling more confident about myself. this is when i found your website that gave me answers to the questions that i thought know one could give and support that kept me going! my frame of mind was changing, i was no longer sad or unhappy. i came to realize that the gym was my freedom. i eventually put a few hundred dollars into a home gym setup with free weights a bench and a chin-up bar. i worked my butt off for a long time in the gym and even more so in the kitchen! it payed off! i am now starting a career in modeling and i am in the best shape of my life! you and your website did so much for me and i want to thank you for that!! and i want to be an inspiration to those who suffer with mental illness!

thanks again scooby,

Congratulations Ryan!  Quite the physical transformation but your story points out a very important and often overlooked benefit of bodybuilding, the mental aspect.  Many studies have shown that regular exercise makes people feel better about themselves and improves their mood.  When you are strong, vigorous, and your body feels good, your mind feels good as well.  Obviously exercise is not a substitute for medical attention but it can work wonders to improve your mood.  Thanks for sharing your story and congratulations on your awesome new physique!

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