Burpee Pushup

Burpee Pushup

This is a great exercise you can do at home as part of a time efficient weight training workout or as part of an interval training cardio workout.

Kettlebell-Burpee-Pushup-Start Kettlebell-Burpee-Pushup-Down Kettlebell-Burpee-Pushup-Jump-Back

Kettlebell-Burpee-Pushup-pushup Kettlebell-Burpee-Pushup-Down Kettlebell-Burpee-Pushup-Start

This photo progression tells most of the story!

Its a really simple and brutal exercise. The first rep is easy but by the time you get to rep 15 you will be gasping for air. Heres how it works. Grab your weights. While keeping your center of gravity over you arch and your back in the neutral position, lower the weights to the ground. Plant the weights at the width you want to do your pushups in. Jump back into the pushup start position. Do your pushup. Jump back up. While keeping your lower back in the neutral position and your center of gravity over your arch, stand up.

So I call this the burpee pushup because that immediately gives people the mental picture of what is going on it this exercise but this exercise builds on last weeks exercise which was the dumbbell deadlift . So in our burpee pushup we have just done finished our pushup, we stand up, then drop down for another pushup – what did we do? That is exactly a dumbbell deadlift that we did last week. So what this exercise really is is a dumbbell deadlift pushup! Of course I cant call it that because then everyone would be scratching their heads wondering what the HECK I was talking about :)

The main issue is one of safety.  To do these you either need kettlebells or hexagonal dumbbells.  Using a round dumbbell is just asking for disaster.  Small kettlebells can be quite hazardous as well as they have a tendency to tip over, because of this I don’t recommend using kettlebells under 40 pounds.  If you need to use a lighter weight than 40 pounds then use the hexagonal dumbbell for a more stable pushup platform.   I suppose you could use round dumbbells too but you are on your own there, just be careful.

So thats how you do the burpee pushup. A great whole body resistance training exercise. Because it works so many large muscles, this exercise is perfect for time efficient home workouts as well as for interval training cardio workouts.