Build Back Bumps With TRX Shoulder Row!

Build Back Bumps With TRX Shoulder Row!


The SRX shoulder row is an awesome upper back, shoulder and trap workout that is appropriate for all ability levels. DO DEADLIFTS you say? Deadlifts are great but try fitting an olympic bar in your suitcase the next time you fly anywhere!  Not everyone has enough space or enough weight to do deadlifts in their home gym either. You can do this exercise while on vacation, at home, at the gym, or even under a tree with this $5 SRX setup that fits into the palm of your hand.  If you want “back bumps”, then this is the exercise for you!!! To the untrained eye, this exercise looks very similar to last weeks exercise which was the hip row for lats but little changes in form make huge differences in what muscles are worked. This exercise is all shoulders and upper back. The big difference is that in last weeks video for lats we rowed with our elbows brushing our sides. This shoulder row is done with the upper arms parallel with each other which makes it all shoulders and upper back.



Basic form of the TRX shoulder row

TRX-Shoulder-Row-Down-Position TRX-Shoulder-Row-Up-Position

  • Shoulders.  So whats the most important form thing .. YES, shoulder packing! You are not going to do this: hug pillow, arch like banana. Hold your sholders in the packed position – down and back.
  • Alignment. The body is rigid and straight like an I-beam – don’t let your butt sag but don’t push your hips to the ceiling either.  Keep that core flexed during the entire exercise to support your lats, pretend you are bracing for a punch to the gut.
  • Arm position.  The upper arms should be parallel to each other or very slightly dropped so you look like a 747 ready for takeoff.  There is a tendency to let the elbows drop down toward the hips because its easier, dont be tempted, thats last weeks exercise, not this weeks shoulder exercise. If you find your elbows dropping, take a step back, make your body more vertical, and try again.

Adjusting difficulty of the exercise

Great time to talk about how to make this the right degree of difficulty for you. To make this really hard, do this with your body in the horizontal position. To make it easier, step back and lengethen the straps so your body is much more vertical. Remember, if you find your elbows dropping, then take a step back.
TRX-Shoulder-Row-Easy-Method TRX-Shoulder-Row-Difficult-Method

Build Back Bumps!

So another awesome suspension exercise! Want back bumps? Do the TRX shoulder row! The beauty of it is that its so simple and takes on a cheap, tiny piece of workout equipment that easily fits in your suitcase. Later this year, I will show you how to incorporate this exercise into some awesome workouts!